Thursday, September 04, 2014

Billary Chases Billionaire For Handouts, Eric Cantor Goes To Work On Wall Street And French Socialist President Hates The Poor

One of the long-time themes on here is that both political parties in this nation will collapse.  There is no way they will morph into something different like the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement.  To believe that is to not understand how that is impossible.  Political parties are registered corporations that only maintain their authoritarian grip on our nation by embracing the comingling of aristocratic money and politics.  This guarantees party hacks, some of the most vile excuses for human beings, are elected through mass propaganda paid for by private money.    That is why both political parties have infiltrated and tried to disarm both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement.  There is a mathematical game theory explanation of how this outcome is almost certainly guaranteed.  That is, failure.

Many of our founding fathers wanted to ban political parties and now any halfwit knows why.  If there were no political parties, each candidate would have to run on their own merit rather than on the coattails of party money.   There is no way Hillary Clinton or Eric Cantor could ever get elected as public servants if their ability was actually the determining factor in their election in lieu of endless dirty money. 

As noted on here many times, at some point in evolution of humanity, politics will disappear.  It is a useless institution of the ego of state-created class and power.  Frankly, as noted on here also, at some point the state will cease to exist for the same reason.   I’m sure most people would never believe that to be possible but I suspect more and more are considering its possibility given what we see around the world today.  All of the violence we see in this world today of any scope or scale is a result of state violence.    One must consider the greatest evil in the world is the state.  The state exists for one reason.  That is, to perpetuate violence on behalf of class rank and privilege that enrich itself through that violence.  Corporations, bankers, royalty, lawyers, politicians, religious lunatics, bureaucrats of any sort, etc. all derive their power only through violence.

Hobbes’ views on social contract theory are now being proven to be bullshit babblings of a statist aristocrat.  And because it benefited the state, his views had been adopted as a prevailing theory and taught by the state.   I didn’t sign any contract nor can anyone imply that I submit to one simply because I was randomly born into some geography.   I never made any such contractual choice to be “ruled” by an authoritarian system of the most vile examples of humanity like Bill & Hillary Clinton, Eric Cantor or their corporate masters in corporate capitalism.  I wonder how many of Carlos Slim’s wage slaves, from whom he has stolen nearly $100 billion, believe in social contract theory?   Especially if they knew there was a fairer alternative. 

Billary chases Chris Christie to Mexico to see who can first drop to their knees and unzip the pants of the world’s richest man

Eric Cantor gets sacked from Congress but goes to work for an investment bank with a guaranteed income of at least $3.8 million.  I have made it clear countless times on here over the years that I believe there is ample evidence that investment banking should be illegal.  And, in fact, it essentially used to be.  New York Magazine gets it right with their report on influence-peddling which is just a politically-acceptable, propagandized characterization for crony corruption and the rule of moneyed interests that subverts the rule of law.

And, why we don’t know if it is true or simply just propaganda to sell a book, it appears France’s socialist president may hate poor people.  I would imagine this has a high possibility of being true.  State liberalism is based on bigotry, narcissism and self-hatred.  And, anyone who runs away from their parents and their heritage to climb any kind of social ladder of conforming authority over humanity in politics, corporations or whatnot is usually a self-loathing scumbag.

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