Monday, August 04, 2014

Timely Comments About China, The United States And Their Straining Nash Equilibrium

I have remarked on here - mostly quite many years ago - that the United States may have created the China “miracle” (as pumped in the mainstream media) simply to destroy it.  This clearly is another angle to capitalism that nearly no one understands.   There are far too many people who don’t actually understand what is going on and so what is reported in the world is often without any merit.  Or worse, just the opposite of reality.  I’ll be writing more about this very topic in the upcoming series of posts I promised earlier this year.  But for now, I want to stay within the confines of events happening today and why they may matter.

What is common today is not knowledge, discovery or truth but people determining their reality through emotions and beliefs.  There is nothing more confining and erroneous than looking at the world through emotions or the limitations of beliefs.  There are a lot of people out there who are so emotionally-charged by U.S. corruption that they end up with a very skewed view of reality.    Because of their emotions and beliefs, they are unable to see that what exists beyond the United States is most often no more pure or righteous.  We are not our emotions or beliefs, but instead often slaves to the past experiences that created them.  When our emotions and beliefs reflect our reality, we are slaves to our past and create our own victimizing view of reality.  Viewing the world through this lens keeps us from every realizing greater truth.  That is, until time reveals greater truth. 

As it pertains to this moment, let me ask you, when the British Empire lost the U.S. colonies, did it destroy their empire?  Hardly.   There wasn’t even a hiccup.  The sun never set on the British Empire for nearly another 200 years.   China for today’s U.S. empire is little different.  My point is not that the U.S. empire will last another 200 years.  I have already stated years ago that U.S. empire could fall swiftly before  2022.  That would be great news for the U.S. economy.  Which, by the way, were that to successfully happen, it would then have the effect of perpetuating a new, protracted period of U.S. global dominance under this current economic system.   While that may seem unlikely today, we all now can clearly see that those who think with their eyes, beliefs or emotions, or all three, are now experiencing outcomes they never could have imagined just a handful of years ago.   There are big changes coming.  Some of those changes are easy to appreciate.  That includes a debt bubble that is never going to be paid off.  Or the mass welfare system that destroys human dignity.  Or the mass of money corrupting our nation’s public institutions.  But there are also many esoteric factors involved in how these changes might manifest themselves.  Don’t be so sure that you know what they are or that people who are certain of their own emotional, blinded analysis are right either.  I certainly am not. 

Remember, China and Russia are simply state predators who want more of that good ole fashioned U.S. Empire power.  They are not virtuous states by any means.  That anyone sides with them in recognition that the U.S. is rotten and corrupt is based purely on an emotional hatred of the United States.  This is easily identifiable because the mass murder, mass violence and mass repression at the hands of both China and Russia clearly reveals their true identity.  Remember, the state, any state, exists for one reason; violence.   And empire almost always collapses from within due to overreach or mass corruption.   The U.S. suffers from both in spades.  

Additionally, remember that the British Empire was just as brutal and just as far-reaching in the late 1930s as American Empire today.   Frankly, it was more outwardly brutal.   Yet it was an even greater evil that arose to threaten the world at that time.  An evil that owed its very existence, in many ways, in opposition to the existing capitalist order including the British Empire.   Germany and Italy wanted some of that good ole fashioned capitalist British Empire for themselves.  France and Britain created Nazi Germany through the tyranny of their WWI sanctions and reparations that were meant to ensure Germany would never again provide any economic competition  for Europe’s two largest colonial capitalist powers. 

Entering a war cycle and the topic of the possibility of upcoming war was broached on here well before anyone else in the blogosphere or the press touched this topic.  It was not reactionary but instead foretold of.  I think you must clear your mind of prior beliefs and emotions and consider it  highly plausible that any great future evil in the world will not come from the United States just as it did not come from what was the greatest perpetuator of state violence, the British Empire, in the 1930s.     The U.S. certainly continues its attempts at protecting its empire through violence but the attempt to assign everything bad that is happening in the world today to some covert U.S. operation is based on beliefs and emotions rather than any incontrovertible truth that we are privy to.   

People driven by emotions and beliefs clearly take sides when they don’t even understand what is going on.  A prime example is in the Ukraine.   Certainly, we know the U.S. is meddling in the Ukraine.  But there is so much that is not known.  Russia, China and others are also manipulating the global chessboard seeking their own advantage.   One must consider that similar to British Empire domination in the 1930s, that  it will be the rise of power to challenge U.S. empire that may be the next great evil.  That is, if one is to arise at all.   Again, something I foretold of years before any of this chaos started.  That is, as U.S. empire wanes in this cycle, every thug, dictator and power-mad lunatic will feel emboldened and attempt to reach for their own power in the world.   How true has that become?  Obvious possibilities of any coming great evil include China, Russia, Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS or some combination of factions and states behind these forces.  

Today, it appears outright war may be nearing in the Middle East.    Fanatic Muslim Arabs continue their near single-minded focus on the extermination of all Jews and Israel.   That is, if Shia and Sunni don’t kill each other first.  And, as noted in a prior post on the coming blood moon tetrads, all five tetrads in the twentieth century came within a year of a major financial market peak including the Great Depression.   The very, very infrequent blood moon tetrads passing on Jewish holidays, that we are in the midst of experiencing, are often prophetic for the fate of Jews.  The U.S. and China, possibly with the support of Russia, could both be involved in any Middle East war just as happened in Vietnam between the Soviets and the west.    Russia has an illustrious history of anti-Semitism and is experiencing a growing hatred of anyone different in an ultra-nationalist movement stoked by Putin and the oligarchs he protects.   This chessboard is is already being played with China, Russia and the U.S. all vying to increase relationships to their advantage around the world.

For now I just want to remark of this in order to put up the remainder of this post about some specific events unfolding in the world.  Some people think everything in the world is controlled and contrived with a grand plan.  I’m very dubious of that claim but the reality is no one knows what extend the world is planned.   We know things like globalization were planned by the U.S. and Europe under their construct, the WTO.   But, do we know if there are any intents planned beyond that as it pertains to global trade?  Not really.  Current policies may simply be unplanned responses to existing realities that then create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Sort of a Whac-A-Mole policy or chaotic insanity.  I don’t give much credit to ignoramus politicians.   But could there be small, secretive pockets within the national security state that do esoterically drive policy with intent.  That includes not only the U.S. but all states.  It’s certainly possible.  But it could also be that events are reasonably random responses in some attempt by politicians to maintain state control based on the prior messes they made.  This is certainly how the vast majority of politics works outside of any potential niche, secretive policy planning.  But, the China-U.S. situation may be different for many legitimate reasons.   This outcome may have been sought.  Some of which I have discussed in the past.   Some of which I will discuss here.  And much more that I will discuss in the future.

As noted in my last China post a couple of weeks ago, the mainstream press has turned negative on China.  This is clearly a reflection of the U.S. corporate state’s changed views since a dumbed-down corporate-controlled press now hires people with the intellectual curiosity of a donkey.  So, political talking points leaked to the press become news rather than any credible investigative reporting meant to find out what is true beyond those force-fed talking points.  We all know this by now. 

There are at least three events unfolding today that may be tied together.  That is, the end of the Fed’s quantitative easing, the illegal immigration crisis in the U.S. and the energy boom in the United States.  Unless you are living under a rock, everyone now knows the U.S. is now the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer.   The fact is the U.S. has been the world’s largest energy producer forever but this has never been reported by leftist fanatics.   We consume the most but we also produce the most.   The reality is the U.S. probably has enough identified carbon-based fuel to power our nation for a thousand years.  I don’t want to get on my soapbox about blathering peak oil right now so let’s leave it here.  

U.S. economic domination has always been foundationally tied to abundant and cheap energy.  The U.S. has thousands of years of energy.  And, presently, much of that is extremely cheap energy.  While the strength of this nation is its cultural diversity, regardless of what many small-minded people believe, immigration has often had a dubious past and what is now a dubious present. 

(Forcing immigrants to give up their heritage and culture is an affront to human dignity.  And, the corporate state uses propaganda to assimilate everyone into a primitive, Godless, heritage-less, cultureless, consumer culture.   In the process we lose our ties to our past and our unique hi-stories that help define us and give us a reason for being.  There is ample evidence that this lack of heritage and cultural identity has played a major role in black America as just one example.  That is why we see a resurgence in tying people to their African roots.  How many people feel a yearning to understand more about their immigrant past and lost culture and would like to reconnect to it?  Nearly everyone I know.)

That dubious past of immigration has been to provide an endless stream of cheap labor to fill factories, sweat shops and dehumanizing jobs like servants for the ultra rich.  What better method of covert violence is there than to force someone just off the boat or crossing the border and not a nickel to their name to do their master’s bidding?  Does one really have another choice in this system?   Come here to the land of economic opportunity and end up becoming a slave to corporate and elite power.

I don’t think it’s any kind of coincidence that Joe Biden recently remarked (as posted on here) that the U.S. needs all of this immigrant labor for the economy to grow.  Joe Biden, like most politicians, hasn’t had an original thought in his life.  That was planted in his head likely by business leaders/lobbyists and he’s simply parroting what he has been told to say. 

Recently, many of all ethnicities in this nation have come out in criticism of Obama for spending untold billions of dollars helping immigrants while they suffer incredibly high unemployment and underemployment.   Where’s their jobs and their economic relief?  Rightly so.  Our president is seemingly willfully incompetent.  I find it hard to believe anyone can be so stupid as face value presents him.  Very few people in this world are literally stupid.  Willfully ignorant?  Yes.  

As an aside, I’m not sure what exactly this hedge fund manager was thinking but it would likely costs less than the money Obama seeks to give to illegal immigrants and deal with the crisis he largely created to protect our electrical grid from an EMP solar shock.   There will be a day when that again happens.  And we have no planning in place even though solutions exist.   A substantial reason behind this is the deregulation of the energy industry, that as noted on here in the past, has been a complete and utter failure.  Of course, maybe he was talking about Russia’s use of an EMP weapon.  Why?  I don’t know.  Behavior in this environment is often unpredictable and batty.  Regardless, there is no money for upgrading our electrical grid to handle that type of emergency.  Only money for illegal and unconstitutional presidential activity and those who benefit from it. 

So, it has obviously been leaked by Obama’s administration that they are putting plans in place to give up to five million illegal immigrants work permits in our nation.    Work permits.  Not just amnesty.  This is driven by the search for more workers as Biden noted.  Mind you, the Chamber of Commerce is squarely behind this plan.  And, so is the Republican Party leadership, if they could bamboozle their working class constituents into passing it.    Which, they clearly can’t.  This when the current unemployment rate is already 24% and the underemployment rate is probably double that.   What are his intents and why?  No one knows but let me tie this together with some past remarks made on here about what may be going on. 

So…..  what would drive these policies of cheap energy, an end to quantitative easing and immigration “reform” which is nothing more than a covert word for more wages slaves for anyone who can make it across the border?  (Remember, Biden noted we needed this immigrants for our economy. And both parties and their corporate masters support it.  Immigration reform has nothing to do with compassion.  How many times has Obama gone to Detroit, where unemployment and underemployment are probably 80%, to talk about the economy?  Or any other impoverished area?  Or why hasn’t he acted unilaterally and unconstitutionally as he said he is going to do with immigration?  He doesn’t give a shit about exploited people’s well-being.  He has shown that repeatedly.  There is some  willful intent at work.)

The possibility of this being part of a larger plan, if one actually exists, is that the U.S. is ramping up for economic war or worse with China.   Something I have noted for a long time is coming.  And over the past few years, the actions of politicians and the military-industrial complex have clearly been in alignment with.    This is part of the cycle of war that exists as an inherent component to corporate capitalism. 

One must appreciate that we ebb and flow between these long cycles of financial capitalist and industrial capitalist exploitation.   We have been in a period of financial exploitation for forty years.  It’s about time for the worm to turn.  That is, if they can actually turn it.  I doubt this is really some grand plan hatched in secrecy but rather an understanding that has now arisen that the capitalist policies of the west have created a new enemy that is China.   Regardless, western leadership most certainly considers China a threat.  Why else does the TPP trade agreement surround and exclude China?  Why else is the U.S. war machine pivoting to Asia?   And, mind you, China is a massively corrupt, evil state that is a threat to humanity.  That they have not overtly acted in such a way for most to see that yet is irrelevant.  Communism is an inherently evil system, just as capitalism and any other form of state violence is.

Some would wonder how immigration ties into this if America truly has an unemployment and underemployment rate of 50% or more.  Well, first of all, the underemployment dynamic is fine with our masters.   They created it and are doing nothing to ameliorate it.  Being underemployed in service or servant economy jobs serves the capitalist class and our aristocracy.  It also provides some low level of social stability.   As for the unemployed, how many Americans are going to leave their government handouts for a slave labor job that pays little, if any, benefit over receiving a check from Uncle Sam?   You have to factor in day care, transportation, the cost of paying for health care and on and on.   It takes much more than a minimum wage, or thereabouts, to provide the financial gains for people to come off of handout doles.  Immigrants, on the other hand, come from a culture of work.  They are not institutionalized to a culture of  handouts.  Immigrants have always bought the propaganda or were forced the propaganda of capitalism’s culture of work and today’s immigrants are no different.  They are one of the most exploited classes of people in our nation.   

I wanted to place this post up at this point so you could watch events unfold with the possibility of understanding what may be driving some of the macro factors unfolding today.   As some point the equilibrium between China and the U.S. is going to break.  It’s going to break because the benefits to keeping the system as it was no longer exist.  What comes next?   That we do not know for certain.  But, if it is left up to the state, we can clearly gain a better appreciation.  It will be what the state does best.  That is, violence on behalf of those who derive their power from the state.  Be that Russia, China, the United States or any other state is irrelevant.

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