Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Warriors Of The Rainbow

“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.” – Chief Seattle

I’m dubious of many quotes of people who are long gone unless they are documented in their original writings.  But, I quote them anyway.   Smile  Chief Seattle, which the English translation that everyone will recognize, was actually a quite profound thinker and accomplished mystic.  (As an aside, according to an anthropologist I know, American Indians were the tallest people on earth two hundred years ago, towering a full head height above Europeans.  Seattle, born well over two hundred years ago, was over 6’ tall.  It was all of that meat they ate.  Maybe it’s also why their mysticism was so well developed.  Just a little friendly poke at vegans.)  One must appreciate the context under which this statement was made.  It was made in reference to the behavior of European states and their often wholesale destruction of the natural world.

Now, back to the present day, 130 environmental groups have called for the end of capitalism.   Their reasons are because of global warming, which long time readers will appreciate that I see nothing but baseless, unscientific claims behind any such conclusion.  The models created by the IPCC have failed completely in their predictions and, as such, are a mockery to  anyone who actually appreciates what science is.   The science deniers are the liberals themselves who spout the marginalizing nonsense that the science is settled yet cannot explain the first thing about the work of the IPCC or its supporters. 

I find it ironic that the Sierra Club is at the forefront of this effort and they have taken nearly $30 million dollars from natural gas corporations.   This isn’t some wild claim.  It is documented in the mainstream media and the Sierra Club, caught with their pants down, then was forced to distance themselves from natural gas corporations but never gave that money back.  In other words, the Sierra Club wouldn’t actually be able to press its message without capitalism.  But, then maybe they wouldn’t need to.   Ditto with the United Nations hosting this event.  The UN is a non-democratic institution of unelected bureaucrats that should never, ever be granted any enforceable power over a free people.   Just like all other big, bureaucratic, centrally-planned institutions of the ego, I wouldn’t be betting on the successful fate of the UN. 

Now, why did I type that last paragraph?  Because I want to make a point that marginalizing liberal idiots often use to destroy other legitimate dissenting points of reason.   The Sierra Club may take money from the natural gas industry, and they may be wrong about the roots of climate change, but does that make all of their concerns about the planet illegitimate?  Of course not.   But, the tactic of fanatic liberals is to lump everything into the same bucket and call everyone of a dissenting view a racist, a science denier, a baby killer, a Republican or whatever else they know will shut down or substantially marginalize dissent.  Liberalism as defined in this nation is truly a mental disorder.  By the way, the Republican Party is a bastion of “neo”liberalism using these same ploys to shut down people like Ron Paul.

There is a reality that is being presented before us.  Our air, land, waterways, places of work, our homes, our bodies and our minds are being turned into toxic shitholes.   The earth is indeed sick as Chief Seattle noted.   The toxic sickness of humanity’s cumulative minds and our bodies has never been greater.  Just 50 years ago, look at the movies or magazines and see how morbidly obese and sick we have become.  Look at the acting out, addictions and uncentered minds that are so common in the modern corporate capitalist society.  And the rise of chronic diseases and instability of so many.   The corporate state is already in a permanent state of systemic failure for more than half of the population.

This system has also devastated much of the biodiversity of the natural world.  Maybe more importantly for the future, what remains of the natural world is viewed as the next parking lot for Wal-mart or the next tract housing development for corporate wage slave drones.   This system of privatizing gains and socializing losses as it has always worked is simply not sustainable.   Privatizing gains and socializing losses is corporate capitalism.  It’s no great secret on here that I think a substantial probability exists that corporate capitalism will not survive.   And, even the concept of states may not survive much longer than capitalism.   That said, I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water as many fanatics wish.  I’m not ready to live in a cave without air conditioning or the Internet either.  If you wish to live that way, have at it.  Ted Kaczynski’s shack is probably still available.  As written ad nauseam on here, I support all of the ideals that corporate capitalists rave about but have never delivered for all of humanity.  That is, personal empowerment, personal responsibility, property rights, human individualism, emotional freedom from the Borg, the ability to “monetize” scientific and social advances for the benefit of humanity, etc. 

If the quote from Chief Seattle is accurate, the people of the rainbow are almost certainly the people of today.  The people of all colors from all corners of the globe who are now connected and united into a single family for the first time in history.  And who are now responsible for banding together to save our planet, and in the process, save ourselves from this exploitative and violent system.   And, the only way that is going to happen is to change this socioeconomic system.  As I have noted on here ad nauseam, there is nothing wrong with humanity.  It’s this system that makes people ignorant.   It’s the system that disconnects people from their own divinity, from their own self-reinforcing feedback of emotional and spiritual growth, from each other and from the cycle of all life.  We are the people the world has been waiting for. 

If we were unencumbered, we would make incremental,  positive changes that push power to the people from the systematized power.   That includes a process of unwinding all of the useless and corrupt laws that define this system.  And, do so over time.  Then monitor and continue to incrementally refine the feedback of its effects.   The first step was missed in 2008 when we should have started breaking up large corporations and prosecuting systemic political and corporate fraud.   But, that isn’t going to happen because the status quo would lose their power and control over our lives.   The United States, as just one example, needs large corporations with large reach to project its hegemony globally.  When empire ends, so will the mass of corporations.   I have noted that I expect the empire to effectively be finished by 2022.   If that happens, the world is going to change very, very rapidly in coming years.  Even more rapidly than the last five since the 2008 collapse.

So, it seems apparent there are at least two possible outcomes intertwined in our fate-filled future.  One is complete collapse of everything where the pieces are then picked back up rather rapidly as happened in 1929.  The other is a combination of partial and complete collapse of pieces that will happen around the world in waves.   The factors determining this are too broad to identity.  Globalization could end because the world’s consumers are tapped out or it could end because of a pandemic or countless other outcomes in between.   But, what is likely to develop in this system’s place is what is needed to develop to meet the immediate needs of people.  Thus, driven mostly at a local level.   And, much of that that will likely involve re-use of what already exists.   So, parts of capitalism that work will possibly be kept or repurposed.  We will possibly see a hodge podge of ideas throughout the world that develop through fits and starts.  Some destined to fail, others with possibilities tweaked towards improvements and yet others to survive.   But, we have an ability to replicate successes rapidly given the global connection that now exists through the advancement of the Internet.    And, part of those successes will almost certainly involve Warriors of the Rainbow and their attempts to respectfully reconnect humanity with the natural world as it always was before the advent of what we now call modern society. 

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