Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Obama’s Truman Show Moment: Aloof, Bizarre And Detached

Given the massive crises, poverty and economic horrors that face our nation. I must agree with this congressman.  Obama’s behavior is aloof, bizarre and detached.   It’s almost like he is living in a delusional bubble of his own making.  How does anyone shoot pool, drink beer and yuck it up for the camera or spend $40+ million of taxpayer dollars on vacations and golf in what is clearly a global depression?  

Watching Obama is a little like watching a cross between the Truman Show and the Manchurian Candidate.  It’s almost as if he has created this movie storyline to his life in his mind and now he is acting it out without any recognition of the reality that faces him.  It’s so surreal that it’s like he’s not even aware of reality.  Incompetence is so far above his pay grade that it’s not even on his radar.   Obama’s not just paying attention to this humanitarian crisis, he’s not paying any attention to any crisis.   And there are a whole laundry list of them starting with the diasporas his horrendous policies are creating not just here but around the world.

Is Sarah Palin available?  I’m serious.  I would take Palin over Obama all day long.   If her track record and remarks are any indication, she would shut down Obama’s unconstitutional activity which includes spying, prosecute Obama’s corporate fraudster buddies and restore some degree of empowerment to Americans that our welfare president continues to hijack.  

It would be nice if we had the ability to call for a vote of no confidence to immediately remove him from office before he does any more damage.  There is almost no confidence in his ability to lead even from Democratic Party hacks.   

posted by TimingLogic at 4:53 PM