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Did The Nazis Do This To Their Children? Violent, Legal Restraint And Seclusion In Our School Systems.

Give any bureaucracy a mechanism of control and they will institutionalize that control and exploit it with impunity well beyond the original intent.  Turn your back on that bureaucracy and they will grant themselves those same mechanisms of control and will turn public service into public control.  They will turn public service into public authority.   They will grant themselves class, privilege and control over humanity.  Because that’s the primary intent of the disconnected ego or the self that is drawn to running aka controlling bureaucracies.   The disconnected ego’s primary intent of control and power over others.

“It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” – John Philpot Curran

The links below from investigative organization ProPublica are about issues we all know exists.  That is, state violence against our children.  State violence against our citizens starts at a very young age.    It’s everywhere from the school food programs, to the targeted exploitation of children by corporate propaganda and media to school administrator violence.   I would be hard pressed to send small children to a public school if I had any alternative means available.   The irony to that statement is I firmly support public education for every single child and adult.  That includes guaranteeing the resources are available to educate every single special-needs child.   Even if that involves some degree of one-on-one private education.  I’m just not a supporter of Washington DC-directed, corporate-state public education.   Free public education and free university education is possible and should be available to all in a free society.  If the resources exist and the labor and intellectual capital exists, money is nothing more than an artificial control mechanism used to stop this level of freedom.   What is so frightening is how many people don’t actually believe every citizen deserves that type of equality or that basic opportunity in life.  It’s all about me.  More of the primitive, ego-driven state of mind that defines so much of modern corporate capitalist society.

Most teachers are generally decent people enslaved to this educational system and the bureaucrats who control it.   Keeping kids out of this educational system, including through home schooling, from my perspective has to do with teachers and more to do with the state of the system after constant political and bureaucratic meddling.   It’s about having the opportunity to instill a values system rather than a belief system in children with the confusion created by the political lunacy in our educational system.  Crating a value system of universal worthiness, selflessness,  self-love, introspective emotional growth & self-awareness, and functional emotional regulation in young children without the exploitative forces of society being allowed to instill a propagandized corporate-capitalist-derived social belief system that is rooted in predation and victimization.   Our school systems are magnets for the failed corporate capitalist society’s violent belief system. 

This story from ProPublica is no different than the exploitation of countless others who are considered disposable in our corporate-controlled society. That is, the mentally-challenged or mentally-ill, rank and file soldiers, those who are impoverished and thus cannot over consume to prop up corporate profits, those who cannot perform as debt slaves for whatever reason, the handicapped, etc.  If the corporate state cannot exploit anyone for surplus value or future surplus value or profit-driven rent extraction or as it pertains to education, if the corporate state cannot fit you into a system of efficient, low-cost, regimented, mass-produced conformity that defines our public schools, you are disposed of. 

There is no greater crime than crimes against children.  And these are institutionalized state crimes.  Children are defenseless against the power of adults.  Power that adults should be using to inspire, encourage, protect, love and nurture.  If an adult cannot mindfully play a role of nonviolence to special needs children or any children in our schools, they should not be allowed near our children.   I’m not talking about kids who simply lack self-control or personal responsibility.  And neither is this story.  If children are themselves willfully and intentionally violent with an intent of harm, they can be removed from the school environment until the matter is resolved through parental responsibility.  

This story points to what I have remarked of on here ad nauseam.  That is, the U.S. is a failed state.  And that victimizing, exploitative, predatory, modern corporate capitalist society is in the process of terminal failure.   When outright violence becomes the norm rather than the coercive, covert violence of emotional and spiritual control has been lost. Physical violence is the last resort of outright control.  The corporate state is a class-based system of violence that relies on a primitive, disconnected, ego-driven state of mind to perpetuate itself, is collapsing under that ego’s very evil.   There is absolutely no accountability and no excuse for any of what ProPublica reports to be happening on an institutionalized level.  Yet is does.

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