Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How Globalized Slavery (Literally) Is Used To Stock Shelves Of Global Companies Like Wal-Mart

Every American owns a slave or ten.   Even those on welfare.  They produce our food and make the mounds of f$cking junk that we endlessly consume to keep this Ponzi Scheme going.  For the people in this nation who have three houses or ten and consume magnitudes more than they could ever produce themselves, they often own hundreds or even tens of thousands of slaves.

Now, most Americans will be horrified by that last paragraph.  Even offended.  Most people simply do not support this kind of brutal, dehumanizing behavior.  But, we conveniently turn the other way when it comes to who we vote for, who we work for and what we buy.   The reality is we are all responsible for the decisions made on our behalf.  We are all responsible for the politicians and corporate bureaucrats who we endorse with our actions.  Just as in Nazi Germany, many people didn’t support Hitler.  They realized he was a lunatic.  But, they never did anything to stop him either.  Do you weep for your fellow man?

This is an incredibly disturbing story involving outright slavery, trafficking, death and murder.   Mind you, this really isn’t that unusual.  In some way or another this story is repeated time and again in every industry.  Human life means nothing to this system.  It’s all about the god of money and the dumbed-down, primitive, disconnected ego that worships it.  None of this really should be a surprise.  This global economic system is purely driven by pathological evil.  Courage is the only way we can save ourselves and humanity.

posted by TimingLogic at 9:39 PM