Friday, June 06, 2014

Dumbed-Down State Violence Against Science, Technology, Engineering And Math

Breitbart has three interesting stories over the past few weeks on STEM workers. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 

This nation is suffering under a level of ignorance that is wildly oppressive and very representative of class-based societies.   Any time there is hierarchy, there is going to be some substantial level of ignorance.  Because hierarchy exists for one reason.  The ego’s primary intent of control.  And, control’s primary intent is to subvert discovery and truth.   People in the corporate state are living under a tyranny of ignorance, injustice and conformity. 

Much of this tyranny involves the rejection of science.  Because science is really nothing more than the search for discovery and truth.   Mind you, as noted on here many times, the Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans.  They simply hide behind their faux intelligentsia that is purely a mirage.  The Democratic Party hacks and politicians are wildly ignorant of science and attempt to manipulate society by citing junk science that they politicize for their own self-interest.   (Obama’s recent remarks that if nothing is done, the U.S. will see its temperature rise 5 to 10 degrees in the next 100 years has to be one of the most ignorant, anti-science statements I can ever remember from a politician.)

The prime reason for this ignorance in this nation is the rise of the bureaucrat, something I have written of extensively on here.   And the propaganda they must use to control society.  That is, the class of dunces that control our society be they Republicans, Democrats, corporate bureaucrats, religious fanatics, lobbyists, lawyers, oligarchs, Wall Street, etc.    All of these bureaucrats are sewn from the same bureaucratic cloth of an intent to control.  And it should be no surprise that all of these predatory classes serve the state rather than humanity, discovery or truth.  (Hierarchical, institutionalized religion is also a state institution as Europeans can clearly attest to.  One reason so many oppressed flooded America’s shores.)

There are three story links below.  In one, the bureaucrat Obama encourages students to go into STEM fields of study.  He cites that the U.S. needs this to compete on the global stage.   Hahaha.  Bullshit. 

As a free person, tell me why some political apparatchik should have the power to force me to compete with anyone?   Be that economically or otherwise?  This is simply another example of state violence.   Humanity has only survived because of its values of altruism, inclusion, community and cooperation.  It is no surprise that humanity stands on the brink as state violence  rapes the human family of its values and subjugates us to a system of competition against each other.   War, capitalism, communism, socialism, what’s the difference?  They are all state-enforced system of violence that subjugate humanity into a system of conformity and competition for the benefit of power, exploitation, victimization and monetary gain of class-based state actors.   How about community, inclusion, cooperation and sharing for the benefit of all humanity?  And community not enforced by the state but community that will naturally appear in the absence of state violence.

Additionally, another article below cites data that the U.S. has a glut of STEM citizens yet corporations continue to import cheap STEM wage slaves.   This is tied directly to the collapse of the middle class and the working class.  STEM workers are dealing with the same dynamic as undocumented workers driving wages down and destroying economic opportunity and economic vibrancy in any number of various professions.    And it is a major reason why STEM citizens are very active in opposition to this corrupt system. 

I’m sort of curious.  Since omniscient Obama seems to think we need more STEM degrees, where exactly does his excellency think they are going to work?  How about all of the consumer electronics, machine tools, industrial electronics, consumer durables, auto suppliers, computer companies and on and on.  Oh, that’s right.  We don’t make any of that.  Nor do we engineer much of anything anymore.  So, whether it’s research, design or production, where exactly is the demand for STEM degrees?  Maybe the truth is more sinister.  Maybe Wall Street and the military-industrial complex sees this as a national security and monetary hegemony threat.  Because today 50% of engineers in this nation work in some capacity for the national security state be that building weapons of murder, death, spying, etc.   And countless STEM citizens work in finance.  So, for me, if I want to work in my area of study, there is a better than 50% chance I would have to work on behalf of state violence.  

You know that American exceptionalism Obama and other politicians like to talk about?  They are killing it.  Because exceptionalism is a state of mind of a free person regardless of where they live.  The suppression and subjugation of humanity to the state and its inventions of class, capitalism, socialism, etc are suppressing our creativity, inventiveness and our expressive  natural state of being.  America was never  exceptional because of politicians.  It was in spite of them because the corporate state had not yet coalesced into what the rest of the world,  including Europe, was shackled under.

It should be telling that the last link shows a video clip of the puppet masters at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spouting pablum puke that if politicians don’t support our wage-slave worker programs they shouldn’t run for office.  The obvious implied intent of control here is that if you don’t support your master’s wishes, they will be very unhappy.  No pay days and bought-and-paid-for elections.  That would be good news for the Tea Party, the Green Party, Occupy advocates and free-thinking independents. 

Obama wants more kids to go to college to become STEM workers when there aren’t even any jobs.

There are already too many H1B via workers and contract workers in this nation to support the current STEM citizens.

And, finally, The Racket of Guest STEM Workers.  It is a racket.

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