Saturday, May 24, 2014

You Are Free From The Illusion Of Debt Slavery! Chilean Activist Burns $500 Million Of Student Debt.

This is a powerful act of humanity against the money changers.  Before this cycle is finished, we could easily see a global repudiation of debt when people realize money is nothing more than an illusion of control used by the state to beat people into conformity and  state  submission.   To turn us  into mindless consumers for corporate capitalism’s overproduction needed for it to survive.  When everyone is grubbing for money, privileged state actors can be assured that they will always maintain their power, class rank and privilege.   Because that money is used primarily to extract value from your industriousness and ability.   Industriousness and ability they don’t have.  Debt, just as taxes, goes one step further by guaranteeing privileged state actors will receive a revenue stream of income off of the backs of humanity.   The rent-extraction schemes of corporate pharma, corporate agriculture, corporate industrial food, corporate banks, corporate health care, corporate education, the investor class and on and on rely on this state-violence-enforced rent-extraction scheme to survive.

There is absolutely no reason why any education in this world needs to cost a nickel.   All primary and secondary education could easily be free.  All university education could easily be free to those who meet the requirements.  All special education could easily be be free.   Money is the artificial obstacle to this being possible.   It’s no coincidence that we have over a trillion dollars in student loan debt in this nation.  And at the same time university bureaucrats have obliterated professor tenure, wages, etc.  And in the process these corporate state bureaucrats have paid themselves incredible sums of money for making universities more “efficient”.   Well, and for turning the sports programs into modern-day slave labor systems exploited for incredible profit by often predatory coaches, bureaucrats and corporate media.    

The profitization and privatization of education into corporate-controlled sweat shops is destroying the long-standing ideals of a free society for a free education to all children.   Additionally, state actors have turned university education into a farm system for corporate employment.  Very few jobs actually require four years of education.  Most require nothing more than on-the-job training.  That has never been the foundation of university education in a free society.  A university education was originally comprised of the liberal arts.  It is where people went to become great stewards of freedom.  Where people went to become great citizens of humanity.  The free university was an intellectual bastion of new ideas, human expression, human progress and free thinking. 

Now?  Ha!  Do you really believe it’s a coincidence that liberal arts degrees are now mocked as useless in Amerika?  How often have you heard the comment, “Why are you taking music, literature,  math or any of the humanities in university?  What kind of job are you going to get with that useless degree?”.    Has there ever been a more ignorant statement ever uttered by anyone?  This is a form of emotional violence directed at human individuality.  A form of violence in support of the dumbed-down culture of work glorified in the corporate state.  

If your masters had their way, the liberal arts would be obliterated.   Even in common core curriculum, state governors, bastions of great intellect and free thought themselves, are now designing education so that kids can read a corporate manual rather than learning how to think for themselves.   How rich.  Rick Perry, Jan Brewer, Rick Scott and Rick Snyder, to name a few, are teaching our children.  Could our educational system actually get any worse that to have these Mr. PotatoE Heads f$cking it up even more? 

Bureaucrats don’t want you to think for yourself.  That makes you a threat to the the system of corporate and political class.  Because neither actually operate on any kind of merit.  Instead, they achieved their class privilege by controlling humanity.  They want you to be taught what to think.   Learn to read that corporate manual so you can graduate to student loan debt in perpetuity.  And then after that,  life-long debts as slaves to this corporate capitalist-controlled system. 

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