Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Free Market Smashes Socialism As The Swiss Minimum Wage Vote Goes Down In Flames

Hahaha.  My title is a mockery of the drivel, lies, deceit, propaganda and emotional violence we are exposed to in this nation and in modern corporate capitalist societies around the world.   

In the United States, a nation of such overwhelming propaganda that actually people actually voluntarily victimize themselves, how else do you explain why so many tens of millions of people live on poverty wages?  And have for decades?  And why no such living wage bill would ever be given serious consideration in this nation?  Seriously.  Any properly functioning form of state violence regulates itself through the dynamic of fear.  

This bill would never have a chance in hell of passing in the U.S. either.   Well, that’s because for countless millions living in squalor, maybe the corporate state is the incarnation of hell.   At least under this current economic system.  But discussions around nonliving wages and attempts at raising wages around the world are happening at a faster and faster clip.   Not that anything has really changed anywhere.  Nor will it in this system.  But they certainly are signs of what is yet to come.

Did anyone else find it ironic that the person highlighted in my original link (last post) to this vote was a nanny?   In other words, a modern day wage slave.   A servant for someone else's children.   Just like the house negro Malcolm X talked about so often.   I wonder if she wasn’t required to serve a person of privilege, and forced to leave her country to grub for money in this control system, if she would be spending time with her own children?  Or, something similar.   Or, frankly, what could she actually be doing to improve her life’s experiences?  Just like that mall worker in the United States.  Or the fast food worker.  Or, countless other marginalized people around the world. 

But, it was no surprise that she said in that article that if she was a Swiss citizen and could vote, she would vote against the bill because she was afraid she’d lose her job.  How many migrant workers around the globe operate under the same duress?  This dynamic is a poster child for migrant or undocumented workers in the U.S.  This is the beauty of institutionalized state violence.  People victimize themselves out of fear. 

So, there are really two types of people voting on this issue in Switzerland.   Or, anywhere else.  Those making a marginal wage that would benefit from higher pay and those who are already making more than a marginal wage.   Now, why do you think that vote failed?   Or, why do you think as low as wages are in the U.S. that it has never even come up for vote?   This topic isn’t even seriously discussed in the U.S.   

Do you think people living in poverty or people marginalized enjoy their own self-victimization or living in a state of fear?  Do you think impoverished and exploited people actually want to refuse a pay raise?  That’s a sadistic joke.  And do you think all people making a decent living are against those living in poverty having enough money to survive?   77% of people shot this vote down.   Think about that.  What are the reasons?   I’ll tell you exactly what the reasons are.  They can be boiled down into one simple reason.  Fear. 

Fear that I will lose my job if I ask my master for more money.  Fear that I might have to pay higher prices if I already make a living wage.  Fear that I may have to pay greater taxes to fund all of this.  Fear that someone my ego believes is less worthy than me may actually make as much money as I do.  Or may make more than I believe they deserve.   Whatever the reason, it’s driven by ego.  And, the ego has only one intent in whatever decisions it makes.  That is, control.  And the ego seeks control solely out of fear.  The individual fear-driven reasons are as varied as people’s experiences in this world.  But it is purely fear.  Which, by the way, perpetuates this system of exploitation and state violence.

That’s the beauty of state violence.   It takes what the earth freely and abundantly shares with humanity and convinces the ego of state actors and those who enrich the state that some aren’t worthy of those natural right of abundance.  Rights granted by their Creator.   Today it’s called the free market.   Whatever it is called, it is the reason that since the inception of the state that the vast majority of humanity has lived in squalor.  This while state actors and those who support the state grant themselves the privilege of thieving other people’s labor and intellectual capital.   This while denying a basic human right to the vast majority of people they thieve from.  And using money as the control mechanism to accomplish this.  Money never existed before the state.  Anthropologists have already proven this.  It is the state that uses money as a form of violence to control, repress and subjugate the human experience while enriching itself. 

This dynamic is currently called the free market by those who subjugate humanity and deny their freedoms.  But it’s always been called something other than what it really is.  Which is the subjugation and theft of basic human dignities and natural rights granted by our Creator.  Whatever it is called in whatever period of human history, it has  one true name;  Godlessness.  It is the evil that has a complete lack of empathy for the plight of others while granting the self privilege others are denied.  Privilege granted through state violence.  

Today’s modern world is one of great abundance.  That anyone is denied their basic economic and natural rights is nothing more than the manifestation of evil.  Evil survives through fear.  Or, as is famously quoted, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”.  And, they do nothing out of fear.

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