Friday, April 18, 2014

A Karmic Moment Comes Home: 81% Of Americans Believe Obama Is A Chronic Liar

Yah think? 

So, if most Americans believe Obama regularly lies, is it pathological or are 81% of Americans suffering from mass delusions?

Or, are the perceptions of endless lying due to massive state secrecy that hides the incompetence and criminal behavior of a rogue political class?  Or is it because conspiracies, bigots, partisan politicians and the like have found cover in the times in which we live?  And they use this cover to create their own lies?  Or is it all of the above? 

Seymour Hersh it out with his latest accusation. That is, the Obama administration pushed the U.S. military to bomb Syria.  And, did so knowing that he was actually lying.  Sort of makes some of the accusations of the military-industrial complex seem a little backwards.   In other words, it isn’t the military that is rogue, it’s the U.S. political class that is rogue.  Something we knew has existed from the 1947 National Security Act that turned American into a state at permanent war with the world.  It is our kings that are abusing military power and the servicemen and servicewomen who defend this nation.  And we love them for it.  Or, at least we used to.  Hersh is a great journalist but he has been wrong in the past.   If he is right, what kind of people are actually so detached that they would willfully murder countless innocent people?  That would possibly lend credence to political lying being a pathology. 

Regardless, these are interesting times that the vast majority of Americans outside of the political class and ruling class recognize their public servants can’t be trusted or worse.   Back in 2009 soon after Obama’s election it became apparent he was just another front man for American corporate empire.  At that time I wrote that Americans had lost all confidence in the entire system sans Obama.  Poll numbers for Congress have been in the low teens for two decades but with the grip of the two political parties, many people feel trapped into voting for a criminal class that pulls at our primitive emotions with endlessly manipulative messages of deceit.   I noted at that time that if Obama failed to reform the system, he could create a complete crisis of confidence in the entire system and then all would be lost.  With the presidency being the only office that held some degree of the American people’s trust, that loss would be then be complete.   That is exactly what has happened.  Exactly.  Loss of confidence is now complete. 

Obama has lied countless times I am aware of.   Including many lies about Obamacare.  That includes lies still being perpetuated.  ie, That 8 million people have signed up while probably that many were dropped as a result of Obamacare.  And, that number is not representative of who has actually paid a premium.  That number is probably more like 2 million out of the 50 million uninsured and tens of millions more underinsured in catastrophic (ie useless) plans.  But, more importantly, it’s what he doesn’t say that often involves greater mistruths.  That is, secrecy and cover-ups.  

Additionally, Obama’s presidency has supported or presided over a massive, taxpayer-funded corporate bailout for the massively corrupt and exploitative health care industry, revelations of massive corruption in the stock market,  revelations of massive corruption in commodities trading markets, revelations of continued massive corruption on Wall Street, revelations on  massive corruption in new corporatist trade deals, revelations of massive corruption involving corporations hiding trillions of dollars overseas to avoid taxes, revelations of massive corruption in the Federal Reserve lining the pockets of the political and capitalist class stealing from the masses, revelations of massive corruption and meddling in foreign affairs by the CIA and Whitehouse, revelations of massive criminal behavior in the NSA, CIA and executive branch courtesy of Wikileaks, Snowden and others  and on and on and on.   The entire system is rotten to the core.

The status quo now finds itself in the midst of a massive new bubble of its own making with only four ways forward.  One, start killing Americans.  Whether that is slowly through the denial of a living wage or denial of social benefits or cutting of Social Security or by more frontal assaults as we saw this past week in the new Waco, the Clive Bundy debacle.  These violent attacks on Americans are happening with greater frequency whether that involves food rights or property rights or natural rights or loss of social benefits or countless other examples.  Two, the status quo creates crises between other nations that attempts to unify American nationalism against a foreign enemy.  That’s not working.  Americans now see right through this in Syria, Egypt, the Ukraine and elsewhere.   Three, they start new trade wars and bring jobs back to America now that they have beaten American wages and benefits down to slave wage, poverty status.  Or, fourth and finally, they take their medicine or have their medicine fed to them by We The People and the status quo collapses.   That’s about the only choices left. 

I think a good analogy of this moment would be a person who has been married half a dozen times and the answer given for why they has so many relationship failures is that their spouses were assholes.   In other words, every negative experience is someone else’s fault.   Everyone does this in some aspect of their life.   It doesn’t need to be relationship-related.   It could be Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein whining about being victimized because they are successful.   Ahem, predatory would be a better word.   There is something in everyone’s life that continuously resurfaces in some form or another because we refuse to recognize moments are created for us as learning experiences.  So, instead, we continue to repeat the same behavior time and again that causes endless suffering.   The ego is the victim.   It’s always someone else’s fault because the ego shirks its emotional responsibility. 

This is humanity’s learning experience.  Time after time after time we have refused to acknowledge each moment and its learning experiences until we have finally backed ourselves into a corner.   This is where we finally are forced to look in the mirror and realize, its us or them.   I was the one who picked the political deadbeats who exploited me.  I was the one who married six assholes.  (Or maybe I’m the asshole or maybe we both are.)   Regardless, I picked my mates and I picked the politicians who exploited me or who perpetuated a system that exploited me.   This is the moment I must take responsibility for my emotions that politicians have preyed upon for decades.  Emotions that have created an endless, self-reinforcing feedback loop of my own endless emotional self-abandonment and associated suffering. 

Through the repetition of life’s learning experiences that I created but failed to learn from I have ended up here.  Why?   Because rather than being responsible for my own existence, and thus viewing experiences as self-reinforcing feedback loops for emotional growth and expanded self-awareness, I viewed those experiences through the ego’s primitive, fear-driven emotions.    I may have thought I was doing the right thing but ignorance is not a defense for learned helplessness that we create by granting others power over our emotions and the associated messes these takers have put all of us in.    Awakening and enlightenment is a violent and invasive process for the disconnected ego.

Groundhog Day is over.  Time’s up.  There is no more reliving the same experiences over and over and over and over again because we never learned what those experiences were here to teach us.  We have created a karmic moment that will force us to look in the mirror and bear witness to our own morality or lack thereof.  (A little karmic humor and cheer for this holiday.)   

This moment is exactly what the American people need.  Well, and humanity needs.  We created this moment just for us.   We did so because of our continued refusal to make decisions based on virtue and goodness rather than rationalizations and ego.  Our continued emotional self-abandonment has created a moment that where the system we created is void of any confidence, goodness and morality.   This is the moment where we recognize that politicians we outsourced our own personal responsibilities to don’t give a shit about us.  They are Godless takers.  And they take from us to serve themselves and our class-based, capitalist masters. 

Karma is a bitch and the energy of its accumulated wrath is here to collect.

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