Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The CIA’s Brutal State Crimes Against Humanity

I find it highly implausible that the CIA is some rogue agency as it is being characterized by the state and by the mainstream state press.   I suspect this is simply more plausible deniability of the same kind used to shield Reagan from criminal prosecution in the highly illegal Iran-Contra scheme.   And, it appears now the NSA has been caught in another of its endless lies about its crimes as well.   

What is it that we don’t yet know?  Not just about the CIA but all of the other state secrecy?  As a general rule, evil is proportional to the amount of secrecy.  I am confident the untold crimes of the state going back decades are massive and horrific.

Are we one step closer to extra-judicial tribunals in the United States?  I remember when I first wrote that, most people laughed.  Still laughing?  The current kangaroo courts that define our legal system can’t be trusted to mete any type of justice against state actors.  We put people in prison for stealing television sets or smoking a joint while state actors steal trillions, terrorize humanity and commit mass murder.

posted by TimingLogic at 2:44 PM