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Cracks To Corporate State Society’s Foundations Are Becoming Ever Larger: Electrical Volcanic Activity And Required New Theories To Explain Them?

First off, I have had a few people ask me when I’m going to roll out the rest of my series of posts.  I am contemplating an audio update for some or all of them.  It has been years since I have put any audio or audio/video updates on here.  That may be a possibility to reduce the effort involved.  And, I am contemplating writing the entire series then rolling them out in sequence so I can keep a rhythm with the reader.  I dunno yet.   But I have written a few of them.  I’ll probably repost the original at some point and then start it as an uninterrupted series.  It’s just a matter of organizing my thoughts into something coherent.  It’s a little like writing a book with a dozen chapters so I’m still noodling.  But they are coming.   There is just a tremendous amount I wish to write about given the state of the world.  This is a time rich with substantive issues.   The twentieth century’s class-based, churlish self-amusement is coming to an end. 

Let me make an introductory remark before getting to the post.   China just reported horrible trade numbers.   This should be no surprise given my posts last year on the topic including imploding copper imports and the scams that were used to pump up artificial export trade numbers.  Or, for that matter, my posts here and elsewhere for the last decade.   This outcome was predictable.  As I noted before if I was writing in 1995, I could have predicted this future outcome.  It has been pre-ordained.  It is an outcome to the game.  The freight train is coming it’s just a matter of when.  And, I don’t see a true appreciation of what is really going on or how bad it will be.  This is not a debt crisis in China.  Although debt certainly has exploded in the last five years.  More in my upcoming series of posts.   But my remarks some days ago about China’s currency recently pushing lower may now be exposing itself as to why.  Let me just say this for now.  There is an enormous misunderstanding of what is going on in China.  Or what the consequences will be.  At some point China is going to be put in a position where they will have to start burning through their dollar reserves as noted on here before.  And, also noted on here some years ago, I wrote that the U.S. probably isn’t going to be in a mood to be bailing out China when that happens.  The gold bugs who believe China is going to be their savior have no idea what is really happening in the world.   They are going to shit their pants when the tsunami hits.   Onto the post.  

Our planet continues to exhibit very substantial volatility.  Back in 2008 I put up a link to some absolutely amazing images of volcanic lightning with the Chaiten eruptions.   Really, the best pictures yet available in any eruption I am aware of.   The devastating  Japanese earthquake and tsunami produced  similar  electrical atmosphere phenomena beforehand as linked to on here. 

Up until the last few decades institutionalized science discounted such possibilities as delusions by the unscientific locals.  And now?   Since the advent of the Internet, we are witnessing some very substantial events that were once chalked up to nonsense.   That’s not to say science cannot eventually explain these events.  But, what is happening before our very eyes is that institutionalized science is in the midst of failure in its theories on volcanism and possibly tectonics too.  In other words, up until today, much of what people paid tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn, and then their egos vehemently defended, as institutionalized science, is probably nothing more than some variance on voodoo.   They may not know it yet.  But, they will.   This is very much a dynamic that extends to finance, business, MBAs, economics and the sort.  We will pay dearly to learn what isn’t true.   Now, science will ultimately reformulate its  theories and, at some point in time, those will likely collapse as well. 

This is consistent with a long-time thesis on here that we are witnessing the collapse of hierarchical, institutionalized science across a wide spectrum of disciplines.   It’s everywhere.  Oftentimes because knowledge has become siloed for reasons of self-interest.   Oftentimes because of political meddling.  Oftentimes because science has been hijacked by private, for-profit capital’s interests. 

Truth seeks to be free.  Not to be controlled by self-interested keepers of the faith or evangelists in hierarchical bureaucracies aka institutions of the ego.  So much of science has been turned into  dogma and orthodoxy.  Oftentimes tainted, and even destroyed, by the institutionalized ignorance that is class-based political dogma and orthodoxy. 

In other words, this rot and ignorance transcends the private, for-profit, class-based corporate state’s very existence.  We could literally see an eventual unwinding of just about everything that has been built up by institutions of the ego over the last one hundred years.  The twentieth century was, in some ways, some bizarre experiment foisted upon the human condition.  An experiment created by state violence be that emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual.   As discussed on here ad nauseam, hierarchical bureaucracies, money, politics and private capital and other institutions of the ego enslave us to ignorance.  Contrarily, science seeks to be free.  Knowledge seeks to be free.  They seek to achieve their own state of being free from control.   What discovery and learning should be is not what it actually happens when the involvement of money, ego, power and the state come into play.  Ego-motive and its intent of control destroys the purity of science, discovery and truth.  The state and its ability to manufacture endless force has created an enormous inertia that has destroyed truth on a level never before experienced by humanity.   What is so disconcerting is the pervasiveness of this dynamic.

So, enough background.  Let’s get on to some recently documented volcanic phenomena.  Hopefully, we won’t have to listen to anti-science, control-driven ignoramuses like Al Gore blame any of this on carbon dioxide.   Which would be even more ignorant than the already extreme ignorance of many self-appointed intellectuals.

Glowing orbs in the skies of Fukushima (earthquake lights) and a totally new physics?   By the way, if one is open to what is happening around the world, there are many new discoveries that are challenging the existing “laws” of science including the hard sciences of physics and chemistry.   (This again is consistent with a long-time thesis on here that we are in the midst of massive collapse of much of what is now called science but is really nothing more than junk nonsense often perpetuated by the ego’s vanity, self-interest and profit motive.  ie, Free market corporate capitalism.)  

Sinabung volcano lightning (video)  This and the next link are very nice videos that are worth watching on a full screen viewer.  Explanations proffered by institutionalized science for volcanic lightning has so far been inconsistent and often nonsensical.  Therefore, I’m going to clearly state those theories are actually not good science.  

Sinabung volcanic tornadoes (video)   This is extremely bizarre.    This looks like an outtake from some post-apocalyptic science fiction movie or like the tornados on dead planets like Mars and the sun.   The first thing that comes to mind when watching these tornadoes is a possible plasma/ electric field interaction involved in Jupiter’s volcanic moon, lo.   Whether volcanism is actually a result of electrical phenomena or other variables are at work, no one really knows right now.  But we do know that new data is blowing a hole in existing science.  This phenomena certainly appears to be electrical and using existing physical theories to derive new electrical interpretations is therefore probably akin to Al Gore’s nonscience science that won him a Nobel Prize for blowing donuts about how humanity created global warming.  

The primary reason these and other arcane attempts at interpretation (putting a square peg in a round hole) of this and other phenomena, be that in science, economics or human behavior are taking place is that institutionalized science is constantly trying to fit behavior, data and discoveries into existing scientific orthodoxy and models of how they think the world should be.  This, rather than consider that existing theories and models are wrong.   Why?  Because hierarchical, institutionalized bureaucracies first seek to perpetuate themselves.  ie, Control.   No one gets to keep their positions of authority, power and control when they are found to be completely wrong.  Or, worse yet, supposed educational leaders soaking students for trillions of dollars to learn what they supposedly know and the students don’t.   The actors in these plays aren’t even mindful of their own faulty biases or ignorance.   We are all guilty of this to some degree.  This is why the natural state of humanity is to live in a flat world unencumbered by controlling beliefs of self-appointed class.  In other words, an existence based on natural rights.  That includes education and learning and how that knowledge is created, maintained, updated and disseminated. 

Not all of science has been corrupted.  And, not all of science is junk science.  But after a century of profit motive and self-interest by class, hierarchical bureaucracies and private interests (groupthink and often self-aggrandizing groupthink at that), we have many unproven, if not bizarre, arcane scientific beliefs.  And, often on top of those are mounded more bizarre, arcane scientific beliefs.  There may be some degree of truth contained within some of those beliefs but when you add erroneous theories on top of erroneous theories, you multiply their error.   This error magnification is a very simple truth that is lost upon the keepers of the faith because they are blinded by their own ego.   The end result is “scientific” theories can end up so far from reality that Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner could come up with more accurate hypotheses.  But, these massive errors are perpetuated due to inertia, groupthink, conformity and class.     In other words, science can actually be further away from reality than the religious dogma and orthodoxy that its leaders often mock as unscientific.   One example I have cited on here before is physics.  Quantum physics to be more accurate.  We have so many fudge factors and voodoo built on top of fudge factors and voodoo in quantum physics that this discipline will almost certainly experience a major purge within coming decades.  How much of this error magnification do we see in institutionalized, hierarchical science today?  It’s everywhere.   Frankly, as noted many times, it goes well beyond science to everywhere there is a hierarchical, institutionalized bureaucracy.   This is especially true in economics, monetary theory, climate change and countless other forms of pseudo-science that are actually pawned off as science.   Today we see economics and monetary economics are flying blind with nothing more than a Ouija Board as a guide.   The morons who have appointed themselves as our feckless leaders are driving  us off the cliff into some unknown abyss.  Again, written of quite extensively on here.

By the way, the last time we had such low solar irradiance, a sister volcano of Sinabung experienced the planet’s largest volcanic eruption in two thousand years.   The rise of volcanism, earthquakes and resultant ocean acidification that we see today was predictable to some degree if one appreciates that longer term solar irradiance cycles are possibly linked to volcanism.  And, there are many reasons to believe this to be possible.  But this doesn’t fit into mainstream scientific orthodoxy and dogma.  There is massive money, self-interest and power (inertia) that perpetuates every hierarchical institution of the ego.  Even in the face of reality the ego can look truth straight in the face and say that blue is red and pigs can fly in order to perpetuate itself.  Isn’t this obvious from the clearly available truths that millions of people around the world appreciate how to make the world a better place but the hierarchical, institutionalized class-based state and its actors employ endless violence to keep any of this progress from every happening?   The same dynamic exists in hierarchical, institutionalized science.

I think we should expect that possibility of major volcanic events before this low solar period passes.  Possibility.  Not prediction.  

Remember, as noted on here ad nauseam, volatility always precedes a change in trend. 

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