Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The United States Of Dystopian Violence - Wal-mart Misses Earnings Because Of Drop In SNAP (Food Stamps)

“Despite a holiday season that delivered positive comps, two factors contributed to lower comp sales performance for the 14-week period for Walmart U.S.,” Holley explained.  “First, the sales impact from the reduction in SNAP (the U.S. government Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits that went into effect Nov. 1 is greater than we expected. “

If this isn’t a sign of how dystopian our society is, I don’t know what is.  Shopping results at the company store are most certainly a function of state violence.   Wal-mart and corporate capitalism, in general, only exists through the force of the state.  This earnings announcement proves that very fact.  We live in a system of control that makes us poor, ignorant slaves to class-based, private for-profit power.   In other words, corporate capitalism.

The state strips its citizens of their own democratic economic determinism through allowing, and even endorsing through force, repressive, nonliving wage, predatory corporations.  These corporations destroy our economic determinism and enslave us to a control-based system of rent extraction.  

Wal-mart is an example of a corporation that creates the dynamic of social poverty.   If forces citizens onto the public dole to survive.   Not only its nonliving wage employees but the active program is has to offshore supplier production jobs to lower consumer prices.   Then, if that’s not enough, because of the state-backed violence of a nonliving wage, the state actually pays Wal-mart to continue this madness.  We call this payment any number of welfare programs.   In this most recent earnings announcement it is food stamps or SNAP.  The state pays Wal-mart with food stamps to continue its violence against our nation’s citizens.  Otherwise, Wal-mart’s power and profit would collapse.  This is how corporations and corporate capitalism extracts rent or profit needed to survive.   That is, through the force of the state.

This clearly points out that the state pays Wal-mart to create poverty in our nation.  In a world of abundance, only through state violence does poverty even exist; a regular theme on here. 

This is shopping at the company-owned store in the company-controlled town owned by the company tyrant.  Citizens are screwed coming and going.  And Wally World is doing the screwing in both instances.  Of course, courtesy of state violence.

I’ll be back to posting the second part of my China and emerging markets update next. 

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