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Corporate State Violence - McDonald’s Worker Arrested For Asking To Be Paid A Living Wage And Other Timely Corporate-State Sick-Care Links

If all doctors were like Dr. Mercola, a social activist and person of great conscience and compassion.   But, to be fair, many doctors are of great conscience and compassionate.  Dr. Mercola has a unique bully pulpit by funding his own business through supplements and health care products.   So, he is his own “man” beyond the dynamic of endless violence that is the corporate state. 

There are certainly many doctors and health care professionals on the front line who are as disgusted with the corporate state and corporate sick care complex but are violently subjugated to conformity and silence.  Corporations now decide what doctors are allowed to use hospital facilities, what doctors are part of a health care insurance network and corporations even use brutal and extremist interpretations of Taylorism to limit their doctor-patient time to ridiculously numbers like 13 minutes. By conclusion, corporations and corporate bureaucrats essentially have the power (class-based, state-backed violence) to decide which doctors are allowed to practice medicine.  

The sentence regarding Taylorism and efficiency above brings up a good point I have remarked of in passing before.  That is, bureaucrats love efficiency be they Soviet, Nazi, Chinese communist or Amerikan corporate capitalist.  Keeping copious records of the efficiency of activities at Auschwitz, the time-limiting activities of Amerikan doctors (That creates unnecessary sickness, mistakes and death),  the NSA or the CIA are really no different.   They are all the same.  That is, Godless state violence against humanity.  And, we know from historical records that Amerikan korporations were and are glad to oblige with all of these activities.   Remember, as noted on here many times, American and European corporate capitalists loved Adolph Hitler and were instrumental to his success.  The synergies between corporations, inventions of the state, and the state create a marriage made in heaven between like-minded, control-driven (efficiency) bureaucrats.   Fascism is a natural conclusion of corporate capitalism be that the British Empire, the American Empire, communist China or the Third Reich.  

The use of corporate state violence in the sick care complex is long and illustrious even if often covert.   Through this violent use of corporate state force, all health care professionals are subjugated, silenced and forced into conformity.  Of course, there are many in this corrupt and brutal system that embrace its benefits to those who conform to it.  Many doctors have become rich by destroying health care through countless conflicts of interest.   Adolph Hitler would be proud.

Corporate capitalism and the corporate state makes us stupid and ignorant through its rote conformity and dumbing down that subjugation creates.  And, more importantly, it plants a spike right through the heart of democracy and its freedoms, including freedom of speech and a meritocracy that freedom creates. 

Video of Nancy Salgado asking McDonald’s president why she isn’t paid a living wage here. 

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Mouth breathing, especially during endurance exercise, may be life-threatening.  I ran across Buteyko breathing, a discovery by a Soviet doctor, some years ago.   The impacts of breathing can play an enormous role in our physical and emotional health, which is one reason why meditation is so important.  Breathing, be it proper or improper, has been shown to change our cellular structure, and possibly even change our DNA, although the last point has not been conclusively determined by science.   But, improper breathing and overly stressful exercise together may be a recipe for a hidden health disaster.  A related topic that isn’t discussed in this article is hypoxia, or the deprivation of oxygen, but can be caused by improper breathing, neuromuscular and fascial train issues (injuries, stress, movement disorders, etc) and other unknown dynamics is implicated in all types of sickness including cancer.  Breathing may be the most important exercise we ever master.   I have posted a few great links on here to mediation and breathing in the past if you want to search my Blogspot(Blogger) site. 

As always, do your own diligence.

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