Saturday, December 28, 2013

Animal Cruelty: The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat

Growing up on a farm and in a farming community, it’s hard for me to believe the state of agriculture that exists today.  It becomes more and more dystopian with each passing year.  We pump unlimited toxins into the ecosystem and our foods in the name of achieving a faux sense of unsustainable efficiency and productivity.  And the ruthless Teutonic efficiency under which this system operates is beyond words.   It’s truly reminiscent of The Final Solution.  Of course, it’s this level of ruthless and inhumane  efficiency that defines the Godless corporate state and corporate capitalism be that food or any other unchecked corporate or corporate state endeavor. 

The inhumane bureaucrats who are responsible for this system have created a destructive, predatory junk and sick food complex that they enforce through the application of endless state violence.  Ripping up community farms, stopping citizens from exercising their food rights, attempting to label many raw and natural food citizens as criminals, passing legislation that makes it a crime to actually speak the truth about the state of the industry, paying scientists to write junk science articles and perform junk science research, an all out war on people seeking to expose the truth about their practices, endless corporate propaganda and misinformation on GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, drugs, chemicals and on and on.   In many ways it is far worse than anything Orwell could have imagined.  It is brutally Kafkaesque. 

Mercy for Animals and many others have exposed animal brutality that would bring tears to the eyes of anyone that has pets or has a deep compassion for animals and all life.   Their Youtube channel is here.  I must forewarn you that their videos are graphically violent and there is substantial animal brutality that cannot be described by any other words than truly evil.  Some of them so horrible it was literally impossible for me to watch.   But, we cannot turn our eyes away from the endless violence and inhumaneness of the Godless corporate state. 

Kudos to Rolling Stone for its exposé in this article - Animal Cruelty: The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat.   Might I say, cheap in more regards than price.  Cheap as in inferior quality.  Cheap as in often so loaded with toxins, drugs, chemicals and a nutrient/fat profile that arguably (scientifically) makes it unsuitable for human consumption. 

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