Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Beautiful And Inspirational Story Of The Healing Power Of Connection And Unconditional Love

I thought I would throw this up as a holiday post and circumvent my regular posting.  Let me first introduce this story by providing some degree of context. 

Socialization aka connection plays a very, very important, yet not understood, role in the development of a species higher order intelligence.  Not just for humans but all of life, be that crows, apes, elephants, whales, wolves, our pets and on and on.   It is the social animals that rule the roost of every measurable type of complex intelligence including complex language and reasoning skills.  Social animals are far and away the highest on the chain of intelligence.  This dynamic is simply another missed data point in how corporate capitalism creates dysfunction and emotional and physical unwellness in humanity and the natural world by disconnecting us from our communities, uprooting us from our families, disconnecting the natural world from its communities and pathologically destroying our connection to the natural world and the natural world’s connection to us.  That disconnection obviously plays a substantial role in the dumbing-down of our society and the people in it.

While it is missed by corporate, for-profit medicine, medicine that by the way is now witnessing many of its theories of the brain falling upon crisis, (more on that in a future post) there is ample evidence that the power of connection has a miraculous ability to heal our physical and emotional unwellness and illness.  Whether that is a connection to the earth, to the natural world, to animals and pets, to each other and maybe most importantly to our own divinity or our higher power.   As I have noted on here many times our divinity or higher power is the place that resides within our mind that makes us human.  From that place we derive timeless human values of selflessness, altruism, equality, mercy, compassion, community, unconditional acceptance, discovery, truth, dignity, love, etc. 

I have spent much of my journey immersed in an attempt to  understand the human condition, the human mind, the mind-body connection and its manifestations.  Mostly in an attempt to become more mindful of my own victimizing beliefs and, thus, to become more consciously aware of who I truly am and who I am supposed to become.  Not the dumbed-down existence of who society believes I should be or the dumbed-down existence of who corporate capitalism wishes me to be.   That journey has led me to believe that there is ample evidence all emotional unwellness and illness not explainable by physical illness, endocrine/hormone disruptions or natural food/nutritional deficiencies are simply varying degrees of disconnection.  Disconnection from our own divinity and the world around us.  Disconnection caused by some sort of trauma or suffering be that abuse, the effects of war, toxic chemicals, human-on-human violence, fear, attempts at controlling rather than experiencing our emotions, attempts at controlling our existence, etc. 

We see this disconnection manifested everywhere in both good and decent people and in people who exhibit what I would classify as outright evil behavior.    The human condition is escaped by no one.  Secrecy, isolation and separateness are used by the unwell or unstable ego or perceptions of the manifested self to hide disconnection and the manifestations it creates.   Decent people are isolated or disconnected not by choice but by circumstance.  In our society, circumstance created by pathological predators or evil.  Predators are isolated by choice.  Predators isolate themselves because of their inability to function in a connected world.  Secrecy we see today in all forms of authority and bureaucracy are systemic indicators of the willful disconnection of those who practice this form of isolation or separateness.  Because secrecy allows predators who are disconnected from their own divinity and from the world around them to pathologically act out against the rest of us.  To prey on the rest of us.  Evil cannot survive in the light.  Regardless, all unwellness drives isolation, separateness and disconnection. 

It just so happens the Godless corporate state is defined by all of these and more examples of isolation and violence against to prey upon the human condition.   So, as a society controlled by Godless and often outright evil people, we are stuck in this vacuous, primitive ego-state that literally shuts off or circumvents the proper functioning of our mind and our basic need for connection.  We all suffer from the effects of the idiocracy and those impacts are much more sinister, deep, systemic and far-reaching than any one person can fathom.   The human ego or manifested self is in crisis.  Not just in the United States but everywhere around the world.  The human race is in crisis.  For most people, that crisis is created by the predators who have created and control our existence.  Who isolate and separate us from community and connection.  They do so because connection provides the basis for resistance we need to topple such extreme evil and pathology.  They separate us so they can control us.

The dumbed-down corporate state clearly doesn’t value connection.  Period.  It destroys connection through countless willful and intentional means.  Primarily through methods of covert violence and aggression as evil recognizes connection as a threat to its existence.   Instead the dumbed-down corporate state values the exaltation of the ego and the separateness aka disconnection this exaltation creates.  That separateness is achieved by exalting the ego’s manifestations of competition, ambition, conditionality, greed, envy, vanity, gluttony, covetousness, power, hate, authority, aggression, violence, exploitation, control, etc.  

Our pathological leaders have learned to mimic connection through many social norms including marriage and procreation.  But mimicry it truly is.  It is nothing more than a mark to check off in the box of socially-acceptable or desirable behaviors to mimic in the ego’s drive for social acceptance it needs to gain authority, power, control and covetousness over others and over society.  The pathological recognizes its need to appear as a family man who embraces connection so it marries and procreates.   And I do mean procreates.  It recognizes the need to appear to be religious or spiritual so it checks off that box by mimicking religious social norms.   But through all of this there is no connection.  It is simply an act of mimicry they understand as necessary to achieve their power-mad and control-driven existence.   Acts of kindness and connection often has no more emotional meaning to them than taking out the garbage.  

Anyone who spends their lives ambitiously seeking the next level of power, control and authority and then spends nearly every waking  moment doing so is either dysfunctionally sabotaging their connections to their family and community or worse, they are completely disconnected from their own divinity.   The outcome to such ambition leads to children who suffer the consequences of a disconnected or nonexistent connection with their parents.  Children who grow up as traumatized adults to often then pass along their own dysfunction to their own children.  All driven by modern corporate capitalist society’s exaltation of the ego and its endless foibles that are necessary for the Godless corporate state to survive.  We see this in parents who attempt to replace connection by buying their happiness  with worldly possessions or who force their ambition onto children by pushing them to follow in their footsteps of capitalist success.  All of this creates conditionality, and thus, disconnection in its victims.  This creates a self-fulfilling and self-perpetuating social environment that is void of love and connection.  Not only for the victims of this dynamic but also for the perpetrators.   When a mind is driven primarily or even solely by ego, it is not functional.  The mind is not operating in a connected, functional state.  It is dysfunctional and pathological.  It is therefore unstable.  This is the mind exalted by corporate capitalism.   This is the mind of our masters.  The mind most willing to spend its lifetime of ambition seeking authority, control and power over connection.  The mind most willing to stomp on the face of its fellow man to achieve that ego-driven state of ambition.  That is the mind destabilizing all of humanity and disrupting those who intuitively and innately understand the meaning and power of connection. 

Modern corporate capitalist society is collapsing because of its exaltation of the self and all of its foibles and outright evils rather than our own divinity and the connection it intuitively and innately cherishes above all else.  It is collapsing because it is Godless.  

I think the evidence is quite clear that autism is simply one of many manifestations of disconnection created by modern corporate capitalist society.   We simply don’t understand the mechanisms that create the disconnection any more than we do for alcoholism or drug addiction or narcissism or depression or psychopathy or aggression or extreme ambition or competition or any other form of disconnection.  But autism certainly appears to be a modern corporate capitalist society illness related to this victimization of a disconnected and Godless world.   And its cases appear to be rising exponentially.  Scientists believe that improper functioning of mirror neurons provides a disconnected experience to one who deals with this condition.   Mirror neurons play some substantial but not understood ability to create connection beyond the self.   But, like everything else, it likely isn’t the mirror neuron that is the problem, but rather it is the symptom of an inability of the mind to create a connection.  Is that disconnection in autism created by toxins, by vaccines or by other means of trauma?   Science is trying its best to find an answer. 

That said, it isn’t medication or therapy or some new advance in technology that is behind this story. (Not to discount any of the authentic work going on with all of these methods.)   Instead, it is the unconditional love between a boy and a dog.  It is connection that has a powerful and clearly not understood ability to heal us of our suffering and our illnesses.  A connection that is created by the power of our own divinity.   A power that is constantly under attack and constantly being destroyed by modern corporate capitalist society. 

Connection and its experiences are our reason for being.  We are here to learn to mindfully love and accept without condition.  The ego-primitive state we are stuck in as mindless consumers, enslaved workers, entertainer, sports figure and political star gazers (our modern day Marie Antoinettes of this class-base system), money worshippers and dumbed-down corporate state actors that so many people are stuck in because of the pathology of our predatory rulers keeps us from becoming who we were meant to become.  That is, it keeps us from becoming divine.  

As an aside, one might ask the question, what force is it that drives disconnection as a pathology in predators and in their victims and those who are innocently victimized by the suffering this predatory system creates?  It is simply a natural phenomenon?  Does evil in the truest sense of the word actually exist?  Is this force the age old battle of good versus evil?  Or, is evil simply the manifestation of our ego’s perceptions of separateness that is the basis for all acts of violence or willful intents of doing harm?  Or, are the ego’s false perceptions driven by evil?   Just something to ponder this holiday weekend. 

On that note, it’s rather fitting that I end this post with a favorite understanding of the word Namaste courtesy of Ram Dass - I honor the place in you where the universe resides. I honor the place of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you, where if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.  Connection has been known by our divine power for eternity as our reason for being.

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