Sunday, November 17, 2013

Extremist Obama Administration Demands Trade Pact Nations Secretly Relinquish Human Rights To Corporate Capitalism

Those are the words of the director of PopularResistance.Org in the Real News video interview link below. 

If anyone still believes poor, little ole Obama is being victimized by Republicans, as he has whined in the past, you are brainwashed to some similar degree as the German people were under Adolph Hitler.  This is a person who willfully, and with intent, seeks secrecy and power over your livelihood.  And that secrecy is for only one reason – to control you.  To spy on you.  To force you into a corporate sick care cabal.  To destroy your economic determinism with trade pacts that will further conscript us to corporate slavery.  To become your master.   This administration is arguably even more vile than the Reagan, Clinton and Bush administrations.  And, the intent is willful.  If it wasn’t, everything would not be done in secrecy.  Evil scurries from the light and from transparency.   

As I have noted on here many times, the concept of a “permanent” corporation as is defined by corporate capitalism only exists to seek rent or loot.  This country was not founded on free market corporate capitalism.   If you believe that, you are brainwashed by the history taught to you by your masters. Nazi Germany did that.  How'd that work out for them? 

We fought a revolutionary war to rid ourselves of the king's corporate capitalism and his merry band of plundering corporations and private bankers.    Corporate capitalism is a form of indentured servitude or wage slavery to the king's corporate and aristocratic capitalist class.   Class is an anathama to freedom and democracy.  It is the reason why millions fled the repressive class-based corporate states of Europe to the New World.  Free market corporate capitalism that is now defined as globalization is no different than the class-based plundering British empire that directly and indirectly murdered tens of millions of people.  The class-based British empire murdered more people than the Nazis as I have noted on here before.  And corporate capitalism’s endless class-based warfare that creates suffering, violence, exploitation and predation is the sickness that consumes the world today.

Many ideological Republicans are useful idiots for the aristocracy.  Through ignorance and brainwashing they adopt the ideology of the class-based predators who are their very masters.   There is a word for this.  Malcolm X called this type of person the house negro.   It perfectly fits with Republicans who believe this nation’s ills will be solved by free market corporate capitalism.  By supporting a system of class and forced servitude that victimizes our democracy and our citizens.  And ultimately often victimizes themselves.  That is, unless the are able to rise beyond the status of house negro to master and, thus, become the victimizers.  That includes people like Ron and Rand Paul who ignorantly support corporate wage slavery as a solution to Washington corruption.  As much as I agree with Paul on many issues of government corruption and bureaucracy, free market corporate capitalism is the problem not the answer.  It is why our government has been butchered and turned into a massive control fraud.  That is, so class and corporations can loot the public commons with impunity.   

Working for yourself as a small business owner, skilled craftsman, tradesman or whatever endeavor in a community that serves as your market or your customers is much different that working for a corporate master.  Once a person is subjugated to corporate control or the economic determinism of another human being, there can be no freedom unless all parties willingly and with intent mutually pledge their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor to each other as free, democratic and sentient beings.  That means guaranteed economic rights written into some type of ironclad economic constitution that must be abided by by all employers.   That means our economic determinism and economic rights have to be determined by the rule of law rather than the rule of men.   That means any employee has an ability to walk from a corporate job at any time and know that they will not lose their rights of a living wage by exercising their freedoms.  This rule of law would force corporations to court our citizens and communities through democratically-derived values.     

Corporate personhood is one of the greatest evils in the history of mankind.  Coupled with corporate capitalism, it has created a tyranny of injustice as brutal as any feudal and repressive society including Soviet communism.   In many ways, it could be argued to be worse than communism for those exploited by the system.  Corporate personhood must be abolished forever.  Corporate capitalism must be redefined or abolished.  That is, if it doesn’t collapse first. 

Corporations should have no rights to own property or any other rights of persons.  And given they cannot own property, jobs destroying, community destroying mergers and acquisitions no longer exists.  Predatory investment banking no longer exists.  They should be renters who are granted leases as long as they please democracy.   They should be limited in size.  They should not be allowed to take democracy’s sovereign capital beyond a sovereign border for any reason.  They should not be able to hire lawyers because not being persons they have zero rights.  Their officers should be held legally responsible for corporate actions in lieu of corporate personhood rights.  Corporations have a charter.  And that charter should be regulated with impunity.  And when corporations can no longer can serve that charter or democracy deems its service as complete, these corporations should disappear permanently.  They may be created to last a year, five years or longer.  But they should be regularly reviewed by democracy to ensure they are meeting democracy’s needs or will they laid out in their charter. 

Under these constructs people should not be held to collecting a living wage only via corporate employment.  Granting a wage only through corporate slavery or employment forces people into a system of conscription where they are violently made to support their own victimization.  I must work for a predatory firm because that’s the only way I can survive in the corporate state.

And finally, with the end of corporate personhood, both political parties will collapse.  The Republican and Democratic Parties are registered corporations that exist to plunder our democratic and public institutions on behalf of corporate capitalism. 

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