Thursday, November 07, 2013

Loyal Obama Supporters Get A Wakeup Call With Insurance Premiums - You’ve Been Willfully Lied To With Intent

ProPublica seldom gets more than a dozen comments on an article.  This one pulled in over 300, showing the vitriol and toxicity of this topic. 

The demographics of customers for insurance companies are not likely to meet the anticipated demand for their products given the sticker shock that is becoming apparent.   Health care companies participating in exchanges are required to combine their risk pools of Obamacare customers with their legacy customers.  That means health care companies participating in exchanges very well could see recursive rate-rising scenarios in order to maintain existing profits.  In other words, more of the extortion racket that takes place under the existing system.  But, rate increases could actually be higher now that they are unable to drop customers who actually get sick as they always have.

The couple highlighted in this story unfortunately is typical of ideologues caught up in party politics.  Ideologues are rigid thinkers who generally hold a very tightly constructed belief system.  To my point, how many politically-active Democrats would associate or even befriend a Tea Party member?  Or even recognize them as worthy, sentient beings with legitimate concerns?  Or vice versa?  Although I would classify Democrats as far less tolerant in my experiences.  So, rather than this couple actually consider that they were willfully lied to, and thus consider their belief systems may be wrong, they meekly accept their own self-victimization and slavery courtesy of Obama and the Democratic Party.   One day I will probably write a very politically-incorrect post that will certainly infuriate many rigid thinkers and their associated belief systems.  And how the Democratic Party is pretty much solely responsible for enslaving poverty-stricken whites and black America to a system of massive injustice that is the corporate capitalism-created welfare state.   People with an intent of discovery are now starting to see this enslavement being exposed with Obamacare, with unemployment, underemployment and with the massive swell in poverty in this nation that Democrats do absolutely nothing to stop.   They don’t even acknowledge the poor or the injustices they have created anymore.

ProPublica article here.

Obama has backtracked on his promises to keep your doctor and your health insurance in the last few days.  He has now apparently stated that he never said that.  I simply can’t even begin to fathom the state of mind required to actually deny what is in the public domain.  So, as a reminder, here he is stating 36 times what he apparently is now denying.   (The last remark on the video is his new lie.) Oh, and that same pathology gives credence to another new report that he has remarked how good he is at killing people.  Another state of mind that I cannot begin to fathom.  The wall of narcissism and arrogance that disconnects politicians from their own divinity and their humanity is staggering.  The lies and deceits are so substantial out of the White House that I’m not sure I can say that I’ve ever heard a word of truth come from this administration on any topic.  Let me count the ways of willful and intentional deceit.  I can literally come up with a few dozen off the top of my head. 

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