Friday, November 01, 2013

Capitalism’s Invisible Hand Of Self-Interest Has Turned The Hippocratic Oath Into A Grand Hypocrisy - The Obama-Enforced Sick Care System’s Last Stand

This is an appropriate Halloween post given that evil ghouls and demons have created a frightful mess for the rest of us.  Before I get to the post, this is a good place to remind readers that I have stated for years that I expect both political parties in this nation to collapse.  When I first started posting about that the Tea Party was yet to be a twinkle in anyone’s eye and Democrats were in the midst of a love affair with their savior.   I distinctly remember a comment from a reader who stated that the two party system served America well and that he saw no reason to believe that would ever change.  How the world has started to awaken to reality; the two party system has destroyed America.  A major reason why some founding fathers wanted to forbid political parties is now evident.  By the way, for Tea Party detractors, if I were to guesstimate, the Democratic Party will fail before the Tea Party.  Wake up.   The Tea Party may be ignorant and even heartless at times but it represents the frustrations of many decent American who are fed up.  That’s more than I can say for Democratic Party hacks.  The only difference is the Democratic elites are much more covert in their sinister use of violence against American citizens and those who buy their endless lies. 

I would like to start by looking at the Obamacare system from a different perspective.  I think one must consider that the Obamacare act was a last ditch effort by the sick care system to save itself.   Not necessarily a conscious effort but a recognition by the corporations who control this system that they need new sources of revenue to grow.  And without corporate capitalism’s needed expansion of ever-increasing profits, the system would eventually fail.

With unprecedented poverty, joblessness, underemployment and unemployment, the sick care system was nearing a tipping point of unsustainability.  Without the endless growth in profit needed by capitalism, the system was headed for collapse without a new supply of conscripted slaves to their system.  Corporate capitalism in the healthcare arena needed a new market of people to loot to sustain itself.  Poverty is the major force in the way of that conscription.  So, its rent-seeking bureaucrats, with the help of complicit Democrats, passed a fascist sick care system that would conscript millions upon millions of new sick care slaves.   And, to guarantee their conformity to the rent-seeking corporate system, their participation would be enforced by the  state.  Thus, guaranteeing the perpetuation of a wildly corrupt and unsustainable rent-seeking, for-profit corporate system. 

The awakening to the unintended consequences of this system are finally being exposed at a dizzying rate.  It is far more substantial than a failed web site.   Avik Roy, one of the best health care journalists on the web, is now reporting that the Obama administration lied through its teeth and knew as many as 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance.  A Colorado health care navigator hasn’t signed up a single person because of the massive sticker shock.   And the massive mess that is required on the back end of this system to integrate so many disparate pieces leaves me wondering if the national health care exchange will even be fixed.  Ever.  It is highly plausible will never work.  That its architecture is wildly complex and the back end integration to dozens of data sources and databases is completely unworkable as a transactional system.  ie, There is reason to believe the entire web site will eventually be scrapped in the same fashion New Coke was scrapped.  Certainly it could be rewritten if that were the case.  But given the state crisis this new system is creating, I doubt the mood of the country would tolerate it.   In its place the only system that could be implemented fast enough to stop the rising number of uninsured is Medicare for all.  Or, simply moving to an out-of-pocket system supplemented by Medicare or some system like it.

Now tell me again, how does Obamacare solve the underinsured and uninsured dilemma in our nation?  Wasn’t that the only intent of this law?  To guarantee healthcare?  As I noted in the title of my last post on this topic, I suspect we have now entered the first phase of a permanent failed state of the existing health care system in this country.   If that is coming to pass, Obamacare is its tipping point.  The only way this system ever became law in the first place is because of dirty backroom deals promulgated by smarmy Democratic party bosses coupled with the “rat’s nest of concealment and lies” that defines the Obama administration.   Or that is how Bob Woodward characterized it. 

In a great irony of self-victimization by this system’s rent-seeking corporate capitalists, by reaching too far because of greed and avarice, the corporate-controlled sick care complex has likely created its own demise.  Due punishment for the massive corruption behind this system.  Newton’s third law of opposing forces better known as karma is a bitch.    

I wrote on here a long time ago that I expected my health insurance to rise dramatically with the passage of Obamacare because it didn’t meet its premium requirements. For Obama to try to blame the insurance companies for dropping people already insured is a fraud in itself.  Just another in his endless lies and deceits.   Two days ago he tried to literally talk his way out of this.  And said subsidies would ameliorate the pain.  Highly unlikely from what we see so far.  Just more pathology from the White House.   This constant deflection and lack of accountability and responsibility is driven by the ego’s endless self-abandonment and its associated desire to blame everyone else for its own victimization.  This behavior is very typical of con men.  We see it pervasively with Wall Street CEOs, we see it in almost all politicians, we saw it in Bill Clinton, we saw it in O.J. Simpson and we see it in Obama. 

The fact is people are being forced and coerced into this control system.   This is not national self-insurance as Medicare is or an out of pocket system would be.   This is not a market-based system as an out of pocket system would be.  This is a fascist, corporate-controlled, government-enforced racket controlled by the violence of the state.   This is truly another example of American corporate state authority reminiscent of Soviet-style command and control dictated by Moscow. 

My insurance has  gone up over 1,400% in the last nine years, during which I never filed a single claim.   These insurance companies are literally criminal racketeering organizations.  But it extends well beyond insurance to pharma, device manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, lawyers, lobbyists, doctors, service organizations and on and on.  They all participate in a massively corrupt system flooded with conflicts of self-interest and a primary intent of serving profit rather than society.   Now, it appears under Obama I’m probably going to see it skyrocket again.   So, if my insurance doubles or triples, which I expect, then I will have seen an apples-to-apples increase of upward of 5,000% in less than a decade.   The insurance company isn’t targeting little ole me.  This type of criminal extortion defines the corporate-controlled American sick care system.   That is why they need the government to put a proverbial gun to citizen’s heads to force participation. 

Would I like better coverage?  Certainly.  As I have noted before, my insurance is a fraudulent scam in itself.  I have switched to higher premiums for affordability which effectively means I am self-insured except for the improbable “disaster”.  I effectively have flood insurance while living on the side of a mountain.  The reality is the state can’t force people to pay for a new tax that they cannot afford.   I realize politicians are generally the most ignorant, controlling, narcissistic, dumbed-down people in our dumbed-down society but even a seven year old can understand that mommy and daddy can’t afford to get them proper medical treatment because they cannot afford it.  People don’t have health care because the corporate state and corporate capitalism has stolen our society’s wealth and economic determinism.

CNN, one of the most idiotic mainstream media shills recently remarked that, “It's true that health reform is contributing to higher premiums and plan changes. But Obamacare, which is imposing new fees on companies and insurers starting in 2014, is not the driving factor, experts say. Health care costs are rising because the economy is improving so people are going to the doctor more.”.  Does anyone actually believe this?  Is it any wonder CNN just printed a staggering low of 65,000 viewers in certain time segments?  This is an example of conformists and idjits who actually believe journalism is  transcribing political talking points. 

The only thing I find more disgusting than Democrats are Republicans who now are supposedly coming to the rescue of Americans they didn’t give a shit about before Obamacare.   Remember Alan Grayson standing on the floor of Congress reading off the names of the dead who were killed by this health care system?  Republicans said the system was working fine and wasn’t in need of reform.  This while countless thousands of people die every year.  Far more Americans, exponentially more, die from this health care system than from terrorism.  But our corporate masters can mint billions in war while serving someone who doesn’t have the money to pad their profits is a drag on the bottom line.  Corporate capitalists are our nation’s death dealers. 

I think it’s hilarious that today we see Republicans waxing poetic about their korporate kapitalist delusions of grandeur.  How what is happening under Obamacare would never be tolerated in corporate America.  That somehow incompetence is a ward of the state.   Large corporate CEOs almost never pay the piper with accountability. While Obamacare is almost certainly going to collapse because it is nothing more than fascist corporate welfare, Medicare/Medicaid pays out 95+% to "policy holders" for well in excess of 100 million Americans.  Private health insurers typically pay out 70-80%. That's so the management can extract the appropriate rent from policy holders aka people’s lives.

Big pharma?  Big industrial food?  Monsanto?  Wall Street?  Health insurance providers?  Chemical companies?  BP?  Philip Morris?  Exxon Mobil?  Cell phone manufacturers?  The military-industrial complex corporations?  These corporations rob with impunity.  Are they accountable to society for their actions?  Do these companies serve society?  Please.  Pandering the corporations is simply the Republican’s attempt to win favor with their corporate courtiers.   Korporate Kapitalism seeks rent. That is through slave wages, declining benefits, selling toxic goods, selling cheap shit, sitting on the corporate state welfare dole, shoving workers on the welfare dole, taking corporate state handouts, etc.  It’s not Obamacare that’s failing, per se.  The corporate state and corporate capitalism are failing.  Corporate-controlled sick care is failing.   That’s a good thing.  Rebirth and renewal can’t happen until this system is dismantled or fails.

The Soviet Union eventually collapsed under its command and control authoritarian system.   The bureaucratic mandates of Moscow had less and less impact as fewer and fewer people were actually participating in its system.  One day we woke up and it was all over.   Herbert Hoover started the New Deal, which was some attempt to appease the public while doing nothing about the massive corruption in Washington or on Wall Street.  His attempts at putting lipstick on a pig rather than embracing true reform led to the Great Depression.  We certainly are reliving history created by massively corrupt, dumbed-down command and control systems run by political idiots and corporate bureaucrats.

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