Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Liar-In-Chief’s Neo-Feudal, Secretive, Fascist, Jobs Stealing, Anti-Democratic, Corporate-Wage-Slavery Trade Agreement Runs Into The Tea Party

Obama’s neo-feudal, secretive, fascist, corporate written, wage slavery trade agreement that completely obliterates anything that remains of worker rights, democratic economic determinism and our rule-of-law-guaranteed democratic and personal sovereignty has been smashed in the mouth by the House of Representatives.   And, Bloomberg reporting here

I think we need to clarify and codify what it means to be a public servant in this nation.  Megalomaniacs seem to have a hard time understanding what that term means.  That doesn’t mean a politician wins a corporate-money-controlled election and then has free reign to implement tyrannical, fascist, corporate legislation be that Obamacare, NAFTA, WTO, the TPP or any of the other examples of shitting all over our people’s natural rights.  By the way, all of those wildly corrupt, smarmy, tyrannical deals were created by Dummycrats.  There is no party of the people in Washington.  The closest thing we have to a party of the people is the Tea Party.  Or, at least the Tea Party in its grass-roots movement.  Not the class-based takeover and institutionalization of it by special interests. Political parties are class-based, institutionalized hierarchy.  They don’t give a shit about us so the sooner we quit voting for them and expecting anything other than our own victimization, the sooner we’ll see democracy.

Maybe we need to let public service representatives craft legislation and then let the public approve said legislation through popular vote.  Doing so would ensure the bills must actually be read and understood by our public servants.  Can you actually see Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters explaining the now 10,000+ pages of Obamacare?   Requiring popular votes on non-natural rights-related issues would mean it benefits everyone in our nation that our entire electorate be educated and literate rather than ignorant as Obama and other politicians today wish them to be.  Only through ignorance or deceit can anything like the Trans Pacific Partnership or Obamacare pass.   Requiring public approval would add another check to what is often endlessly criminal, secretive, smarmy, corrupt and tyrannical behavior of politicians pretending to be public servants.

Without fast tracking, or essentially, rubber stamping a corporation-written wage slavery/welfare state bill, (privatizing gains and socializing losses of rent-seeking corporate capitalism) I would surmise the TPP is likely dead forever now that the public is waking up to the endless willful and intentional deceits and outright lies of Obama.  Especially given the person to previously hold the title of Liar-In-Chief has just thrown Obama under the bus in an attempt to distance his power-mad wife for our royal family’s fourth run at the presidency.  Haven’t the Clintons screwed up America enough?  Is there no one else in this country other than Hillary qualified to f*ck up this country as much as Bill Clinton did? 

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