Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obama Continues The Obamination Of Obamacare With Empty Promises He Has No Legal Authority To Make

Wow.  Today Obama made what may be one of the biggest political faux pas I have ever seen.  Our king and neo-feudal master has spoken today about the state of Obamacare.  And as he does so, all of the mainstream media dunces nod their heads up and down as they transcribe political talking points to regurgitate to U.S. citizens.  This is the state of journalism in our nation.  Regurgitating political talking points is the news.  There is little, if any, intelligent investigation or questioning the accuracy of those political talking points.  Because doing so would cost the mainstream media their membership in the “club”.  So, as with countless topics, be that NAFTA or Obamacare or the Iraq war, we find out years later that all of those political talking points were just plain old idiotic bullshit, incompetence, deceit and lies.  That is why the mass media is being burned to the ground as Julian Assange has noted. 

Obamacare is a nightmare of what could be unimaginable  proportions.  The party is just getting started.  But our fearless king and savior is to the rescue.  He tells us today that he is now mandating that people  can now keep their health care plans after spending years lying about the White House’s knowledge that tens of millions of people would not be able to keep their health insurance plans.   All he has to do to get the genie back in the bottle is have health insurance companies reverse millions upon millions of policy decisions.  You know, like I was just kidding so you still have your health insurance.  We’ll figure out the legal means of how to do this some time after the 2016 election.

How does our king propose to amend Obamacare?  Rewriting the law to ensure changes are abided by legally?  In other words, abiding by a rule of law?  Of course not.  Corporations, politicians and elites have been shitting all over the rule of law or rigging it to their advantage for ages.  How else does a relative handful of people steal all of our society’s wealth?  Why start abiding by the rule of law or the Constitution now?  No, Obama tells us that simply by him waving his hands this is how it will now be.  You know, just like all of the other goat rodeos surrounding this plan.   Waivers for his crony friends.  Waivers for Congress.  Waivers of the corporate mandate.  Just another politician rigging the rule or law for whatever whims may come his way.   My presidential legacy is in jeopardy so I can just do as I damned well please.  There is no need for pesky laws to get in the way of these changes.  As our savior and king he  just waves his hands and it magically becomes the law of the land and everyone voluntarily follows.   Obama and Democrats created this big pile of shit.  Now they have to deal with the consequences of their own corruption, corporatism, deceit, lies and arrogance. 

If you enjoy hand waving, I have a great idea.  There is a lot of hand waving involved and it will take all of your savings but I promise you’ll get all of your money back and more.  It’s a can’t-lose proposition.  How can I make that promise?  Simply by waving my hands makes it so.   You know.  Like Bernie Madoff. 

We are not a nation ruled by laws but a nation ruled by men.  Men who make things up as they please.  Men who believe they are above the law.  Men who rig society and the economy for however they see fit.  Just like in class-based King George and his band of merry corporate and banking henchmen in 1776.   

Seems funny but the Tea Party’s demand to delay the Obamacare mandate for individuals and Obama’s equally childish response of shutting down the government sure seems to vindicate the Tea Party.  Funny how that works.  Karma and all………..

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