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Conspiracy Theory And The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later

Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy.  So, I thought I would post a position that isn’t very popular with many people in this nation.  That is, one must contemplate that the Kennedy assassination may not have been some substantial conspiracy of powerful forces.  But, instead, he may have been killed, if not by Oswald, by another disenchanted lunatic or lunatics. 

History created by conspiracy theorists has painted Kennedy as some savior by assigning often mythical efforts to bust the doors down to political and military-industrial complex corruption in our nation.  That may be true, but the evidence doesn’t really support that position.  Kennedy lied through his teeth to the American people about the Vietnam war while increasing the support of the illegal activities there, increasing its covert funding, increasing the profits of American military-industrial complex and ultimately widening the war to send more Americans to their deaths as the Edward Snowden of his day, Daniel Ellsberg, uncovered in the Pentagon Papers crisis.   I find much of the mythical ex post facto propaganda of Kennedy as some type of martyr against the powers-that-be to be quite dubious for many policy reasons.  

First let me say that I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories as I have noted time and again on here.   The paranoid mind’s ex post facto tying together of events to weave a plausible story that only exists within the mind of the conspiracy theorist is endlessly present in our society.  Endlessly.  In fact, there is a whole counter culture that exists, often for-profit, surrounding conspiracy theories of every ilk imaginable.  Conspiracy theorists, driven by paranoia, are also often motivated by personal profit or  self-interest.   How many conspiracy theorists do you know who aren’t profiting from their endless story telling?  And they have a whopper for every single event that happens in our nation or around the world.  Many have made a handsomely profitable business out of it.  They are often no different than smooth talking authority of political con men or conniving authority of religious predators that manipulate people for benefit of the self.  That should be of no surprise because all three personalities suffer from an unstable perception of self.  A paranoid mind is not a healthy mind. 

A major reason for the success of conspiracy theorists in our society is because of the massive corruption and secrecy of our anti-democratic political and economic systems.  Secrecy leaves everyone wondering what is going on behind closed doors or under the cover of darkness.  Paranoia takes that one step further by weaving grandiose conclusions that only exist within the mind of its creator.  If we really lived in a free society derived through citizen government, there would be no closed doors and there would be no paranoid minds with a large audience to create conspiracy theories. 

There certainly is ample conspiracy in our nation.  Conspiring in private to defraud the American people is a regular part of business as usual.   The evidence is there for everyone to see.  It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see that the sick care complex paid large sums of money to lobby and write the Obamacare bill.  We have circumstantial evidence and corroborating testimony to prove it so.   Our political system’s  element of secrecy and evil scurrying into the darkness is an enabler to a general state of paranoia and conspiracy theory that often exists in our nation.  How can we trust anything when there is so much willfully and intentionally kept from the public view?   But conspiring in secret is not the same as conspiracy theory.   We must use facts or evidence to ascertain reality.  And where there are limited facts or evidence yet unanswered questions we certainly may have valid reasons to be concerned.  But, we must take the position that until the preponderance of evidence and testimony are available and until transparency is available, we are unable to draw any type of conclusions about what is and isn’t real. 

Most conspiracy theory is really baseless.  What is going on behind closed doors is often plain and simple.  Human behavior is generally quite plain and simple.  Powers that be aren’t generally weaving these complex and intricate conspiracies into some secret master plan.   The ego or manifested self is driven by fear and control.  That’s it.  So, reality is that power and corruption and their manifestations of vanity, greed, envy, money and other manifestations of the self are the driver of conspiracy when it actually exists. 

But, just because there is often a cover-up, that does not mean there is some grand conspiracy.   Why are U.S. politicians the world’s biggest bullies?   Why are U.S. politicians the world’s biggest enabler of global injustice?  Why does the NSA illegally spy on the Pope, on Americans and on our allies?  Why do Wall Street banks prey upon people through debt and usury slavery?  Why do peace officers now carry military grade weapons and Taser 80 year old women?  Why do we see such systemic police brutality in our nation?  Why does the industrial food monopoly shovel profitable but incredible toxic food down our gullet?  Why does the sick care complex mint hundreds of billions of dollars of profits off of systemic sickness in our nation while actually doing nothing to solve the underlying root causes?  The human mind has only two intents.  One is discovery or truth and the other is control.  In a system of violence, the object is control.   Is there some grand conspiracy theory needed to explain all of these dealings that were created in secret?  No.  In all of these cases, they do it because they can.  That’s it.   Because it feeds the ego’s fear-driven need for control that defines the violent corporate state.

I certainly don’t know what happened to JFK beyond that which has been reported.  But, then neither does anyone else.  I believe its quite plausible something may have happened beyond what is reported but I have no real evidence.  There are claims and what appears to be some possible circumstantial evidence but without complete transparency and an investigation, no one knows what any of it means.   We should have transparent investigations into potential wrongdoing done well outside of the control of “blue ribbon” commissions appointed by politicians who may have many conflicts of interest.  I find it plausible that the same forces that killed both Kennedys and Martin Luther King to be the same.  But beyond some grand conspiracy theory, those could simply be fanatical forces that became so prevalent in times of massive social upheaval and change as we see today.   As I have noted on here many times, the volatility we see today has given cover to countless fanatics who would never be able to crawl out of their hole otherwise. 

Much of the secrecy surrounding Kennedy’s death may have been for other reasons as outlined in the third link below.  That may include FBI incompetence because clearly documented threats were made against JFK beforehand similar to the 9/11 attacks as noted in the second link below. 

Frankly, as an institution of the ego, secrecy on all levels is inherent to the state as fear-driven behavior including paranoia, control, power, greed and other forms of overt and covert violence fuel its existence.  So, why might there be state secrecy surrounding the Kennedy assassination?  Because it can.   That doesn’t necessarily mean there is a conspiracy behind every unturned stone.  

Is there some grand conspiracy behind the endless violence of the state?  Maybe.  Most likely not.  Most people intrigued by Kennedy’s murder are well aware of the potential links to organized crime, the CIA, a security risk due to his endless philandering or even the Johnson administration for various surmised reasons.   The CIA certainly is an anti-democratic institution capable of great evil as noted on here many times, but let’s take an opportunity to consider once again that this assassination may not have been as sinister as our imaginations may wish to believe.  May wish to believe because it supports our ego shadow’s many subconscious and untruthful biases. 

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Regardless of paranoia or some level of truth, that we live in a society where conspiracy theory is even considered as plausible is a sign of the dysfunction of our socioeconomic and political systems.  That is, in the 2000s the status quo is once again teetering on the precipice due to corruption, evil, secrecy and power-mad, pathological deceivers as it was in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.   There is much unfinished business  involving issues of democratic rights and democratic economic determinism that has continued to fester for decades.  Katy better bar the door because the American people are reaching a terminal state of dealing with the endless corporate and political secrecy and lies and  the destruction of democracy and self-rule that goes with it.  At some point the American people are going to kick that door in. 

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