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Linkfest Palooza From Around The Pathological Corporate State

Another reason to hate lawyers – they are destroying American society.  I haven’t seen anyone else write of the lawyer bubble but it is a long term thesis on here.  And, it certainly is real and massive.   This author has picked up on that truth.  We could easily see 80% unemployment in the legal community before this cycle ends.  Most politicians and lobbyists are lawyers.  That’s because the system is rigged by the legal profession.  It’s absurd to believe only lawyers can make or interpret law.   How’s that working out for you?   In fact, the law should be simple enough that average citizens can interpret and handle most of their own legal issues.  And that means it should be simple enough that any half-wit could serve as a congressional representative.  But enough of Republicans and Democrats.  In our rent-seeking economy, the ambulance chasers need employment at our expense so you need a lawyer to walk across the street.  It takes a complicity by the Ivy League elite liberal institutions and their dominant crony law programs to pump out lawyers supporting corporate rights, corporate personhood, the hijacking of government, writing and defending endless useless laws for special interests, authorizing state tyranny and the subversion of democracy.   Corporate law, based on the criminal and immoral beliefs of corporate personhood, is fertile ground at Harvard.  Only lawyers could ever rewrite the laws to subvert the Constitution and democracy.  Or create over a million pages of codified code that makes it impossible to sneeze without breaking some type of law.  This rigging has been done willfully and with intent.  One of the most corrupt influences in the destruction of America is the self-regulating law profession (just as Greenspan and Reagan believed Wall Street and capitalism should regulate itself) and its education (indoctrination) institutions.   As noted on here before, democracy needs to strip the crony bar from its self-regulation of a wildly corrupt profession.  Wildly corrupt.  (7 in 10 lawyers admitted to cheating clients in a large blind survey by Professor Zitrin.  That’s the good news about the profession.).  Democracy and its citizens should regulate the law profession.  A rotating citizen council of people randomly picked from the community to hear legal ethics cases instead of the bar association in concert with changes in laws that protect lawyers from prosecution would be a fine start.  By the way, experts note that lawyers have one of the top few concentrations of psychopaths in their profession.  That should be of no surprise because the law profession’s primary intent is control as is the primary intent with psychopaths.  Shakespeare was more right than anyone ever knew.

Marc Faber – We are in a massive speculative financial bubble.  Most people don’t realize just how massive this bubble is.  I have been writing for eight years that this is the biggest bubble in the history of the world.   To blame it on Bush or a particular political party is ludicrous.  It has been building for the better part of 40 years.  The idiocracy that is corporate capitalism, Wall Street and the corporate state are like frogs in a pot of water brought to a boil.  ie,  This bubble has happened over such an extended period of time that insanity has become accepted as normal as our egos habituate to never before seen economic and social dynamics that are wildly unsustainable.  When this bubble pops, the world as we know it will disappear.  That may be bad and it may be good.  Or, a combination of both.  But, it will happen soon enough whether that be in phases or all in one fell swoop.   Wall Street will likely disappear, the stock market will likely disappear, capitalism will likely disappear, money could disappear and corporations will likely drop like flies.  All written of extensively on here.  By the way, those are all constructive developments to democracy and human dignity.  Who ever said progress was without pain?    The ego’s attachment, habituation and institutionalization to this system is going to create enormous pain for the status quo.

Progressive constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley  - Obama has become the very thing the Constitution was designed to avoid.  This is not an Obama-specific dynamic.  It is endemic to modern politics.  We now elect kings who unilaterally project their power.  Unchecked.  A very good, albeit short, video.

Big banks get even bigger as diversity is suppressed.  This dynamic is clearly driven by the state’s acts of violence that are the crony bailouts and life-support policies that prop up the largest, most unethical financial institutions at below market policies.  That makes it difficult, if not impossible, for ethical businesses to compete.  Play by the rules to stay in business.  The rules are designed to encourage unethical behavior.  Umm, rules written by lawyers.  Just another data point of dying communities and local economics created by politicians of the Godless corporate state.

The power of touch.  Literally.  What we think we know and what we actually know are two different things.  The missing element of healing ourselves is the power of connection.  The literal “power” or energy of connection to the world around us. 

U.S. sends sub hunting aircraft to Japan.  War is the health of the state.   Violent China and U.S. policy certainly validates war is the health of the state.  War and violence give the state purpose for being.  Now the military-industrial complex has a new enemy that corporate capitalism has created.  That is, communist China.  And, they will now use fear mongering in an attempt to gain even greater control, money and power.  As the boogeyman of terrorism is tiring the American people, it’s time to create a new boogeyman.

How the Federal Reserve is stealing from citizens and transferring it to the banking criminals.  Nothing new.  But, still a worthwhile read when one recognizes the level of theft Chris is talking about.  By the way, QE is not becoming a net negative for job growth or economic recovery.  It always has been. Five years of accumulated negative consequences and dislocations are now becoming obscene and uncontrollable.

Man cures his own lymphoma using holistic principles pioneered for animals.  Modern medicine has morphed into doctors who are often nothing more than manufacturer sales reps for pharma, medical device and medical equipment manufacturers.   Cut, medicate and radiate – pharma, medical devices and medical equipment.   If you can’t pump someone full of meds or put a pacemaker in their chest or perform surgery, how can modern doctors make any money?   They can’t.  There is no concept of integrative medicine in mainstream medical schools because doctors can only keep a shingle out by generating a money-producing business.  So, doctors generally know little to absolutely nothing about the body and mind’s ability to heal itself or the mechanisms to encourage this method of “energy” healing.  And, if they do, they learned it the same way any citizen did.  So, there is no need to pay for their advice and counsel were we to actually educate our society on holistic practices.  This is the failure paradox of modern sick care.  In ancient times the medicine man controlled unique knowledge for his own self-importance.   Maybe modern medicine can rekindle some of that integrative knowledge.   That would be predicated on a future where some people always need guidance.  But, with an advent of consumer-directed or patient empowered medicine and tools that would allow individuals to practice many natural methods of healing themselves, that is not a guaranteed reality.  Knowledge is now being democratized by the internet and many “careers” and “jobs” that rely on controlling knowledge are likely to see massive future change.   The future of medicine is going to be very interesting as society starts to experience the negative consequences of sick care, the industrial food complex and the endless poisoning of our ecosystems, minds and bodies by corporations.

The ecosystem collapse in the Sahara

Scientists believe all life is connected

Mystery human species appears

Neanderthal viruses found in human DNA

400,000 year old human DNA found

House prices increase at fastest rate since 2006.   The Fed, banks and the investor class have successfully recreated the real estate bubble.  I’m actually quite amazed.  Or, should I say horrified.  The system was bailed out and as configured, we should expect it to go back to the exact same behavior.  And it has.

Finally, the truth about cholesterol.  Even though mainstream medical researchers are finally coming out in large numbers refuting the cholesterol medication scam, the FDA just changed the guidelines for increased usage.  Now, upwards of half of Americans will be encouraged to take these toxic medications.  Of course, there is no conflict of interest since most of the panel members have ties to drug companies.

The vast majority of young Americans on Obamacare – No thanks.  Just another data point that our arrogant master’s wishes have finally hit a wall.  The medical industrial complex is headed for collapse or irrelevance or massive change.  Propping up a sick care system for the benefit of those who control and manipulate it is coming to an end.  You can’t bleed a turnip.

Doctors and countries are now rejecting the junk science of a low fat diet that they once created. 

Monsanto about to go on a propaganda blitz.  Speak of which, Monsanto targets the heart of science.

What is gluten and why do we have an issue now?  And, then this your brain and body on gluten?

Citizens have no right to challenge NSA spying on them.  Of course we don’t.  We are slaves.

Global warming proof is evaporating.  Ya think?   How about already evaporated.  Time will certainly prove out the junk behind the science.  I have been writing for years that we will live to see the day that Gore has to give back his Nobel Prize.  Err, figuratively of course.  Gore is definitely one of the dumbed-down influences in our society operating from a primitive ego-state.  Here is a man who lives to excess in the lavish homes he lives in and the private jets he travels on just to name two  disproportionately large carbon footprints.  He certainly consumes more than thousands of other Americans and likely hundreds of thousands of people in impoverished nations.  (As all hypocritical global warming elite true believers do.)  He sold his failed TV station to an oil sheik, the largest carbon “polluters” on the planet in a great bout of hypocrisy.  And he has made hundreds of millions of dollars by doing absolutely nothing to benefit society.  ie, Cronyism.  

Humans evolved by a chimp mating with a pig.  Okay.  lol.   Is this a comedian’s dream or what?   The boundary of species is quite clear and nature does a pretty good job of maintaining that diversity.  Just ask Monsanto who spends billions to subvert those natural laws to create a dystopian reality.  I’m not sure I buy this except for two exceptions – politicians and Wall Street pigmen.

The bastardization of science by pharma corporate capitalists.   Another topic talked about on here ad nauseam.  When a pharma corporation and its officers and scientists require a company to produce follow-on products for their own economic livelihood, the results are going to be horrendous for society.  Truth and mammon cannot both be served equally.  We all know which one self-interest of private, for-profit capital is going to choose.  Private, for-profit capital can never serve the needs of society.  Rather than curing us, the private, for-profit corporate capitalist pharma industry’s science is often dubious at best.  That means it is often harming us or worse.  That is, killing us.

ALEC’s political-corporate assault on freedom and green homeowners.  What a surprise.  This type of corporate assault is everywhere that people are resisting.  That includes the natural food culture as well.

The NSA is tracking everything everywhere.  Obviously to protect us.  To protect us from becoming too informed about the crimes of the NSA and the corporate state.

Households in Britain deplete savings at a record rate thanks to the criminals at the Bank of England.   Britain is the founder and in many ways the epicenter of both neoliberal economics and corporate capitalism.  A reminder.  It has been years since I have talked about it but Britain is my pick to experience hyperinflation for many reasons highlighted on here before.  As long as the U.S. dollar remains the world currency, hyperinflation is nearly, if not outright impossible.  Should that ever end, and it will, all bets are off as to what the world will look like.  But, most likely it will lead to the collapse of most economies and currencies outside of the U.S..  Especially the sweat shop nations of global corporations.  ie. China, Vietnam, India, etc.  Nothing new on here.

3% of independents and 6% of overall population approve of Congress.  Really no great revelation but quite staggering.  Some polls have been near the single digits since the early years of the Clinton presidency 20 years ago.

Society is unequal because of low IQs.  What type of person thinks this way?  Someone stuck in the constant social comparison created by class-based corporate capitalism.   All people should be empowered to express their God-given talents to their fullest extent without the dumbing-down dynamic of social comparison used to rationalize great levels of injustice and evil of the corporate state.  All people are worthy of a life of human dignity. 

Wage strikes planned in 100 cities against fast food predators.   The world will be a better place when McDonalds and other purveyors of industrial food no longer even exist.  As I noted on here before, society would be better off to pay McDonalds’ workers to stay home.  Truly.  These jobs keep people ignorant and beaten down and add little dignity or emotional fulfillment.   Restaurants and food establishments should be owned by citizens.  Not corporations or financial investors. 

Does quantum physics proves that life is timeless?

Model of universe show’s time may be an illusion

Oil drowning in ever-growing U.S. supply.  A long time thesis on here is that the price of oil is headed for collapse.   Oil futures are wildly toppy in their distribution as noted on here just about the time prices peaked some months ago.   It should be telling that gasoline prices fell into the Thanksgiving holiday.   I don’t believe that has ever happened.  Ever.  Moore Research could confirm this seasonality but I’m too lazy to look.  As more of the world unfolds, more evidence of a collapsing oil future reality is becoming available.  Peak oil is a myth that gained traction as a form of confirmation bias to liberal fanatics.  And it was fueled by criminal financial firms manipulating commodity futures markets.  It’s a different vein of the same meme as anthropogenic global warming.   This is centered around the belief that humanity is the problem.  ie,  Many liberal fanatics hate humanity, the United States and just about everything else.  That includes themselves.   The problem is the enslavement and overproduction and overconsumption created by corporate capitalism.  Humanity is not the problem.  It is the socioeconomic system of class-based predators.

Prosecutors force defendants to plead guilty.  This is a major issue that is often tied to federal dollars and essentially a quota system for jail time aka mandatory sentencing laws.   Our injustice system is a horrendous mess across nearly every measurable metric.  That’s what a million pages of codified code and special interests of every ilk have done to our legal system.  Our legal system serves those that use it to loot society rather than serving justice.  On a completely unrelated issue, I have a friend who has been wrangling with the courts for over four years to get a divorce.  A speedy trial is not guaranteed in civil proceedings.  It’s who has the most money that wins.  In fact, access to the courts system is nearly impossible for someone without enough money to hire a lawyer.   And, this is how corporations and predatory monied interests often tie people up in court forever and simply win by attrition.   

U.S. for-profit corporations enlist former spooks to spy on nonprofits.  A standing army and national security state has many unintended consequences.   Especially in a corporate-controlled society.  One is that there is an endless supply of dumbed-down dogs and horses to do the violent will of the corporate state.  It’s also what ails our peace officer ranks.  That is, the allowed substitution of education for military service to become a peace officer in this nation.   Now, we have peace officers who are trained by a nondemocratic authority (the military) as paramilitary commandos roaming our streets.  

The power of intent (and self-empowerment versus self-sabotage or stopping our ego’s own self-victimization)  A very powerful message.  Something I would like to expand upon in a future post.

Edward Snowden’s most damning revelations yet to come.  Before there was a hint of Edward Snowden I wrote that we would see revelations be exposed that our government was corrupt beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  Whatever Snowden took is likely the tip of the iceberg.

Inside Amerika’s plan to kill online privacy.  U.S. corporate state politicians are a pariah to the world. 

Once again crime pays for Wall Street.  These civil penalties are a rounding error in comparison to the theft involved.

Volcano discovery hints at fire below ice of Antarctica.  Our planet most certainly is heating up from the inside out.  That is the simplest explanation for the weakening of our  magnetosphere coupled with increased volcanism, the creation of new volcanic islands, the massive plate shifts, some types of which have never been witnessed, ocean acidification and the global sink hole epidemic we have been witnessing.  There may certainly be other contributing factors such as the sun but something substantial is changing within the earth itself.  It’s also obviously a contributor to our climate change.

An all meat diet is more healthy than the modern American diet.  Another myth created by liberal fanatics who wish us to believe eating meat is a sin.  Only in Amerika can the ego be so emboldened with its own self-importance.  All life sustains itself through other life be that plant or animal or both.  Humanely taking our sustenance from another animal is not a sin or a crime.  It is only the ego that suffers this delusion.

The only one who is going to save us is ourselves

5 essential supplements for optimum thyroid health.  In a world full of endocrine disruptors aka manmade toxins and industrial foods, we are experiencing a systemic thyroid crisis as are our pets and likely many wild animals.

New 3D metal printer is open source and cheap.  I wrote on here seven or so years ago that we were in the midst of a revolution in technology that would extinct many large corporations.   Long production runs, economies of scale and other dynamics that drive large investments and large businesses are concepts that may be on the verge of a major collapse over the next decade.   Well, if corporate capitalism doesn’t fail first.  This printer is just one of many new and early technologies that will make the Wal-marts of this world a dinosaur.  Even autos and other forms of transportation are seeing a major revolution.  It’s now a distinct reality that small production runs of a few thousand units annually can be profitable for transportation companies with low-cost pricing models.   We could easily support some very large number of transportation manufacturing companies in this nation.  I mean hundreds or possibly even thousands.  The only dynamic holding a massive revolution in transportation back are the large, monopolistic transportation companies.  I doubt they will be successful over the long term.  Boeing, GM, Toyota and BMW to name a few are heavily invested in what are quickly becoming antiquated, high-cost business models.  And, of course, getting access to capital is holding back innovation.  Something that democratic banking and democratic capital markets would clearly resolve.

Why are women so bitchy with each other?  This article can easily be explained as a primitive ego response.  What this article is highlighting is emotional self-abandonment by the ego.  By the ego not granting itself its own worthiness, it views others as competition.  Connection to our divinity grants us our own worthiness and grants that same worthiness to others.  In an ego-exalted society as we see in corporate capitalism around the world, competition in lieu of connection and the resultant self-abandonment is endemic in all violent capitalist cultures.

Science finds difference between the brains of men and women.  I am curious as to how much of this is hard wired and how much is dependent on the brain’s substantial plasticity that creates social norms.  ie, If the mind is malleable and if there were no social norms that our gender-based mind’s behavior become adapted to, would this difference actually exist?  Or, would there be other differences that arise?  Obviously men and women are different.  Our endocrine systems are different and that alone guarantees some differences in the brain.

Chinese buying up California.  Property rights in our nation should be reserved for our citizens.  Not the neoliberal corporate capitalist plutocracy from around the world.  That China is seeing a massive swell of wealth leave its nation is simply validation of a predatory ruling elite that plundered their society as ours has been plundered.  All citizens in our nation should own their own property.  And government should be used as a tool to ensure that.  Property rights or a roof over your head is a human right. 

Illinois politicians cut public pensions.  These cuts are creating the same economic dynamic as the Great Depression’s banking system collapse.  The quantity of money is collapsing in certain segments of our population.  That means there is a higher preponderance to money becoming worthless.

Federal judge rules federal laws override state laws protecting public pensions.  Detroit retirees to pay for corporate capitalist and Wall Street crimes against humanity.

Comet Ison dead on arrival

Amazing rare fog in the Grand Canyon

Millions more in poverty than previously thought.  Poverty in our nation is substantially underreported.  All you need to do is open your eyes.  With a real unemployment rate of near 25% and with entire swaths of the nation living in run-down shacks, communities and neighborhoods, real poverty is epidemic.

Dementia diminishing in 85 year old using coconut oil ketones or ketogenesis.  Another myth of the drug-pimping corporate pharma complex exploded with a natural cure to what is almost certainly an industrial food-created problem.

Climate talks fail as 132 nations walk out.  Another data point that climate change political policy is about rigging the rules of the game for the status quo.  If this was really a crisis of humanity, all nations would be banding together to help one another.  Instead, it is the plutocratic corporate states simply trying to thwart economic determinism of the rest of the world in order to guarantee future markets for their exploitation and pillaging.  That is the dynamic behind the fear-mongering of human-caused global warming.  Junk science that is failing right before our very eyes.

Stuxnet’s early version much more dangerous.  The U.S. is the world’s leader in spreading injustice. 

Oklahoma care versus Obamacare.  A repost of what I put up last year.  Certainly, it is entrepreneurship, allowing health care providers to practice medicine without the intervention of corporate bureaucrats and the empowerment of citizens and communities over corporations that would provide a better solution than a centralized corporate plutocracy sick care system.

Scientists witness gamma ray bursts that are not explainable  with existing models.  Seems a common theme here.  Existing scientific theory continues to fail across a wide spectrum of fields of study.

Mystery alien-like creature seen in Bristol Harbor.  The light emission on this is amazing.   A better picture of what appears to be a jellyfish is here.

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