Monday, December 30, 2013

Links From Around A Mad World Of State Violence

Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl.  I suppose that depends on how it is measured but clearly both are horrific examples of state violence.  Corporations, corporate capitalism and communism are inventions of the state used to project state violence.  The only reason we consume so much energy is because it serves the projection of state violence.  A long-time thesis on here remains that energy prices will implode as this socioeconomic system collapses.  Peak oil this cycle is a myth created by fanatics.

Bomber-in-Chief seeks to spend nearly $400 billion on new nuclear weapons of horrific planet-ending death while record numbers of Americans live in abject poverty.  In a word, Godless state violence.

Unusual whale activity points to something is amiss in the pacific ocean.

Inside the NSA’s top secret hacking unit.  A great piece by Der Spiegel on more criminal behavior of the state and its endless violence. 

Americans on wrong side of income gap run out of means to cope.  Peak prosperity as many claim?  Hahaha.  Not!  Peak prosperity for the state and its violent invention of corporate capitalism.   Certainly not peak prosperity for the masses, the natural world and the earth’s ecosystems that are treated as debt serfs, wage slaves, state welfare captives and chattel to be raped and terrorized by the corporate state.  Peak prosperity for the pathocracy.

CIA corruption versus freedom in America courtesy of Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst.  Umm, more state violence.

China continues blowing debt bubbles as its capital engine collapses.  As I have noted on here ad nauseam, debt is nothing more than a boogeyman enforced by the state.  The real crisis is overproduction and its requisite overconsumption that corporate capitalism requires to survive.  China’s statist mercantilist (violence-based) economic policies that it learned from the British and American Empires will lead to devastating consequences for the communist state.

Solar pole reversal nearly complete.  With the passing of the beginning battle of good and evil that defined the late Scorpio astrological alignment in November and now with the solar pole reversal nearly complete, the fortunes of the pathocracy are almost certainly putting in their all-time peak as I type this.

Japan recruits homeless for Fukushima cleanup.  More state violence against people who cannot defend themselves from the force of the state.

Indian high court criminalizes being gay.  More state violence and hate that is the cornerstone of a disconnected ego.

Facebook is dead.   Another thesis on here is that Facebook may not survive the decade.

Once again China is refusing U.S. GMO corn.  Without the force of the state, GMO will eventually collapse.

Fierce storms rage worldwide.  A sign of the times and the cycle of volatility that is the mainstay of what is unfolding around the world.

The U.S. and Saudis team up to create terrorists.  More state violence.

CNN poll shows support for Obamacare crashes.  Support for state violence crashes.

U.S. elites dodge taxes forever.  More state-backed violence against humanity.

The U.S. continues to flood the Middle East with weapons of death and misery in its efforts to promote peace.  The war state in its full glory of death and misery.

Ivy League cronies run Wall Street.    More state violence.  The crony networks of Ivy League schools has been discussed on here ad nauseam.  It’s how places like Harvard, Yale and others maintain their “mystique” and outrageous profits.   This behavior is systemic in our dumbed-down society.  Law firms, consulting firms and Wall Street are three major offenders.  And, as noted on here seven or so years ago, this is how Wall Street increases its grip on society.  Private, for-profit capital and the investor class have financialized nonfinancial firms by placing their cronies all throughout the economy in senior positions.  Their mismanagement and financialization have destroyed countless industrial firms.  

U.S. and U.K. in massive Sudan land grab.  More examples of the endless violence of the king’s corporate capitalism and the state.

Yellowstone’s magma pocket far larger than previously estimated.

Fukushima death spreads all over the earth.

New Obamacare taxes coming in 2014.  Of course, all to support corporate profits in the sick care complex.  More state violence. 

How bad is China’s cash crunch?  China only keeps blowing larger bubbles.  The size and scope of its bubble is unprecedented in modern human history.

The real Edward Snowden.

Academics who defend Wall Street criminals reap reward.  This dynamic is systemic as discussed on here.  Anyone supporting the corporatocracy is rewarded with massive conflicts of interest.  This is systemic in the health care and industrial food arena as well.   It is systemic because the violence of the state is systemic.

USS Calhoun dumbed thousands of tons of radiation into the ocean.  More hidden secrets in the dangers of today’s nuclear power industry.

Japanese island triples in size.  There are numerous new islands forming around the world.  More potential data points that one of the factors affecting climate and ocean acidification is that the earth is heating up from the inside out. 

American experiments that the Nazis used as a defense.  Actually this is mild comparative to many atrocities in past U.S. and Britain state violence as noted on here in past posts. 

Utilities fight green energy.  More of that free market corporate capitalism that serves humanity and democracy so well.  Oh, and state violence.

Five winter therapies using salt.

McDonald’s encourages employees not to eat fast food.  Well, then after  substantial press, they apparently took the site down.  More state violence.

Obama turns public education over to corporations.  This is part of the dumbing down of education and state violence and I have a whole lot more I’ll continue to post on this topic. 

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