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Cycle Of Volatility Update - The Rapidly Blowing Winds Of Climate Change

“There have been examples in our fairly recent history of how a considerable portion of Europe was flooded with the brown Nazi ideology, the red Commie ideology that caused severe casualty and consequences for Europe and the entire world.  Now there is a big likelihood that a considerable part of Europe has been flooded with another type, another color of ideology – [and he is speaking of global warming here – again, another type, another color of ideology] – but with very similar implications for Europe societies and human societies the world over.

He also said the imposition of the Kyoto Protocol ‘ would deal a powerful blow on the whole humanity similar to the one experienced when Nazism and communism flourished’.     -- President Putin’s chief economic advisor speaking on behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ position that “the Kyoto Protocol does have have a scientific basis and would not be effective in achieving the IPCC’s aims.”   Testimony taken from the United States Congressional Record, V 150, PT. 17.

I have been writing on here since starting this blog nine calendar years ago that human-caused global warming is a hoax.  An ideology.  A religion.  All driven by True Believers or fanatics as Eric Hoffer would classify them.

CO2 levels have risen to one one hundredth of one percent higher than at any time in the last how many hundreds of thousands of years.  And that human involvement in that amount is certainly some much smaller amount.  Maybe 3% –5% as a guesstimate I have seen.  That would be at most five one thousandths of one percent rise in CO2 levels caused by humanity.   But, that’s really irrelevant.  As always in the last half a million years of ice core samples, CO2 levels have risen after climate has warmed. (Shown on here in past posts with links from scientific research.) ie, While C02 is correlated with a rise in temperature, it is a dependent variable.  High temperature lead high levels of atmospheric CO2 and not the other way around.  Some, or maybe all of this, we clearly understand.   C02 trapped in ice or permafrost enters the atmosphere as the earth cycle warms.  

When we were in the belly of the beast, back well before the 2008 collapse, I wrote that we would be soon entering a period of global cooling.  There are long term astrological cycles that contribute to solar variability that have been known for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  ie. Cyclical solar inertial forces that are substantially impacted by cyclical astrological patterns and, likely other forces we don’t yet understand.   We are almost certainly entering one of those longer term cycles where solar activity is likely to be very muted.  Much more muted than that witnessed by the shorter term 11 year solar or 80-odd year Gleissberg solar cycle. 

I have noted on here many times that it wouldn’t take long before Al Gore would have to give back his Nobel Prize.  That we would soon see the science of human-caused global warming fail.  As noted on here before, and linked to the scientific research, the sun has been more active in the last 50 years than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   Now the sun is fading fast and comparatively in a weaker cycle than at any time in the last 100 years.  With solar maxima being reached literally as I type this, there is every reason to believe we will continue to see a much cooler global climate develop for decades or even longer. 

The same dimwits who told us global cooling was the threat in the 1970s are soon going to be begging us to burn more carbon-based fuels to stave off global cooling in the not too distant future.  Just as they did in the 1970s.  (The same trend-following, linear thinking of this paragraph’s video link is the same nonsensical hogwash fed to people today.)

This is Custer’s last stand.  The false meme of humanity causing climate change is now trying to fence their failures, their junk science and their junk model’s absolutely complete failures to predict the future.  So, now the popular meme in the last few weeks are alarmist fanatics telling us that today’s weather is causing the cold we are seeing rather than climate actually changing.  lol.  Okay.  If that makes you feel better.  As noted on here before, the alarmist, ego-driven dumbing-down of science, discovery and truth that is the politically-controlled IPCC has not measured an increase in global temperature in 18 years.  

Oh, one more thing.  As I noted in my first post on this topic many years ago, Democracy loves cold climate.   The collapse of tyranny is often correlated with these type of climate cycles.  That includes the tyranny of the IPCC that has hijacked science and turned it into a fanatical religion.  And the religious zealots and True Believers who ignorantly followed them without having any understanding of the science or anything else. 

Humanity as the cause for climate change is an ego-driven social movement similar to all of the other ignorant and false left versus right memes and contrived social constructs controlled by the ruling class of pathocrats.   And, anyone who actually understands science,  scientific falsifiability and the horrendously unscientific models used to create this fanaticism never bought the pablum.   More of that dumbing-down of our society by bureaucrats hijacking discovery, truth and the purity of science.

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