Thursday, January 09, 2014

Corporate Capitalism Doubles Down On GOP Civil War

I have remarked a few times over the years that we are in the midst of America’s second civil war.   Indeed we are.  But, it’s not about left versus right or progressive versus conservative.  It’s a war of class-based capitalism versus democracy.   More and more people are waking up to this greater truth.  One of the long time theses on here is that we will see political parties in this nation disintegrate.  When I first started writing about this, I was generally mocked by people who consider themselves part of the Democratic “team”, or people who have outsourced their thinking their whole lives to an illegitimate authority.    Up until the revelations of the last two years, most were still enamored with their savior.   They believed the partisan ideology created by party bosses that all we needed in Washington was to get rid of that idiot, George Bush, and replace him with an intellectual.  Their Harvard man fit the bill to a tee.  How’s that working out for you?  Record poverty in our nation, record food stamp usage, record numbers of people unemployed, record paltry transfer payments from the government, more illegal wars and spying, a centerpiece corporate sick care takeover, new “free trade” agreements that will outsource tens of millions of more American jobs and record handouts of your money to corporations and elites just to rattle off a few realizations. 

Without the politically-contrived, false left-right meme, neither party can survive.  They only remain in power as registered corporations that use corporate money to control elections, control gerrymandering, control public opinion, control science, control government propaganda, control democracy and our government and most importantly control the people who outsource their thinking to party authority. Neither party has a clue as to what they are talking about but they boil every issue in our society down to a political one.  So, every solution is political and thus enriches the party bosses and the cronies they do their bidding for.   Every issue is boiled down into a politically-divisive one to ensure their team has a chance to win the battle of ignorant talking points.  Frankly, we need to get politicians out of science, out of government, our of society, out of democracy and out of our lives in general.   We need to ban political parties as many founding fathers wished to do.   Public service in government can never be sustainably accomplished under any party’s control be that the Chinese communist party, the Soviet communist party, the Nazi party or the Democratic or Republican party.  

Both parties are collapsing as I type this and what I have been writing about for years is getting that much closer to reality.  Political parties are institutions of the ego aka control.  And with it, comes class rank and privilege that are an anathema to democracy and self-rule.  So, they subvert truth.  Period.  There is no way to devise a party that is anything other than an institution of control.  So, as reality presents itself, their false meme is going to collapse.  Without political parties and the corruption of democracy they bring, I am quite certain neither party will survive. 

Frankly, as noted on here many times, political parties dumb down society by enforcing a party ideology and convincing millions of people to quit thinking for themselves and adopt ideological drivel.  If every candidate for government had to stand on their own merits, and if every candidate had to formulate their own thoughts and ideas on how to serve society, I seriously doubt any Congressperson today could survive the honed blade of public discourse of democratic ideas that would arise in place of controlling moneyed political parties.  That includes Bernie Sanders.  Bernie talks a good game, and I like him a lot, but when it comes down to it, he conforms to the corrupt system of control.  There certainly is more qualified representation in his district just as there is in every other district in this nation.   A meritocracy is the antidote to political parties and the ignorance they create.    

We only have one legitimate representation in Washington today.  That is the Tea Party.  I mean the real Tea Party.  Not the organizational construct hijacked by inside the beltway Republican hacks, the Koch Brothers and other class-based moneyed interests.  But, the real Tea Party that is against political and economic corruption, corporatism and cronyism.  Their message may not be an inclusive one but it does espouse honest values of integrity and personal responsibility.  Unfortunately, much of their message is corrupted by their own desire to return to a system of wage slavery and corporate control in this nation.  But, it’s an honest, grass-roots movement based on legitimate concerns of We The People.  That’s why the corporate state including Democratic and Republican elites and corporate capitalism want to kill it.  Just like they killed the equivalent fracture of the Democratic Party, the Occupy Movement.  Or, at least temporarily muffled it maybe a more appropriate characterization.   Because the Occupy Movement is far from dead.  It simply hasn’t gained critical mass as of yet. 

Corporations, corporate capitalism and the corporate state will lose their battle with democracy regardless of how much money they spend.  Money can’t buy the truth.   It only seeks to subvert it.

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