Sunday, January 26, 2014

Queen Of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

Every once in a while I ramble on something that many people probably view as meaningless and bizarre.  That’s okay.  I actually received the motivation from this post this afternoon by unexpectedly hearing Sounds of Silence for the first time in ages.  I’m going to push the envelope again with regards to a very important topic; Colony Collapse Disorder.  Bee populations has long been something discussed on here.  There is a reason for that and I’ll go there through this circuitous post.  When it comes right down to it, no one knows for certain what is causing Colony Collapse Disorder.  Pesticides, mites, virus and other causes have all been implicated at one time or another. 

Every example of complex life is an ecosystem unto itself relying on the connection of millions and billions of living micro organisms and organisms.   That we see so many ecosystems in some form of crisis or collapse, including the human one, is very telling.   Something is happening to our world and it’s far more profound than an economic recession as many would have us believe.  We just don’t understand because we don’t have the knowledge of what exists beyond the ego’s limited perceptions.   If you are willing to open your eyes and consider something beyond your existing belief systems, we are possibly witnessing mutation, and possibly even evolution, on a massive scale.  Science tells us that life adapts and changes over long epochs and ages.  But, the data does not appear to support such a belief.  The forces of life are often violent.   It appears to be closer to reality that we see massive evolutionary changes to both our planet and to the natural world in very short periods of time.  Periods that are too short to capture in the evolutionary record.     

One might expect that such a possibility of change would start at the lowest and simplest forms of life.   That includes the organisms that might be responsible for collapsing bee populations.  Some in science hypothesize that viruses, bacteria and other simple organisms are, in fact, the building blocks of life rather than something to be erradicated.  We are gaining a much greater appreciation of this now that humanity and all complex life is being found to be more virus, fungus and bacteria than actually what has traditionally been classified as human or mammalian or whatnot.   It certainly is possible that the mutation of the simplest forms of life results in the mutation, adaptation or even evolution of more complex life.  We cannot be certain what is happening to bee population is beyond our limited perceptions with a far greater purpose. 

One cannot deny that in this very moment, life is mutating very rapidly.  Whether that is the natural response to man’s overuse of herbicides in the form of new super weeds or collapsing frog populations, or the increasing rise of mutated bacteria resistance to drugs, to the rise of mosquito populations that are becoming resistant to decades of successful suppression, or the superbugs that seem to possibly be infesting bees or whatnot.   Not only are simple forms of life possibly mutating, but it may actually be the hosts or higher orders of life itself are mutating.   Thus allowing for many of these changes to occur.   What is happening to the bee populations could be classified as an ecosystem change.  There are many variables we simply don’t understand.  We often believe we know the reasons behind these changes but do we really?   For mutation or changes to take place, energy must be involved.   What is that energy causing these mutations?  We certainly know that gamma radiation is one such source of that mutation.  And, as noted on here many times, we are experiencing massive blasts of gamma ray radiation never before measured coming from both our planet and from the cosmos.  That includes from the Orion constellation that NASA has uncovered and as posted on here in the past.   It might be of interest to recognize that the Orion constellation was known as the Son of Man in ancient times.   Now, don’t allow your mind to wonder too far in what I may be saying.    I doubt I’m stating anything that you may be thinking.  I’m simply stating that the ancient texts pointing to the return of the Son of Man may have more profound and even cyclical connections than those recognized by modern man.  Open your mind to possibilities beyond those you can see, touch, hear or taste in the appreciation of the true realities of science.  

True science comes from the same place as art, literature and music.   It comes from the depths of the human mind.  True science is magical and mystical in its origins.   The dirty little secret that many in society don’t want us to appreciate is that science is a manifestation of our own divinity.   Science is as spiritual as art, literature, music and other expressions of our own divinity.   Throughout history, the greatest scientists almost always appreciated an intuitive higher meaning in life.   That modern corporate capitalist society has played the primary role in attempting to kill science should be of no surprise.  We could have predicted this when they killed God or the divine life force of the universe . 

"Fools" said I,"You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you."
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the wells of silence

We could have predicted that all forms of human individuality and expression would follow the wells of silence that has marked the death of our divinity.   Our true expression and our divinity are one in the same.  And, they are a threat to class-based authority and the power of the state.  Whether that is art, literature, science, any form of free thought or free expression or whatnot.   That is, unless it is class or state-sanctioned human expression as was so popular with the Nazis and communists. 

Inner truth and the search for it, of every kind, is dying in a world that seeks to control every aspect of our existence.  That seeks to tell us what to think rather than teaching us how to think for ourselves.   A world that forces us into conformity and suppresses our divinity through the exaltation of the illegitimate authority of man. 

Inner truth is the only thing we actually know to be real.  Yet, the corporate state, through its endless use of violence, most importantly psychological violence, has effectively removed any internal locus of control or internal locus of discovery and replaced it with the mindless existence of a society told what to think.  People who are controlled in nearly every aspect of their existence.   Our divinity, individuality and our natural gifts, of which everyone has many, have been suppressed or killed, and replaced with that of controlled and contrived mindless workers and consumers to serve a meaningless, dumbed-down existence for our masters.   This truly is the Idiocracy.   

True science is proven true to varying degrees by its ability to predict outcomes time and time and time again.   We can’t observe gravity directly.  But we observe its effects.  And, the theory behind gravity has been proven time and again through predictable outcomes.   We witness those outcomes and the theory of its existence has never failed.  Not once.   Is gravity real?   lol…   No one knows.  But the theory holds true until a better one comes along.   

The same could be true of what we see around us today including colony collapse disorder.  We are witnessing the outcomes of some force or energy that we cannot see or experience through our known senses.   Just like gravity.   What is that energy?  Every change is associated with energy.  Whether that is bee populations or drug-resistant bacteria or the collapse of corporate capitalism.   Are all of these events random?  Without intelligence?  Or are they neither?  Does anyone really know?  But as Einstein noted, “God does not place dice.”.  In other words, randomness and/or probabilistic perceptions of reality certainly are likely to nothing more than our ego’s limited views of what is and isn’t real.  What is and isn’t true.  One reason why many of our perceptions of quantum physics are certainly dubious as a science.  Shaky theories mounded on top of new shaky theories to build a contraption that has much in common with a Rube Goldberg machine.   Why are existing conclusions about global warming and colony collapse disorder, to name just two of countless examples,  really not providing us the truth and understanding we are looking for? 

Intuition and instinct may have already alerted you to just such a possibility of something beyond our perceptions happening this cycle as you witness countless unexplainable or even disturbing events.  Are bee colonies experiencing collapse because of man and his arrogance?  Possible.  Or are bees experiencing colony collapse for the same reasons modern corporate capitalist society is experiencing a similar type of “colony collapse disorder”?   Science really has no idea but I find the two to be eerily similar.   The magical and mystical forces that drive our mind’s discovery of science has yet to uncover these forces, be they the same or different.  And, is a major reason why that may not have happened because of the mangling and even often destruction of science?  And, associated with it, the ego’s destruction of our divinity?  Or, of a divine life force?  Possibly even the ego’s destruction of God?   Who knows. 

Where am I going with this?  Well, multiple places but I’m tiring of typing and have some other things to do yet this evening.  So, let me just say that I have just given a prime reason you should listen to your internal guidance.   You should think for yourself and learn to trust yourself.   And, most importantly, learn to be still and listen to the answers that come from inside of you.  To learn to listen to the sounds of silence.   It is this very environment and its glaring unknowingness that reinforces why you should always trust your own compassionate, loving internal guidance.  Or, your own divinity.   And that means to quit listening to others who have come so close to destroying humanity time and again.   That is, the illegitimate rule of man.  No one knows more about you or more about what you need than you.  Incorporating positive shared experiences from others into your internal guidance system can lead to a much more rewarding human experience.  But in the end, your journey is your own and no one knows what is best for you better than you.  And no one knows what is best for your neighbor than him.  Maybe that is the intent of this environment.  Maybe that is the intent of the experiences we are all accumulating through this massive global awakening. 

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