Friday, January 17, 2014

Nuclear Power Is Not Safe Or Cost Effective - 4 Myths The Nuclear Industry Wants You To Believe

It is more than dystopian to witness the endless state deceits and lies in this world.  It doesn’t matter the topic.  Does anyone even still think 2008 was actually a financial crisis?  Is Fukushima or the BP oil spill even in the mainstream press anymore?   Both are still very critical issues whose impact are not going away.  In the case of the BP spill, the consequences will last for generations or longer.  Fukushima is never going away as far as the people alive are concerned.  And much longer than that.  Now it has essentially “infected” the entire northern hemisphere with silent, invisible toxins that will certainly have very profound impacts for a long time. 

Just like with the BP oil spill, the corporate state pinheads are out telling us that everything is a-okay with the food supply, with the oceans and with plant, animal and human health.   Ahem.   But will they be able to squelch university and private scientists from reporting the truth?  Not likely.  That is, unless they throw scientists in jail as the Soviet Union did for those who spoke the truth about Chernobyl.  The state’s violent force is nearly limitless when we allow it as many Americans are finally coming to grips with.

If there is one industry in the world that has the largest corporate state “put” guaranteeing its existence, and often a precarious and incompetent one, it is likely the nuclear power industry.   What other industry has the ability to end life as we know it?  Well, other than the military-industrial complex.  There is no non-military industry that socializes such staggering losses, costs and potential risks.   Only the U.S. government will insure the trillions of dollars in potential liabilities of every nuclear power facility in this nation.  Without the force of the state, the nuclear power industry could not exist.  Privatizing gains and socializing losses is the only way nuclear power exists in the corporate state. 

Now, I’m not against nuclear power per se.  But I am against the lies and deceit that often define the industry today.  And the corporate state corruption that enables it.  We certainly need this country to continue nuclear power research and basic nuclear research in general.  That includes cold fusion and other esoteric research areas in this field.  Maybe some day we can then safely deploy nuclear power.  I mean real safety.  Not the comparative faux safety that exists if we have no major human errors and no major natural disasters. 

If we had a real public, open discourse on nuclear power and its potential consequences and benefits, then we might not have had a Fukushima, a Chernobyl or many of the other near disasters or ticking time bombs that exist.   If we did, in other words if democracy was actually allowed to function rather than being constantly subverted by ignorant, corrupt politicians and the force of the state, we likely wouldn’t be in this situation.   And, if people were actually being informed about what the impacts of Fukushima are on North America, the impacts of Chernobyl on Europe and what really happened at Three Mile Island, Obama would almost certainly never be able to use the force of the state to push existing nuclear power designs into production as he is doing today.

Arnie Gunderson, an engineer with 40 years experience in the nuclear power industry, speaks truth to the endless lies perpetuated by the corporate state and one of its largest welfare recipients, the nuclear power industry.

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