Friday, January 10, 2014

U.S. Jobs Number Collapses

We have had three very powerful turning points in late fourth quarter of 2013.  One is the Fibonacci turn date off the 1995 pivot that I wrote last September was coming up later in the fourth quarter, another is the solar magnetic pole reversal and finally we saw what I wrote may be the most powerful astrological alignment in the last two or three thousand years that came to pass and was “exalted” in late November’s Scorpio. (Something I wrote that I may come back to in 2014 and post specifically about that event.) 

Now none of this guarantees the global economy will fall off a cliff at this very  moment.  Of course, it doesn’t guarantee it won’t either.  If these three turning points do play a role in the human experience,  and I am very confident they do, we can expect the beginnings of a change in trend from December/January onward.   How rapidly a change in trend develops is really an open-ended question.  But, I noted in a post in the fourth quarter that the U.S. equity markets have been defying reality for some months as measured by an algorithm I posted.

The economic news and data in December and early January has been horrible.  More on that in an upcoming financial markets post.   In the mean time, another confirming data point is a literal collapse in jobs created.   We were creating generally horrible, non-living wage, non-benefit wage slavery jobs.  Now we are creating what is effectively no jobs.  At least with this latest report.

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