Monday, January 13, 2014

Men Are Obsolete

I had to chuckle when reading the title of this article.  There is a war going on between Camille Paglia, a feminist herself, and other feminists.  This after Camille penned an article that  It’s a Man’s World and Always Will Be.   And she gave a very interesting account defending masculine virtues

I’m not sure really how people gain so much power in our society on topics often derived through nothing more than opinion.  I suppose it’s driven by ignorance, herd behavior and the desire of the ego to abandon itself, and thus, always look for an external locus of control that can be found in megalomaniacs.  But since my obsolescence is at stake, (ridiculous horseshit) I am going to chime in on this topic. 

First off, this social competition and social comparison between Camille and Hanna, and between men and women, often derived through ignorance and an intent to control, is common to both genders and, more importantly, to class, in the ego-primitive state of the barbaric tribal culture that defines class-based societies like we see around the world today.   Hanna Rosin’s remarks at the link above are utterly ridiculous.  We are a nation of fanatics in constant social competition to see who is able to gain an upper hand to control the false memes they create.   These fanatics take an issue, often of substance, and polarize it and politicize it with extreme prejudice and ignorance to dumb down society.  Just like the anthropogenic global warming meme.  Or, the religious zealotry and ignorance and the memes it creates.   

Rosin has seemingly lost touch with reality.  That is, in her socially-competitive zeal to achieve equality with men, she has become disconnected from reality.  That’s no surprise because ego-maniacal social competition so prevalent in Darwinistic corporate capitalist society thwarts connection.   We compete for everything.  That includes our right to stay alive and our right not to live in a cardboard box.  Rosin has fallen prey to the dumbing-down of society this social competition creates.  She loses cite of the fact that men and women are very different in many ways but very similar in many others.  Equal but different and equal but similar.   In many ways different is complementary.  And I mean beyond the social definitions of what men and women should be.  I mean that men and women are literally different.  Our minds have been measured to often work differently and the chemicals in our bodies are comprised of differences that regulate our state of being differently.  Rosin equates social equality with sameness.   The reality is much more complex.  Men need women and women need men.   No I don’t mean “need” as in emotional codependency or dysfunction.   Camille recognizes this beyond sexual differences or social sameness as she herself is gay.   If I may put words in Camille’s mouth, I believe she is or should be stating on some level that there is an extreme fanaticism to socially deconstruct and figuratively castrate men that has resulted from the dumbing-down of society by class-based extremists who seek to impose their polarized and politically-correct distortions of reality onto the rest of us.  It’s part of that extreme ignorance that polarization creates when the political class of our culture controls all aspects of our lives.   

I have two friends in particular who are very staunch feminists.  Feminists who have no desire to emasculate men or dumb them down through social competition or social comparatives.  And we have had many a discussion about the movement and about women’s rights; a movement I firmly support.  Frankly, in many ways, the struggle for women’s rights are no different than the struggle for the rights of the poor, people of color or those who have simply been unlucky or are endlessly persecuted for something as simple as a single decision they made in their life.   While many people may disagree, or may not understand the profound ramifications, the reality is the struggle for equality in a society that is supposed to be based on equality is driven by class.  And, that class is enforced through the capitalist class’ control of access to society’s capital. 

If women or the impoverished or people of color or anyone else who cannot consume, or do that class wishes to control, and thus, is of no value to class-based private capital or the patriarchy that controls it, had public access to all of society’s capital, there would be no point of control to subjugate anyone to this rotten, evil and unjust system of class.   (I doubt that is actually a sentence but it shall suffice.) In other words, the rights of all people not of privilege are denied through private, for-profit capital and the patriarchy that controls it and thus subjugates democracy and freedom for those it arbitrarily wishes to repress.  As written on here ad nauseam, our nation was not founded on the system of class-based, state enforced corporate capitalism and its manifestations of class, poverty, slavery, wage slavery, denial of property rights, etc.  That is the system millions of immigrants were running away from in 1776.   That was the system of neofeudal colonial corporate empire that was and still is Europe and for a long time, maybe forever if I am honest, has defined state violence in the United States.

I certainly support any and all efforts by women or anyone else to take all of their power back and their divine light.  Frankly, more importantly, I support a system of social and economic justice that prevents a class-based system of violence from ever taking anyone’s power in the first place.  ie,  Democratic economics, democratic determinism and democratic rights; an egalitarian meritocracy.   No form of supposed self-rule should allow society or social values or men or women or anyone else to take anyone’s power or allow class or the state to dumb anyone down by defining and controlling who they are and who they should be.  Especially when that defined and controlled worthiness is determined by how much they consume.  ie, The ignorant, dumbed-down, Godless corporate state.

Everyone suffers from the human condition;  and that means there are many people out there who are insecure about themselves who will bring anyone down they can rather than pick themselves up.  Down to their level of insecurity, self-judgment and self-hatred.   That is what is happening when anyone tries to dim another human being’s shining light.  No one should be able to suppress anyone’s shining light.  And, that should clearly be guaranteed by our economic and human rights that value all people as equal and worthy and able to take their abilities and accomplishments as far as they are able to take them. 

Now, that said, there is a lot of confusion of what that light and accomplishment truly is.  It is not ego or ego motive.  It is not self-centeredness.  It is not exploitation of others through exploitative class-based economic control systems to achieve your own rank and wealth.  It is our divine power, our worthiness, our right to be heard, our right to lead our own life as long as we aren’t harming another person, our right to invent, our right to express ourselves through art and science and speech, our right to become who we were meant to become, etc.    It is all that is being suppressed by fanaticism, politicization and class in our nation.

Now, I want to get to the heart of this post.  That is, the obsolescence of men.  Ha!  It is no surprise to many, and it certainly is no surprise to me as I have noted before, that this global crisis is really a crisis of men.  It is a crisis of the failure of men to be men.  At least those men in positions of authority, rank, title and class.   I don’t care if that is the class of politics, religion, the military or corporations.  They have all failed society.

That should really be of no surprise.  Because in a society that exalts the ego or the self above our divine power, human values and selflessness, this is the outcome.  The ego is the source of all abandonment of responsibility to others and itself.  So, what are the responsibilities of men?  Let’s take a look at what a man’s responsibilities to society and to himself were in values foundational to western culture.   

  • To fear God and maintain His Church
  • To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
  • To protect the weak and defenceless
  • To give succour to widows and orphans
  • To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
  • To live by honour and for glory
  • To despise pecuniary reward
  • To fight for the welfare of all
  • To obey those placed in authority
  • To guard the honour of fellow knights
  • To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
  • To keep faith
  • At all times to speak the truth
  • To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
  • To respect the honour of women
  • Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
  • Never to turn the back upon a foe

Obviously, these can be be updated to embrace modern society.  Never refuse a challenge from an equal no longer applies since we don’t have duels and sword fights but instead rely on a rule of law to determine offenses against each other.  But not allowing lies or untruths spewed by someone impugning your character certainly could be a modern interpretation.  And, to obey those in positions of authority certainly should be replaced with obeying the rule of law.  Or, at least, the reasoned, compassionate, humane rule of law based on our natural rights.  In a free society, no person should ever be subjugated to the authority of another human being; only through natural rights and the written rule of law.  But, other than that, they are pretty much timeless responsibilities appreciated regardless of culture.   What I find most compelling from the above list is “to despise pecuniary reward”.  That a man’s view of justice, responsibility and our moral fabric are not swayed by monetary gain or the possibility of it.  How much has this responsibility been abrogated in the corporate state where the god of money defines and determines everything?  Especially in the patriarchal ruling class of predatory and exploitative men?

My point is that in the ego-primitive state that defines the corporate state’s Darwinian culture, virtue has been replaced by the laws of the jungle.  Virtue has often been replaced by predator and prey.  And who determines this?  That would be the monsters who control our society. 

Further down the page of the link above, the Duke of Burgundy, a man of class privilege, describes the virtues men should represent: 

  • Faith
  • Charity
  • Justice
  • Sagacity
  • Prudence
  • Temperance
  • Resolution
  • Truth
  • Liberality
  • Diligence
  • Hope
  • Valour

What exactly from this list defines the class of men who control our society?  Our society is controlled by evil predators who have granted themselves the power of kings and tyrants and in the process have destroyed democracy and the responsibilities of men.   These are predators who have forsaken their own responsibilities.   In many ways Rosin’s article is top-ticking the “obsolescence” of men caused by the failure of men of title, class and privilege.  And, by class-based extremists like herself who push an extremist agenda of social comparison and social competition onto the rest of us.  An agenda that socially deconstructs and figuratively castrates men and has resulted in a dumbing-down of society.  An agenda that seemingly uses social competition and comparison with men to hide what are likely her own insecurities about who she is.  It is not western civilization or western values that are at risk of collapsing as Camille believes.  It is of fanatics, conformity and class that has dumbed-down our society that is at risk.  There are tens and tens of millions of men in this nation who attempt to lead a life of honor and decency.  Who have reject the dumbing-down and castration of men.  And, that means the violent, repressive agenda of predators and fanatics of all ilk will be toppled when this class-based system of control unwinds.  

Karma is here for a payback and the pendulum will swing with it.  Men are not obsolete.  To the contrary, the virtues of men that have defined western civilization are about to make a major comeback.  And with it, will be the rise of both men and women as the process of enlightenment brings into our conscious mind the fact that in an egalitarian society the rights, uniqueness, individuality and worthiness of all people are exalted.   The vast majority of women don’t want to be men nor do they want to compare or compete with men.  I have never met a feminist who wanted to except for the small number of fanatics who make the most noise so are naturally the ones who are most often heard.   Most women want men to be men.   Being equal does not equate to the dumbed-down conformity of sameness, social comparison and competition that attempts to define men and women through sameness and the attempted  emasculation of men through these efforts. 

Being equal equates to the respect and embrace of every person’s individuality without the dumbing-down of social conformity, sameness, political correctness or the attempt of fanatics to take away any person’s, gender’s or race’s identity and uniqueness through comparison and competition.   That means if a woman’s dominant energy is masculine and a man’s dominant energy is feminine, they should be able to embrace their individuality just as masculine men and feminine women should without fanatics terrorizing them.  We should be able to live in a society without class and fanaticism and be proud of who we all are.  Masculinity or masculine energy is a part of who we all are as sentient beings.  And, frankly, Camille is right about one thing.  We need a dose of masculinity right about now.  

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