Friday, February 07, 2014

Let The Market Decide: Capitalism’s Deregulated “Free Trade In Blacks”

Well, it doesn’t appear I will be getting the second part of my China and emerging markets post up this week.  I haven’t even really thought about it yet, let alone starting penning it.  So let me provide a little filler.  A filler on a topic consistent with my next China and emerging markets post. 

This is a very interesting interview (link below) and I suspect the book is even better.  Slavery is just one remnant of European class that exists in the New World.  Not everyone coming to the Americas in the 1600s and 1700s were running away from European corporate states, European state violence and European class repression.  Some were coming here to pilfer and loot courtesy of the state and often on behalf of the state.   Those people were coming to perpetuate the misery and suffering of class that defined European capitalist states.  To make the New World a mirror image of Europe.  To extend the violence of the European states.   More of that invisible hand of self-interest serving the common good.

When you listen to this interview, ask yourself a question.  What kind of person can actually uproot another human being through great violence, rape and even murder, place them in chains and drag them in miserable conditions, under which countless died, half way around the world to become their beasts of burden?  Then have these people sold into bondage to the highest bidder.  All so that their masters may gain great riches off of the misery of others.   It’s quite simple.  It is people of class.  People who believe they are, in some way, superior to others.  Who view the masses as inferior and worthy of their brutal misery.  In other words,  people who are disconnected from their own humanity or their own divinity.  People who separate themselves from others through the ego’s perceptions of entitlement, expectations and superiority.

Then, ask yourself, what exactly is different today?  Seriously.  Who makes your smart phone?  Your laptop?  Your toys?  Your clothes?  Who serves you on vacation?  Who serves you at the mall or at Wal-mart?   Who serves your food?  Who mows your lawn?  Who picks your fruits and vegetables?  And, finally, who fights your wars that keep this system of control going?  All of these people were sold into bondage by the highest bidder.  That is what comparative advantage, so crucial to capitalism, really is.  Taking a poverty wage job to make your toys is really no different than being sold into bondage to the highest bidder.  

Do you think those people actually chose to take those jobs because they love serving you for poverty wages and all of the joys that come with it?   No.  State violence forces them to take those jobs in order to survive.   If you think this is any different than what happened three hundred years ago, your ego is lying to you.   And that lie is no different than the Godless lie people told themselves three hundred years ago.  

In today’s world, these people are subjugated to an emotionally mind-numbing, dumbed-down, wage slavery, poverty existence to please you.   How again is today different?  Oh yeah.  Deregulated, private for-profit free trade determines the fate of your fellow man in today’s world.  You know, like the deregulated, private for-profit “free trade in blacks” determined the fate of capitalism’s slaves three hundred years ago.

Being free is a state of mind.  A state of mind where one is first able to think for yourself and appreciate that your mind is your own property and your own person.  Thus, it is your responsibility to protect that property, your mind, from the violence of the state.  And using it for something other than a hat rack is the first step in becoming free.

Isn’t the deregulated, private, for-profit free market grand?  

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