Thursday, March 06, 2014

Crimean Parliament Votes Unanimously To Secede To Russia

First, off topic and in the news is Fed President of the Bank of Dallas citing concerns over equity valuations at “eye-popping levels”.  Let me tell you, he has no idea.  It’s far, far worse than he imagines as noted on here incessantly. The metrics he cites do not capture the true magnitude of this bubble. 

I saw this possibility of Crimea seceding to Russia a thousand miles away.  That’s why I wrote just that some days ago.  I am completely certain that Putin has been playing the United States like a fiddle.   He likely was working with the Crimean leadership to pull off this effort well before anyone else knew about it.  If not weeks ago, possibly years ago.  Possibly patiently waiting until the pot boiled over and the opportunity presented itself.   Or maybe even pushing an agenda that forced such an outcome of restoring Crimea to Russia.  

A friend of mine and I were talking a few weeks ago on a topic of Russia and the United States and he remarked that Putin was playing chess and the United States was playing God.  I think that statement accurately portrays the policy of bullying and terror that is so prevalent in the corporate state; in Washington, on Wall Street and in corporate board rooms. 

United States foreign policy is and always has been destructive, impulsive, petulant and random.  Political rhetoric and actions are never well thought out or thought through.  There is no strategy or objective other than point-based Whac-A-Mole ignorant impulsiveness.  We can see this clearly in every action of U.S. politicians now that transparency is being brought to light by heroes like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks.   That’s because our fearless public “servants” don’t know how to play chess.  Only God.   This is a symptom of the dumbed-down corporate state; morons, sycophants, toadies and pathology rises to the top.  A perfectly inverted merit pyramid of pure ignorance and party ideology. 

When special interests, money, control, power, ambition and other ego-driven pathologies are determining your behavior, in lieu of authenticity, your words and actions are contradictory, self-inflicting, dysfunctional and self-destructive.   That’s why Obama, Bush, congressional foreign policy “experts”,  the military, Washington think tanks and the mainstream media look like dopes and clowns on this and every other foreign policy topic.   It’s why they are all being rejected en masse by the American people in poll after poll.   The shine is off of the dime.  More and more are awakening to the fact that the people running our society are the idiocracy. 

The actions of Crimea are consistent with United Nations rights of secession as noted in that recent post.  Crimea is Russian.  It’s culture, heritage and history are Russian.  That power-mad statists drew an arbitrary line throwing Russian-heritage people into the Ukraine means nothing.   Ditto with Russia itself that has its own issue with liquid, debated borders that could break at any time.   By the way, there are movements in North America by Quebec, California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Texas and a few other places to declare their independence.   This isn’t the action of fanatics but, contrarily a reaction to state violence and a desire and human right of self-determination. 

The U.S. corporate state empire is collapsing.  That’s good news for Americans.  Bad news for those who mooch off of us; bankers, politicians, corporate bureaucrats, China, India, etc.    The empire is collapsing as we see unprecedented bullishness from the pathological who use state violence to loot on behalf of the empire’s self-appointed aristocracy.  Isn’t that the way the ball always bounces?  Hubris and arrogance eventually lead to karmic collapse of the ego.  Or, in this case, institutions of the ego. 

By the way, on an intertwined topic, our military’s top general offers a grim outlook on our nation’s defense.    This is typical of the predatory self-interested pathology that has destroyed our nation and the livelihood of countless millions in it.  The military is not a democratic institution.  Not even close.  It is an institution of the ego.  It is a command and control structure that demands complete authority at all cost.  When complete authority is not given, those dissenting (democratic principles)  are shot, hung or imprisoned.   Sort of sounds like our foreign policy, eh?  That is why our founding fathers gave us endless warnings about the dangers of standing armies.   The predatory military-industrial complex’ massive power grab and overproduction of military weapons has played a primary role in the collapse of our nation’s self-determinism and democracy.  It’s tragic and pathetic to see such grandstanding when the United States spends more on our supposed defense than the rest of the world combined.  By some measures, more than double the rest of the world combined.   Our children go to bed hungry and our citizens remain unemployed and underemployed in unprecedented numbers and this is as good as it gets?  Spend more on the military?  Sod off!  More of that inverted pyramid of ignorance.  So, did Jesus of Nazareth tell this general he needed to overproduce more weapons of mass destruction & murder when he went to church on Sunday?  Just curious.   The ego is the source of all evil in this world.   Married to the force of the state, it becomes the source of the vast majority of destruction and death of our planet.

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