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Remarks On The Insanity In The Ukraine - Humanity’s Equal But Opposite Reaction To State Violence

“The majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are interested not in truth but in power and in the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed.”  – Harold Pinter

As written ad nauseam on here, politics is an institution of the ego.  It therefore is a system of control that subverts discovery and truth.  As long as a hierarchical political class exists in this world there truly can be no democracy or self-rule.  Remember, as noted on here many times before, the institution of politics and the self-appointed authority of class that comes with it will disappear someday.  Forever.  It’s just a matter of when.  But the sooner the better.  In order for humanity to progress, we must eventually rid ourselves of the class of politicians, a nondemocratic system of control that is a vestige of times gone by.  A vestige of incredible violence and ignorance.  Our form of democracy, republicanism and written rule of law does not need a political class. 

Pinter’s above comments are simple yet extremely profound.   Most politicians are ignorant, predatory, parasitic, pathological and manipulative.  There is very little altruism or public service in the halls of power.  We see that in their primary intent of control.  Control that is only achieved through social ignorance.   Whether that is Al Gore or Barack Obama making a mockery of science by perpetuating a meme that humans caused global warming or Obama trying to push the auto industry into battery production or Rick Santorum telling us that birth control shouldn’t be used because it allows people to do things they shouldn’t be doing.  These are all examples of ignorance by politicians who have an absurd understanding of science and social intelligence.  This list of political ignorance is endless.  That includes politicians waging war, perpetuating a rent-seeking sick care system, f$cking up our financial system, encouraging a monetary system of debt peonage or countless other thousands of thousands examples of control.   Without control, politicians have no power.  But with control, humanity has no freedom. 

Politicians feed off of society’s productive assets and the people who create, run and service them.  They accomplish this by controlling us.  The only way to do that is to make sure society is more ignorant than they are.  Our society has been dumbed-down because political and corporate bureaucrats are wildly ignorant themselves.   Seriously.  Other than pandering to emotions, what human progress or achievement has a politician ever created?  What discovery have politicians ever invented or created?  The cure for cancer?  What social progress has a politician ever initiated of their own volition?  Politicians are the gate keepers for your class-based, hierarchical masters.  They are the gate keepers for your mind and thus they keep you enslaved to ignorance.

As noted on here before, I think the United States could shatter into pieces as this system unwinds.   That’s not a prediction but rather an observation.  We have seen it time and again.  That includes the Soviet Union shattering into pieces.  It’s satellite states also shattered into pieces as its political and economic control collapsed.  

Frankly, what was originally envisioned through enlightenment principles in revolutionary times of our nation’s founding is exactly the opposite of the governance, social and intellectual structure we have today.   The original framework for governance was the Articles of Confederation that granted the vast majority of rights to local self-rule.  In other words, using enlightenment principles, decentralize decision-making by granting citizens unprecedented power over their own lives.  And neuter the violence of the state through enumerated powers in the process.  Now espousing these peaceful and empowering natural rights is to be labeled a terrorist by the state.   We have very little self-rule today except on insignificant local issues.  We mostly have a very powerful state bureaucracy in some far off land that perpetuates its violence and power through ignorance.  Not just domestically but globally.   This isn’t just in the U.S. either.   This concept of a powerful central bureaucracy defines every nation state in existence today.  Maybe I’ll get into this in more detail after I get through my backlog of committed posts.  I think few people truly appreciate how every aspect of their lives would be wildly different were our nation to be operating under its founding enlightenment principles.  

What is happening in the Ukraine today is the poster child for state violence.  Violence achieved through ignorance and citizens outsourcing their beliefs to the political class.  Not just Ukrainian citizens but European, American and Russian citizens.  I find it amusing to see the endless statist rationalizations and explanations for what is happening in the Ukraine.  Is the U.S. or Europe involved?  Is Russia involved?  Who is backing whom?  Who is on the side of truth?  Will our team win?  Will this end in war between superpower states?  Which side is pushing a virtuous agenda?   I would encourage people to think differently.  To wake up to the ignorance and violence they support.  To the victimization of both themselves and their fellow man that their ego’s endless rationalizations and logic perpetuates.  Being present and immersing ourselves in our mind’s higher power is to reject disconnected logic and rationalism and its utter inhumaneness and evil.   Rationalism and logic without a connection to our mind’s higher power is what created the ultimate expression of state violence, war.  It is what created the Soviet Union, the British empire, Nazi Germany, the American empire and the corporate state.   These were perfectly logical, rational and disconnected (Godless) examples of ego (control) that is the foundation of all state violence.

Frankly, no one has all of the transparency and information to really know exactly what is going on in the Ukraine or anywhere else across the world.  But we do know all of the volatility  happening in the world today is a result of state violence.  All of it.  Whether that is Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Syria, China, Britain, Germany, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, Somalia, South Africa or any of the other state actors. 

The Ukraine is being violently exploited by countless self-interested states.  None of what is going on serves any purpose to human freedom, human rights, human expression, human morality, human determinism or enlightenment principles.   This entire mess, created by state politicians, makes a mockery of humanity just as all of the other state-based violence we see around the world today.   Russia, the United States, the European Union, Germany, Britain, the political thugs in the Ukraine and all of the other actors are seeking power and control.  That control can only happen by subverting truth.  And the only way they can do that is by acting in the dark.   Evil and its birthparents of fear (control) and ignorance scurries from the light.  

If any of this was really about human freedom, all actors, or at least the virtuous ones, would simply back away from any meddling, transparently share their activities to encourage freedom and proclaim that the people of the world have the natural rights to do whatever they want, and that as a lover of humanity, we will abide by the people’s wishes whatever they may be.    The Ukrainian people can stay, leave, secede, form their own local governments, trade with whomever they wish, associate with whomever they wish or whatever is in their hearts and minds because they are worthy, sentient beings.  And freedom means personal responsibility, personal accountability and personal empowerment for people to lead their own lives.  But they aren’t free.  They are chattel owned by the state and its class-based actors; politicians, private class-based capital, corporations and private banks.   This crisis is about those actors using state violence to exert their control over the rights of man.  The state and the class-based political structure that uses violence and control to perpetuate its own power, is the definition of violence. 

Do you believe in the primacy of The Rights of Man?  Do you believe in The Right of the People to Rule?   Or do you believe in the violence of the state and ignorantly serve its power without any mindfulness of the violence you are enabling?  Do you serve the power to subjugate humanity into a state pathocracy of controlling, ignorant predators who feed on humanity as Pinter notes above?  Or do you wish for all people to truly be empowered and responsible?  To become self-actualized?  Even if they don’t agree with you. i.e., You accept you have no power to impose your will and beliefs upon peaceful, sentient beings.

This is a link to an interesting interview on the Ukraine with a law professor from the University of Illinois.  He believes that Russian-speaking people in the Ukraine have a right to secede based on United Nations adopted human rights and rules of secession.   Maybe Russian-speaking Ukrainians would wish to embrace their cultural heritage and become part of Russia.  Or form their own independent government.  Or form a stateless existence.  Or whatever.  Who knows.  Who cares?  It’s their decision.  Let them determine their own future.   I believe, as this professor cites, that when a state doesn’t allow every one of its citizens equal natural rights granted by their Creator, that humanity has a right to exercise its own freedom and secede or declare their independence from that oppression.   There is no violence in this action.  To the contrary, doing so rejects the use of state violence.  Or to quote the professor reading from the United Nations General Assembly Declaration of Principles of International Law, if a government does not quote “conduct themselves in compliance with the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples and possess a government representing the whole people, belonging to the territory without distinction as to race, creed or color”, then that provides grounds for secession.

What would the world look like without politicians or their application of state violence to feed their own self-interested pathology or that of other institutions of control that only exist through state violence?  Well, first of all, corporate capitalism, an invention of control created by the state, would collapse.  War, the health of the state, would disappear.  Debt peonage of private banks enabled through state violence would collapse.   The private control of money and its subjugation of economic activity would collapse.  Corporate state economic bondage and wage slavery would disappear.   And quite a few other profound changes would take place as well.  What if all self-rule, and thus freedom and empowerment, was determined locally as only true democracy can really be?  

Remember, one of the long time theses on here is that this cycle could be coined “the end of big”.  That applies to any institution of the ego whether that is corporations, banks,  religious institutions or nation states.  Russia, China, India, the United States and other large states are all in jeopardy of shattering into pieces if this system unwinds completely.  I will present why a massive, global unwinding is going to happen in promised future posts.  I’m not talking about financial unwinding either.  I’m talking about everything unwinding.  All institutions of the ego are at risk as noted on here many times.

One group of people, be it in the Ukraine or elsewhere, declaring their independence or secession from state violence, has the potential to start a chain reaction around the globe.   As people become mindfully aware of what is possible, the concept of  secession or declarations of independence could spread as people respond with equal energy to that of the unprecedented state violence we see today.  The oppression of the state could  create the very energy needed for people to break free of said violence as Newtonian physics tells us. 

The end of politics and all-powerful central state bureaucracies will happen some day.   It must for humanity to progress.  It’s just a matter of when.  Speaking the truth is not a crime.  But in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  And, don’t look to economists, bankers, politicians, the military-industrial complex, lawyers, private capital or corporate bureaucrats to be aware of the possibilities of this coming to pass.  They serve the state and enrich themselves through its endless application of control and violence.   Almost to a person, they are all statists who mouth pandering words they don’t really believe in.   For if they did support freedom, democracy, true self rule and enlightenment principles they would destroy the very violence that grants them the pathological control, wealth and power they have over humanity. 

Control is nothing more than illusion that exists only in the mind.   That illusion exists until it doesn’t.   What part of the world is not on fire due to state violence?   I would say we are close (in human evolution terms) to that all-encompassing illusion of class-based state violence vanishing.  That is what we are witnessing today.  An evolutionary enlightening of human consciousness seeking to thwart state violence.   Are there state actors trying to subvert, control and defeat that reality?  Everywhere.  But they will ultimately fail as all illusions of control do.  That is, unless they are willing to overtly and willfully, with intent, murder and subjugate untold numbers of their fellow man in plain view for the entire world to see.  With the Internet, that is becoming more and more difficult.  This current Pope is right - the Internet is a Divine gift which is why state violence is being used in an attempt to control it.   

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