Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The End Is Nigh As Obama Rewrites Obamacare Again: Another Day, Another Lawless Act Of The State

Another post before my next major  post on emerging markets and China.  I promise it will be a very interesting post.  But I couldn’t pass this up.  This topic is very important to the coming collapse of the corporate state.  It’s easy to see beyond the headlines to esoteric factors at work when you appreciate what is actually happening in the world today.   The title link story for this article is here.

Over the years I have mentioned Andrei Amalrik’s name on here and written of his work.   Amalrik was the Soviet dissident who wrote of the coming collapse of the Soviet Union about 20 years before it happened.  Amalrik’s Cassandra works on the  coming end of the Soviet Union was off by only a few years.   But one of the most interesting dynamics of his work was that American politicians, military experts and foreign policy experts all laughed off the coming collapse of the Soviet Union and Amalrik’s book when it was smuggled into the west.  “Experts”.  Hahaha.  More of that credentialed incompetence so systemic in the dumbed-down corporate state. 

It’s easy to appreciate why all of these American bureaucrats laughed off Amalrik’s work.  Because all of these people were statists.  That is, all three of these bureaucratic positions rely on the violence of the state in their reason for being.  They are examples of the dumbed-down ignorance that Thoreau wrote about when he said, “"Others--as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders--serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God.”.  

American politicians, military experts and foreign policy experts relied on the perpetuation of the Soviet Union for their own self-interested ego-motive or professional success.  That blinded, ego-driven ignorance is so typical of what we see today in Amerika.   Without a foreign boogeyman, we don’t need foreign policy experts.  What actually is a foreign policy expert anyway?  An expert in the projection of state violence.  Without a foreign boogeyman, we don’t need a standing army.  Thank you founding fathers for your prescient warning on the dangers of standing armies that the corporate state now glorifies.  Without a foreign boogeyman, we don’t need full-time politicians granting themselves unprecedented and unlawful power over the lives of Americans.   Being a politician used to be a part-time job.  Not a full-time position filled with moochers and parasites.  In some manifestation of dystopian reality, these people all relied on the survival of the Soviet Union for their own self-interested positions of state authority and power.  Positions of authority and power that are used to project corporate state violence.

Is it any surprise that these same bureaucrats can’t see beyond their own self-interested megalomania in the coming demise of the U.S. corporate state any more than they could see the demise of the Soviet Union? 

Anyway, as noted on here before, Amalrik wrote that the Soviet Union would fail because of its inherent internal contradictions.  (As noted on here in past posts, the Soviet Union failed from within.  Not because of Ronald Reagan outspending them or other nonsensical political bullshit perpetuated by our political class.)  Without rehashing those details, one of the main  contradictions was the the Soviet Union would fail because it never produced a society consistently based on the rule of law.   It was a society controlled by the rule of man.  Just like communist China.  Just like what the United States corporate state has been morphing into more and more.

He also noted that the Soviet professional class would continue to support the state because they were enriched by it.   And the only way the professional class would join the working class in the rejection of state violence and subjugation would be if the state made it difficult or impossible for professionals to practice their trade.  Now, I’m paraphrasing but these last few sentences should immediately cause something to click in your mind. 

That “something” is the United States today.  State violence is destroying the working class in this nation.  Just like in the Soviet Union.  I’ll be sharing some very unique data on this dynamic within the U.S. in the first half of 2014.   But, let me just say for now that the destruction of the working class has led to the organized grass roots resistance of the Tea Party.   It’s interesting to note that the professional intellectual left and the corporate state thugs on the right have teamed up in an attempt to destroy and/or commandeer this movement.  Rather than attempting to connect to their fellow man and understand his resistance to state violence that manifested itself as the Tea Party, the supposed progressive left mocks the Tea Party as ignorant and uneducated.  This is consistent with Amalrik’s view of the professional class and its abandonment of the working class in the Soviet Union.    

The progressive left participating in this attack on the Tea Party is generally comprised of “educated” intellectuals (excuse my French)  or professionals.  The same educated professionals that Amalrik noted was propping up the Soviet Union while abandoning the Soviet working class.   You might also recognize that it was the supposed intellectual professionals or liberals that either supported or tolerated Hitler as noted on here before; a historical fact that is incontrovertible.  This is also consistent with Amalrik’s observations in the Soviet Union and what we see in the United States, the Eurozone, Communist China and other class-based capitalist states today.  In other words, we see a consistent theme here across the Soviet Union, the British empire, Nazi Germany, Communist China, the Eurozone and the United States.   That is, the professional class that is enriched by the state is the glue that holds together state violence against the working class.   It is the glue that is used to destroy human freedom and create misery in its place. 

So, how does this tie into our king, Mr. Obama, and his lawless sickcare debacle?    There are two major issues with Soviet Union parallels.  One, is that the rule of law is dead in this nation.   Obamacare is just another example of this.  We have a single bureaucrat who is attempting to literally run our nation and the lives of our citizens with unconstitutional and lawless powers of the rule of man.   He legislates from the executive branch and does so without any support or consideration of the rule of law or democracy.   His actions across countless issues, be they state spying, state-sponsored murder, undeclared state war or Obamacare are lawless and with no regard for our constitutional form of republican/democratic government.  This is consistent with one of the major themes of a society lacking in a written rule of law in Amalrik’s writings on the coming collapse of the Soviet Union.   Secondly, doctors are finding it harder and harder to actually practice medicine in our nation.  Another point that Amalrik cited.  That is, when the professional class is no longer enriched by the state, but instead are victimized by state violence, only then will they will join the working class in creating the demise of the state.   

In the United States today, the state and its endless red tape, it’s well-intentioned rules and its not-so-well-intentioned rules-rigging for corporate and class-based power are constantly raining down on health care professionals and, frankly, professionals in just about every other field.   Then there is the extreme and inhumane Taylorism employed by corporate bureaucrats that forces doctors and health care professionals into rules of practice in order to maximize corporate state profits and power at the expense of patient’s and doctor’s/health care professional’s rights.  (Well, and the constant manipulation of doctors by drug, medical device and medical equipment sales representatives who often become their primary source of junk research that serves the motive of corporate profit.)  So, now we have a dying state-based sickcare complex that serves the corporate state’s profit motive and the force of the state rather than a healthy healthcare community that serves society.  All of this lawlessness and state violence makes it more and more difficult for health care professionals to actually practice in our nation.  Not to mention the countless issues it creates for the working class.

Doctors are leaving the health care profession in large numbers.  And, it isn’t because they aspire to become Wal-mart greeters either.  It’s because they have little ability to practice their trade without constant interference created by corporate state violence.  Just like the Soviet Union.

And, new college-degreed professionals in every field imaginable are seeing extreme unemployment and underemployment in our nation, thus adding more credence to Amalrik’s remarks.

Being an engineer, I appreciate this dynamic very substantially.  In some ways, as humanity’s problem solvers, engineers are   very closely aligned with the working class.  We produce that which society needs.  Or that is the theory.  Practice in a private, for-profit capitalist system doesn’t always work that way.   But that affinity with production requires us to work hand-in-hand with the American worker.  So, our fate is tied directly to that of the working class.  This is a very unique symbiotic relationship that doesn’t really appear in any other professional employment or work classification.   That we see the demise of applied science (engineering) in this nation goes hand-in-hand with the demise of the American worker.   It is the same state violence at work dumbing-down science that is destroying the working class.  And, I can assure you, the experiences I see in my compatriots and friends easily implicates Bill Clinton and Al Gore as the lawless Whitehouse that abandoned the American worker.   This is followed closely by Barack Obama.  That is, if he gets his way with the European and Asian corporate state trade agreements.  Again, the parallels to Amalrik’s remarks in these dynamics are more than disturbing.  They are repeating history. 

The corporate state, an institution of the ego, must exert greater and greater control (violence) to maintain control of this system of endless contradictions that is private, for-profit corporate capitalism.   That the U.S. is now openly exerting greater and greater control both within and outside of its borders is the best leading indicator of its ultimate demise.  And Obamacare is a poster-child for that exertion of state control.  We see this in the ever-increasing lawlessness of both corporations and the state.  Ultimately, resistance and dissent, both reasoned and unreasoned and often out of necessity to survive, against the illusory belief in the corporate state’s ability to control will cave in upon itself. 

And, now that this state violence is not only directed at the working class but also the professional class, the support within the professional class propping up this control system will continue to collapse.    Ultimately, all that will remain in support of this system are those at the root of the self-interest that is the corporate state.  That is, those that are at the top of enrichment created by state violence:  corporate bureaucrats, political bureaucrats, law bureaucrats, university bureaucrats, military bureaucrats,  renter capitalists and the useful idiots who ignorantly support their own victimization by all of the above. 

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