Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Your Thyroid Because Most Don’t Know: The Thyroid Series

I have mentioned Sean on here in the past.  I have followed his work for a long time and am a big fan of his efforts at educating people.  I would encourage everyone to participate in this series to become more educated and empowered about your health. 

Women and men, especially nearing middle age or older, are very sensitive to hormonal changes that impact our thyroid.  Additionally, it seems the countless manmade chemicals and toxic food we are exposed to are major contributors to hormonal and thyroid dysfunction and untold emotional and physical maladies for people of all ages.  That includes eating chemicalized, processized and drugged food that makes us sick, a lack of dietary iodine, a lack of dietary fat and an overabundance of processed carbohydrates and sugar.  We are experiencing a perfect storm in hormonal and thyroid dysfunction.   By the way, so are our pets.  There is an epidemic of hormonal and thyroid issues in the pet world and veterinarians are enablers to this sickness for the same reason establishment doctors are.

The guest list to this series, at the link below, is very compelling.  And the knowledge they will certainly share is not something you are going to easily find in the mainstream medical bureaucracy.  That’s because unless doctors consciously are mindful of the sickness they perpetuate through their indoctrinated training, and thus seek knowledge outside of mainstream medical dogma, they aren’t going to have the knowledge of how we can improve and even heal ourselves through self-empowerment.  To the contrary, the current sickcare system is driven by depowering humanity via rent-seeking profit of corporations.  Doctors make most of their money by selling something a for-profit corporation is selling.  There is no money in telling you to go home and eat organic spinach and grass-fed beef in lieu of a pill or a shot or a medical treatment or a surgery.  Doctors are, on average, the unknowing (ignorant) hooks or enablers through which this violent extraction and de-empowerment is achieved. 

To get this level of knowledge free is a great gift that Sean and his guests are sharing with us.

The Thyroid Series website here.

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