Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Glenn Greenwald’s Latest On State Violence: The NSA Poses As Facebook In Its Efforts To Infect & Destroy The Freedom Of The Internet

Is this even constitutional?  Is anything the state does, consistent with natural human rights?   Or is the state on a never-ending mission to destroy our natural rights?  The corporate state’s pathological violence gets more dystopian with each and every revelation.   We live in a fear-based world created in large part because of the 20th century’s meteoric rise in class-based state violence.  And that violence is literally destroying humanity.  Rather than the twentieth century’s inventions empowering humanity, the class-based corporate state has generally used those advances to enslave society into a system of economic and social subjugation. 

When the state involves itself in the Internet as Snowden’s-revelations/Greenwald’s-reporting highlight in this post, it is akin to “casting your pearls before swine”.   If it has its way, the state will destroy the Internet, possibly the greatest gift of human freedom in history.  And, thus the greatest threat to the state control.

So, does the state really believe it is keeping us safe?  Reducing the chance of future violence by employing its endlessly violent Faustian bargains?   Or is the state simply interested in perpetuating its only reason for being?  That would be to perpetuate its class-based violence (control) against humanity. 

Greenwald’s latest exposé at the link here.

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