Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Japan’s GDP Crumbles In The Face Of Abenomics As The Unintended Consequences Of State Violence Come Home To Roost

When Prime Minister Abe announced the force of the state was going to be unleashed in his personal war on deflation,  I knew the unintended consequences would result in more human suffering once again.  This isn’t rocket science.   The political class only exist for only one reason.   That is, to unleash state violence upon humanity.  And that violence knows no bounds.   When people wake up to this incontrovertible truth, humanity will have taken a first step to true freedom from our own victimization rather than our continual bargaining to become house slaves for our corporate state masters.

Let’s see.   Abe’s war on deflation.  Hmm.  The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on illiteracy, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, World War I, World War II, the war on terror, the war on deflation, the war on debt (austerity), the war to open up foreign markets for private capital, free market corporate capitalism, globalization.  The last few of these are covert wars on all of humanity.  They are all just a few examples of twentieth century wars aka state violence that humanity can appreciate.  How’s that working out for you? 

The unintended consequences of state violence have been massive and incredibly violent.  Who absorbed that violence?  The poor sonofabitches on the receiving end of the political class’ beating stick.   But hey, politicians, the state and those who serve the violence of the state are all still living large.  It’s good to be the king.  The king is simply a pseudonym for the class benefitting from state violence.  As shown in the Mel Brooks comedy link, misogyny is enabled by state violence.  So too are misandry, misanthropy, patriarchy, bigotry, slavery, bullying, conformity, spying, war, terror, rent extraction and other primitive ego, disconnecting forms of human violence enabled by the state.  The definition of violence is the state and the class who control it. 

Japan’s economic growth was essentially zero in this most recent quarter.   0.2% growth is nothing more than a rounding error.   So much for Abenomics and its war on Japan’s deflation.   Another power-enriching exercise for the state and its adherents and another example of violence absorbed by humanity.

Japan Inc’s profits doubled last year.  Did the profit of the Japanese people also double?  Or did they suffer the unintended consequences of state violence that is Abenomics?  ie, Higher food prices, higher energy costs, higher debt peonage, higher taxes, etc?   Unintended consequences of state violence that forced them to burn more savings in lieu of stagnant wages.  Or, worse.  If they have no savings, to suffer the consequences and beg for mercy through state handouts to ameliorate the very violence the state creates.  As noted on here long ago, the concept of savings is unnecessary without the threat of future state violence.  In a world of abundance, especially that which we see today with modern invention, science and human ingenuity, there should be no need for money or monetary savings.  Ever.  That people around the world are literally begging for money (who have no savings) is nothing more than a barometer for the level of state violence we now see.  It is unprecedented in human history.  

From the dollar/yen graphic below, we know that almost half of Japan’s export-driven profits over 2013 was because of a falling yen and the rest was likely from short term demand that was created by cheaper imports to Japan’s trading partners.  Abenomics created a temporary illusion that it was working as state actors enriched themselves at the expense of humanity.  This is really no different than the illusion that the Federal Reserve created last year with an increase of $10 trillion in U.S. wealth through the temporary inflation of paper assets.  Both are illusions created by state violence.  Or predatory renter capitalism; a violent economic system that requires money to make money.  A violent game only those of class (Those who benefit from state violence) win.   So, if you are one of the renter capitalists in the U.S. (A beneficiary of state violence)  or one of the house slaves, you are feeling pretty good right now.  The Federal Reserve put $10 trillion of Monopoly money wealth in your bank accounts.  Or so you believe.  The rest of Americans?  They are still wage slaves or reliant on violent, dehumanizing corporate capitalist socializing-losses-and-privatizing-gains programs like welfare and food stamps that keep people barely alive in a subhuman or primitive fear-driven existence. 


I will tell you what’s really wrong with Japan in my upcoming series of posts.  The real answer is quite simple but I haven’t read a single explanation that is accurate over the years.   This is just another example of unprecedented human knowledge that is and has been repressed, suppressed or lost under the weight of state violence.  Well, and the unprecedented human reliance on that state violence.  And reliance on one of the state institutions of violence;  the pseudo-science of state orthodoxy that is the field of economics.   Did I mention state violence?  lol

For now I’ll just remark that Japan’s economy is in terminal depression just as the U.S., E.U and Chinese economies are.     That depression is created by the state.  And, the state is violently binging on an orgy of other people’s money in an effort to maintain itself through the depressions it has created. 

The only way to recover both the U.S. and Japanese economies, and economies around the world, is to jettison corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  In other words, to relieve society of state economic violence.  That nary a single person in economics, politics or finance, professions of state actors, has an accurate voice as to why Abenomics and his war on deflation was and is going to fail and what the real issue really is is simply another sign of how ignorant the state actors (our fearless self-appointed, class-based leaders) really are.

The disconnected ego is the source of all violence in this world. The state is the institution of the ego through which that violence is magnified exponentially.   To believe that humanity can create a less ego-centric (violent) future by embracing the ego’s violence is just another of the ego’s endlessly contradictory and self-victimizing Faustian bargains.   

Freedom is the bearer of nonviolence.  To be free, to be truly free - our higher power’s state of mind that rejects the primitive ego’s intent of violence (control) - is to be nonviolent.  To be nonviolent is to be divine. 

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