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Signs Of The Times - The Coming Blood Moon Tetrad And April 2014’s Cardinal Grand Cross

Most people don’t seem to appreciate the significance of the times we are living through.    Contrarily, the analysis on here over the last nine years has been well ahead of the curve and very unique.   There aren’t too many people involved in finance and economics who have written that we could see the collapse of capitalism, the disappearance of the stock market, the end of money and other equally unique possibilities explained in a fair amount of detail and analysis.   On a practical note, there have been dozens of major outcomes on here that too were well ahead of the curve of groupthink.  This includes the crash of China’s stock market, the crash of the U.S. stock market and dozens of other events that have already come to pass.  Many more outcomes discussed on here are starting to reveal themselves.   Currencies around the world are crashing, economies are crashing and there is human strife everywhere.  All written of well in advance of them happening. 

This may be the most profound experience in human history.  This moment was almost certainly made by us just for us.  And that means there are many reasons to belief it could not have unfolded any other way.   The profoundness of this statement is very real.  Human awareness and consciousness only expands through experience.   One must experience evil to recognize the profundity of our divinity or our mind’s higher power.  This is necessary for a global awakening.  Which, by the way, is also a major long-time thesis on here.  

Many people active on the internet tend to have a very distorted view (driven by emotions and associated beliefs) of reality.   Some are still subsumed to the state’s propaganda bubble.  Some have awoken to it but are still unaware of how big that bubble is.  ie, That it isn’t just a U.S.-centric bubble.   The good news is with the passage of every day human conscious awareness literally is expanding at an incredible rate around the world.  And, that means the ego’s belief systems are crashing.  So too are state actor’s ability to manipulate those belief systems.  For when I no longer believe something, it can’t be can be used to manipulate and control me.   It can’t be used to instill fear in me.    

A lot of people mock astrology because it doesn’t fit into this nice little box of beliefs that they believe they control.   Control is nothing more than an ego-created illusion.  Astrology essentially tells us to some degree our ego’s perceptions of free will (control) may not be accurate.  Of course, anyone who understands the cyclicality of life appreciates free will as perceived by the ego may not be real.  Or may be different than we believe.   Science may have already given us a glimpse into this possible illusion.  Maybe more on that in the future.  I want to stay on topic.

What is certainly free is our ability to mindfully overcome a primitive, fear-driven ego state of being.   And, thus to rise above being controlled by ego or emotions.  Or being controlled by others who play on our ego or emotions.  Most importantly, the emotion of fear.  Fear is the primary method through which the state and pathology controls people.  Money, corporate capitalism, terror, politics, war, etc. are state institutions that rely upon the emotions of fear to survive.   In fact, it is the pathology of the state itself that relies on fear for its very survival.   

I would guess most people discount astrology because they haven’t studied it.  They don’t really appreciate what it is and what it isn’t.   It takes years or decades to really appreciate and become skilled in its esoteric arts.  Instead, the uninformed often believe astrology is the daily horoscope quotes near the comic strips in the newspaper.   Interestingly, I have seen people mock astrology because it’s not logical or rational as they believe science is.   Ahem.  In actuality, the human condition is neither logical nor rational.  And neither is science.  Science comes from the same place as astrology.  That’s not from logic or rationalism, either.  It comes from the divine knowledge of the human mind.  Scientific discoveries may then be defended through logic and rationalism (patterns we perceive through mathematics, chemistry, etc)  but at its core, the formation of scientific hypothesis is a creative process of the imagination and is not a passive reaction to observed regularities.   And while science may tell us how, astrology may help unlock why.   Which, frankly, is why so many scientists and seekers of truth have been drawn to it. 

Planetary and mundane astrology has been studied for thousands of years.   In fact, up until relatively recently, astronomy and astrology were one in the same.   I’ve noted on here in the past that some modern science is re-embracing astrology in its attempts to appreciate the cyclicality of life.   Astrology is heavily scattered throughout Biblical text,  was studied by some of history’s greatest philosophers, has been studied by some of the world’s most brilliant scientists, and was actually accepted quite commonly amongst some of our Founding Fathers.   Life is cyclical and nothing captures that cyclicality more accurately than the sun, planets and the moon.

I’m not ever going to turn this into a financial market/economics astrology blog.   For some time I thought about starting a second blog to focus on those dynamics but for countless reasons that never came to fruition.   But the last forty years are arguably the richest in the history of astrology.  And that richness is peaking in the decade of the 2010s.  That includes the coming blood moons.  

I have been writing on here for some years that 2013 may have represented the greatest astrological turn date in thousands of years.   And as noted a few times last year, that date was late Scorpio (late November of 2013).  Also noted at the time, that was when the battle between good and evil coalesced.  In other words, that battle has now begun.  And that battle is now being waged in the human mind.  That is where it appropriately should be waged because that is where astrology actually originates.   That battle is being waged between the evil of the disconnected ego and the truth & unconditional love that comes from our mind’s higher power.   

These times are incredibly interesting so I’m going to make a few comments about the coming four blood moons.  I’m not taking any sides or drawing any conclusions on any of what I type below.  To start, let me state that I’m not really a big “moon” person in my use of astronomy/astrology.   I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the moon beyond anecdotal analysis of void of course, declination and new/full moons.  These are typically short term events affecting financial markets.  Well, and other things like earthquakes.  And, more specifically in the U.S., here.   And the earth-moon barycenter force dynamic here

I’m really interested in major cycles affecting nations, the planet, human behavior (ego/economics/finance) and expanding emotional awareness in toto.  ie,  The movement and cyclicality of the sun and planet’s energies.   Although there is no reason to believe that these can certainly work harmoniously with the moon to create major events.

The field of astrology is incredibly large and complex just like any other discipline, it takes years, if not decades to develop a useful depth of knowledge.  And just like science, the application of this knowledge varies substantially with the clarity of the mind wielding it.   Most chemists, as just one example, may labor a lifetime with no major accomplishments.  Yet a very few may uncover some of life’s most amazing secrets.  Astrology is no different.  Just as in science, art, literature, craft, emotional intelligence and other forms of divine human expression, being able to clear the chatter, ego, belief systems and emotions from one’s mind and listen to what remains is very important.   For only then are we able to hear or receive the truth that is available to all. 

There are many who state that the coming clusters of blood moons are common.  But, that’s not exactly true.  Yes, a cluster of four blood moons isn’t that uncommon but blood moons on the start of Jewish Passover, as will happen the next two years, come very infrequently.  We have only had a handful in two thousand years.  All coming blood moons are going to come to pass on Jewish holidays.  Historically these have been correlated to major events.   By the way, of the five clusters of four blood moons in the twentieth century,  three preceded some type of  financial collapse in the U.S. by a year or so.   All five were within a year or so on the fore or aft side of stock market peaks for many years.  That included the Great Depression, the Panic of 1907, the 1987 crash and the dollar crisis that led to the U.S. ditching the gold standard.  

Needless to say,  it is interesting that this blood moon will be centered over the United States.   This during the same month that Pluto’s destructive forces will be in opposition to the U.S. founding’s sun during April’s Cardinal Grand Cross

One should not particularly view these events as literal dates where events may occur.  But, more that they are signs of the times and may foretell of events during this astrological cycle.  ie, Blood moons, as an example, are considered prophetic omens.

Preterism has a view that many ancient Biblical events may have already come to pass.  There is ample evidence that the state was the antichrist in Biblical times.   Specifically, Nero the Roman Emperor, who murdered well more than a million Jews in one of the Roman-Jewish wars.   The mark of the beast was possibly the Roman currency that bore Nero’s likeness.  Or more generally, money itself, that Rome used to force Christians to live in a world where a divine existence was made nearly impossible by state control, including the forced us of money (mammon) itself that the state required people to adhere to.  Rome forced every act to be monetized and thus exploited or taxed for the glorification of state actors and their enrichment.   It’s important to understand this distinction.  It wasn’t so much Roman money but money itself that kept Jews from leading a Godly life;  as was noted in Biblical times, one cannot serve both money (mammon) and God or a divine and virtuous life.  

Remember, as noted on here before, Jesus of Nazareth was likely from a sect of Judaism that rejected money and all forms of violence, war, weapon-making, etc.  Essentially they rejected state authority and control.  Their only authority was divine.   (While this sect is not noted in Biblical text itself, it is easy to see through Jesus’ teachings and his complete rejection of money and material ownership.)  The mark of the beast may also have been the Roman documents needed to conduct trade anywhere in the world.  Documents that swore allegiance to pagan sacrifice and the Roman Empire itself. 

For those who are interested in prophecy, those were certainly times of one world government and the mark of the beast; the Roman Empire and its forced use (worship) of money that served state actors and the expanding power of the state.

Today, we once again have a similar incarnation of the Roman Empire.  Some who follow prophecy would say a reincarnation of the Roman Empire.  It is the American empire.  And just as in Biblical times, all trade required the mark of the beast or Roman seal/the use of Roman money.  Which specifically is the U.S. dollar enforced by the greatest military power the world has ever known.   Yet more generally it is the global capitalist system that forces all of humanity into a system of state control including the forced-use of money in general regardless of whether that is gold, rubles, yuan, yen or whatnot.  In other words, humanity is forced to choose to grub for money and do the state’s bidding in the process, or lead a virtuous life.  Seldom do those paths ever cross.  In fact, I think it is very easy to prove they never cross paths.  So, if comparing Biblical times to today, one could actually interpret the view of one world government to be U.S. empire, the all-controlling state itself or the global  forced service/subjugation to money (mammon) required by the state.  Or, possibly even corporate capitalism which is a supra-national empire that is the prime mover in the use of modern money.    

These certainly could be considered by many to be associated with prophetic omens and the coming blood moons.   How they may impact the Jewish population as past events have?  Who knows.  But, it most certainly would involve some degree of state-sanctioned violence.  There certainly are other historical parallels.   I could actually rattle on and on as it pertains to historical parallels to today.   And, to some degree I have done so time and gain on here.  And there are other interpretations of what may be happening today.  But as it pertains to omens and prophecy, these certainly are very high on my list as I have written about them all time and again on here over the years.  What these astrological events mean are for you to decide. 

Regardless of whether what is happening today is an example of evil and state violence repeating itself, or whether there are unknown forces at work that act cyclically to recreate history time and again, or whether these are noncyclical natural forces and responses driven by the laws of the universe acting upon the human psyche, or whether these are prophetic forces in the battle of good versus evil initiated by the energy consciousness of all life or whatever, we live through very interesting times.   And these times were foretold of for thousands of years.  They were written in the stars. 

Let me close with a few interesting links on the coming blood moons.  Well, if you are inquisitive and have an open mind, they may be interesting.  I found these sites by doing a little digging on this topic.  I haven’t checked their work so I am going on the assuming the dates and events are accurate.   Someone put a lot of work into these analyses.   I wouldn’t worry so much about their conclusions.  As Richard Feynman noted, it was more about the analysis of the data rather than being overly concerned with drawing concrete conclusions.   I simply appreciate the symmetry of the first link and the natural patterns of the second.   Both symmetry and natural patterns play a major role in financial market/economic analysis.   Well, symmetry also plays a major role in Biblical prophecy.  I would encourage you to view these sites with an open mind.  Unfortunately, for some people, that will not be possible.   By the way, an open mind, also means that you consider these events may not be religious in nature.  But, that they could be spiritual in nature.  Or, neither.   Possibly just coincidence.  But ancient peoples noted that certain astrological events were tied to cyclical energy forces possibly acting upon their psyche, the planet or both.  And, that is how blood moons became associated with omens. 

I’m not trying to scare anyone.  This certainly doesn’t scare me.  Nor is that my intent.  There are plenty of other fear mongers out there who wish to manipulate people for their own personal gain.   People need to keep an open mind rather than operating from a state of fear.  I don’t believe I actually need to say this but I certainly am not aware of anything that tells me we are experiencing the end of the world.   The return of the Son of Man may actually be an astrological event.  Certainly we are experiencing the end of the world as we know it.  But, that has been discussed on here ad nauseam.   This system is finished.    Money, economics, finance and the power of the state could plausibly all collapse.  Or, at best, they will certainly all experience some degree of substantial crisis and reformulation necessary for human progress.  Not just in the U.S. either.  This is a global crisis with unprecedented evil around the world.  That great evil is the violence of the state that subjugates the human spirit for its own glory.     

An esoteric look at symmetry of the past and current blood moon events.

An esoteric analysis of lunar tetrads tied to major Jewish holidays. and NASA tetrad link here.

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