Saturday, May 17, 2014

On Sunday Switzerland Votes On A $25 Minimum Wage

A guaranteed living wage is a consistent theme on here.   Or, something equivalent.  The criminals will tell you that isn’t possible.  Or they will tell you that raising wages simply means higher prices.  This is outright bullshit.   A small fraction of price is determined by labor.   Was the U.S. better off when it adopted the Henry Ford model of high wages or is America better off today with neo-feudal wage slavery?   Many even use circular reasoning and ego-driven logic to rationalize their morally-bankrupt positions.  They make claims that it is compassionate to allow the market to set wages because otherwise, raising wages actually will cost our economy jobs.  The Godlessness of this world is all-consuming when left in the hands of class-based predators and private capital that controls and manipulates markets, news, economics, politics and on and on.   I wonder how many people espousing these immoralities would work for $8 an hour?  Ah, they would say that they would better themselves so that they wouldn’t need to work for $8 an hour.  What exactly does that mean?   I’ll tell you what it means.  More bullshit.  You mean, more than likely, they would do whatever it takes to stomp on the face of their fellow man to rise to a level of class rank and privilege that they could exploit the person making $8 an hour and thus extract a higher wage off of the backs of the working poor. 

Someone always needs to sweep the floors.  All people are worthy.  In fact, sweeping floors is a much more noble endeavor than victimizing people through debt slavery as Wall Street does. 

Higher wages drive higher productivity.   Low wages stagnate true productivity growth as written on here before.  And, that is one reason why the true productivity in the U.S. is and has been stagnant for decades.   Well that and the commonly-held belief that we have transitioned to a low-productivity service economy, which, if you really understand what is going on, we clearly have not.  More on that later in some posts that will shock people back to reality from the nonsensical drivel we are being fed by bloggers, economists, politicians and financial pigmen.  The reported numbers of huge productivity numbers in this nation are a mockery created by the corporate takeover and consolidation of power into Soviet-style state-propped-up enterprises.    Much of the supposed gains in productivity that have taken place in the last 20 years are a complete myth. 

As I have remarked on here numerous times, if a business cannot afford to pay a living wage, then it shouldn’t be in business.  It’s not a business democracy needs.   We don’t need more modern-day plantation owners.   If it is a business that we need, and nary one of three hundred plus million people can figure out how to pay a living wage, then we should simply print the money necessary to supplement wages.  But, that’s just one of the mythical limitations of an economy driven by the artificial control mechanism of money and profit.  If corporate capitalism, the state and the supposedly free market can’t figure out how to pay everyone a living wage job, I certainly know how.  And, there are countless others that can or have figured it out as well.

The reality is that at some point we simply need to remove basic income from the concept of work as noted many times on here.  That day will come.  It’s just a matter of when.  Then rather than fretting about technology taking our jobs, and by inference, the money we need to survive in this system of class-based control, we can actually spend our time focusing on how technology should take our jobs and relieve us of the dumbed-down existence of work.    Or, more pointedly, spending our existence as dumbed-down, ego-primitive mental midgets raping the planet and each other in the forced wage-slavery overproduction for a predatory class of state actor’s overconsumption, be that rent-seeking corporate bureaucrats, the military-industrial complex, the political class, the capitalist class, the birthright aristocracy, the completely useless and predatory investor class, the debt-sucking banking criminals or other looting, plundering, victimizing predators enabled by the force of the state. 

Only then can humanity dedicate the time necessary to become who we were meant to become.  That is, divine.

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