Thursday, May 15, 2014

Health And The Human Condition Postapalooza

The gut-brain axis

7 things you had no idea gut bacteria could do.

Fearful memories haunt descendants of trauma.

Is your cholesterol too low?

The cholesterol myth

The healing power of cats’ purring.  (And if you don’t have a kitty, why you should create your own healing vibrations through something like chanting, humming or listening to music.)

Cat saves small child from dog attack.

The most complex microbial ecosystem on earth is ….. you.

The gluten-thyroid connection.

Celiac and other diseases linked to Roundup by MIT professor.

Split brain paradox resolves itself naturally

Vermont, asserting its state’s right of sovereignty, becomes the first state to pass mandatory GMO labeling.. (Video)  Expect a violent response by the centrally-planned corporate state.

Trauma inherited from parents.

Roundup common in pregnant women’s umbilical cords, placenta and breast milk.

Plagues hit bananas and oranges

How modern society turns big-hearted babies into selfish monsters.

Ebola outbreak shows no signs of slowing

New theories link Black Plague to Ebola (Are increased outbreaks in viral and bacterial mutations pointing to the possibility of a new plague?)

Tapping for stress, depression, anxiety and pain relief.  Open your energy meridians/chakras with this simple yet powerful technique.

Study validates tapping as a form of energy psychology.

How stress changes the brain

Children suffer mentally from too much homework.  Competitive parents are destroying their children’s spirit.

Scientists edit DNA to cure disease

Drug reverses schizophrenia.

Autism and the gut connection

The coffee & gluten connection (cross-reactive foods)

Psychiatry:  (The drugging of the military.  Chapter 3)  The entire documentary Psychiatry: The Hidden Enemy starting with chapter 1 here.

The sinister self-interested wealth connection between drugs and psychiatry.

Morning sun exposure tied to lower weight.

Is procrastination always bad? 

Does low blood sugar turn us into aggressive monsters?

Is there scientific evidence that the mind can heal the body?

Hand soap antimicrobial agent does just the opposite of what is intended by increasing bacteria.

What it’s like listening to psychopaths for 20 years.

Trauma passed through sperm

I knew sugar was bad but this blew me away (and why you need cholesterol)

Reduce your toxins 80% in weeks

Not everyone needs probiotics.

How to become diabetic

Most harmful mutations to human DNA is recent. 

What she learned in dental school made her patients sick

Gluten intolerance can wreck your life.

Three steps to perfect poops (Rebuilding your gut’s fauna)

How inflammation affects your mental health

The cholesterol myth harming your health

Monsanto GMO: Scarier than you think

Exercise keep brain from shrinking.

Could this be the hidden factor behind chronic fatigue and heart disease?

How Monsanto annihilated paradise

4 foods that have surprising medicinal benefits.

The importance of vitamin D in normalizing cholesterol (and many other important reasons you may need more)

Improving your sleep may prevent and improve metabolic disorders

Why do we overeat?

American apples covered with poison

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