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Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses So That I May Extract A $200 Million Salary For Pushing Around Paper.

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What do you call a salary of $200 million that creates absolutely no wealth for society but instead actually consumes wealth?  This is not a personalized attack on anyone’s worthiness but on the socially-acceptable behavior based on acts of class-based state violence.  Socially acceptable because in a class-based society our masters determine social norms and the propaganda that drives the acceptance of them.   Our masters convince us that earning $200 million for literally creating zero wealth while, as just one example, other people have their houses stolen from them by Wall Street and the state is acceptable.  

Paying yourself $200 million dollars is another example of state violence.  Literally the only way one human being can have absolutely no money (an institution of state control itself) and no method of survival other than dehumanizing, paltry state handouts and another human being can grant themselves $200 million dollars for doing nothing other than accumulating a monstrosity of debt for the purposes of class-based rent extraction, is through state violence.  

There are endless propagandists and shills who tell us that capping income or raising wages does not solve any problems.  Or that raising the minimum wage will pass directly through to consumers.  That is utter bullshit and outright lies.   This is more of that good ole private interests of capitalism and the mythical free market determining our economic fate.   I wrote a post on here eight years ago in highlighting Toyota’s production system.  I stated that higher wages actually are a benefit to the economy.  When private capital can no longer enslave labor to nonliving wages, money will be spent to drive new methods of production based on science and invention.   As long as wages are suppressed, especially by monopoly, there is no impetus for those innovations.  And as noted on here many times leading up to the 2008 collapse, I wrote that we are in a capital expenditures depression of unprecedented size and scope.  ie, Reality confirms this.   There are countless other positive metrics to higher wages as well.   Not the least of which is human dignity.  If the predatory capitalists and capitalist investor class of moochers and parasites are worried about inflation, let them share their income in order to mitigate the increase of the money supply that a rising in the minimum wage would create.  Although, frankly, with the right supporting policies, that increase in money can be ameliorated in the price of consumer goods.  More on that another time. 

Do you think it is a natural right that one person starve and another person live with this level of self-granted, wildly specious overindulgence?  Is it a natural right that without the violence of the state that I would subjugate myself to a system of debt peonage or rent extraction that allows moochers and parasites to endlessly take from me with impunity?  To literally use state force to take what I create for my own hands and mind?  Or that I create for my family or community?   All while I have to wonder where my next meal is coming from?  Because that is what debt does whether its through bonds or credit cards or any other method of extraction used.

Does anyone without a pathology actually still believe this nation was founded on class-based, free-market, corporate-capitalist principles?  The reality is tens of millions fled class-based, corporate capitalist Europe to this nation to rid themselves of class-based, corporate state rent extraction.  And, we fought a Revolutionary War to make that separation final and permanent.  To rid ourselves of the king’s private bankers, debt-based money and corporate rent-extraction that serves the capitalist ruling class  parasitically living off of the exploited working man or woman. 

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

I have noted on here time and again how ingrained the delusions of bubble truly are.  Because this bubble is massive and it goes back many decades.   In some ways, much, much longer.  So, in many regards, an entire world’s belief system of those who benefit from state violence and associated class privilege is built on unsustainable, self-reinforcing delusions.   Delusions driven by the logical rationalizations of the disconnected ego.  “I worked hard for that money and I deserve it.  It’s mine.”.  lol.  Okay.  More delusions.  See how that works out for you when no one has any money to trade with those who stole it all.

As noted on here some years ago, in the 1970s, bond traders couldn’t actually make enough money to survive.  It was a part-time job.  Now, bond traders and similar supposed Wall Street masters of the universe are the most privileged and influential people in society.  They pay themselves a ransom that they extort from humanity without literally doing anything to produce a nickel of wealth.  But in the glorified world of mammon we equate having a lot of money with being smart.   Or, worse, we equate wild excesses and worldly possessions with “good” in our Godless social value system.    Greed is good.  Wall Street genius may be the smartest man in the room but it’s one hell of a small room.   In other words, a room of oligopoly created only by state violence.  An oligopoly that would collapse without being backed by the force of the state.  

Bond traders, the financial industry and the capitalist investor class - all economic moochers and parasites -  as a whole have gained notoriety and wealth only because we live in a system of financial and debt peonage.  That’s all a bond is.  It’s debt.  It’s a state-enforced form of rent-extraction on future wealth or work.  That we are in a massive, enslaving debt bubble is how they have become wealthy.  By rent extraction from the productive assets in society being transferred to the capitalist class and capitalist investor class.  King George and his class-based, capitalist courtiers.   Moochers and parasites. 

That anyone thinks they are worth $200 million for running a rent-extraction scheme means what?  Let’s call a spade a spade.   That’s the only way we will become consciously mindful to these enslaving schemes and our complicity in perpetuating injustices against ourselves and those exploited in such schemes. 

Bill Gross is worthy just like everyone else.  He deserves an opportunity to prosper just like everyone else.  But no one has a right to prosper off of the backs of another human being while denying those very people a decent and just existence.  And that is what corporate rent extraction and debt peonage relies upon.  That is, the denial of a decent, moral and just existence.  This is clearly inconsistent with natural rights.  This is inconsistent with our Declaration of Independence that recognizes the rights of people to be free from said state violence and the subjugation to class.   It is inconsistent to the rights granted to all people by their Creator.

Lady Liberty has a new message for the world.  A message courtesy of United Corporations of Amerika -

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to serve class privilege through debt peonage and corporate servitude and rent extraction.   Send me the wretched refuse of your teeming shore so that I may make them  homeless and tempest-tossed.  So, that I may worship the golden calf and fill my house with idols off of the backs of their debt and wage slavery.

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