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The Expanding Exposure Of State Violence And The Actions Of Empire: Did The FBI Threaten An American Citizen With Death For Refusing To Spy For The State?

Update on 5/13.  Glenn Greenwald talks about bugging tech hardware, economic espionage and spying on the UN.

First, let me put in for a plug of Frontline’s special tomorrow night titled The United States of Secrets.   So much for the predatory police and national security state being able to sweep their massive treason, corruption and crimes under the rug.  The attack on corruption, violence and exploitation is only expanding.  And, tomorrow Glenn Greenwald will be releasing new Snowden revelations.    Well, and it appears Boko Haram, a Muslim terrorist organization whose recent actions elicited a genuine response from Michelle Obama, may actually be funded or controlled in some part by the CIA.   And then there is the recent report that CIA torture techniques were developed for them by ex-Nazis.  The CIA and its evil rot is now literally being exposed everywhere.  Even deaths associated with vaccines in under-developed nations.  Could there be much of any doubt how evil and undemocratic the CIA actually is?  Don’t buy the bullshit that the CIA is keeping us safe.  The CIA’s global web of terrorism is making us unsafe.  And rather surprisingly, to me at least, so is the FBI.   I knew the FBI was capable of pockets of state corruption but with revelations over the last few years, I wonder what what isn’t tainted by Orwellian state propaganda.  Movies, books, print media, television media, state talking points and on and on are now exposed as often manipulated for public consumption by a dystopian evil we call the national security state. 

For decades we have seen revelations regarding the illegal and  unconstitutional secret activities of the American political class and those behind the curtain who manipulate it.  The Church Committee, John Stockwell (A top CIA official who exposed its massive corruption decades ago) , John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman), Daniel Ellsberg (Most Dangerous Man in America),  Iran-Contra, Bill Moyers (25 year old PBS special titled Secret Government), FOIA releases that show the CIA was originally stocked with ex-Nazis and on and on and on.   And somehow all of these and more have been accepted, swept under the rug, under-reported or unreported by a pliant corporate media and even eventually romanticized by movies and spy novels.  Now we have he latest incarnation of these revelations in the form of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.   Will today’s outcomes be the same?  Or has the American psyche changed?  Will the battle in the mind of humanity between good and evil finally produce lasting change?  

American empire is clearly in substantial decline.  But, I suspect it may have quite a few more tricks up its sleeve.  As the world changes, tactics will certainly change with them.  I’ll soon be writing what those tricks may be.  From my perspective, it is very low odds for any other nation to bring down American Empire.   Any potential external threats to empire are far more corrupt and far less powerful.  A frontal assault on the United States isn’t likely to be taken on by any state actors resisting it.   Does anyone truly believe that if Germany, Russia, Britain, China or any other state had the power of American empire, it would be used benevolently?  You’ve got to be kidding.   Little ole Costa Rica would be ruled by pathology and predators if they had the equal power of American empire.    

There may be some ability to damage or disrupt empire at the fringes as noted in prior posts.  Russia may have this ability if their state actors play their hand perfectly or close to it.  But, in the process, Russian state actors will almost certainly collapse their own economy or worse.  To believe that Russia can rely on trade with China or other nations to save itself is absurd.   First off, Russia is now part of the global corporate capitalist and central banking cabal and as noted on here before, we have no idea what the intentions of state actors are in perpetuating instability around the globe.   Do we really know what events are and aren’t staged for our consumption?  Do you really know what is and isn’t real?   Obviously there are competing interests but we really have limited ability to authoritatively understand much of anything affecting geopolitics and state activity.

Additionally, China is a slave labor colony of U.S., and to a lesser extent, European empire.   Just as it was under British rule.  China is at the mercy of the American & European consumer, American & European capitalism, American & European technology transfer and American & European politicians.  As noted on here many times over the years, expect the possibility of outright trade wars between the west and China.  Corporate capitalism is a trade war.   But it’s violence is often covert so many who are exploited by it actually support their own oppression by becoming true believers in support of their own slavery.  As noted on here many times, these are the useful idiots.  Free market, Southern plantation Mises morons comes to mind.  They make life unduly miserable for the rest of humanity.  

The U.S. Empire is still incredibly powerful.  Even if it is clearly late stage empire.    Beyond its military and financial dominance, the U.S. is far more important to the global economy than anyone realizes.  As noted on here before, the U.S. is probably responsible for upwards of $50 to $60 trillion in annual global trade.  Not GDP but trade.  (More on that in later posts.  After nine years, I can honestly say that I have yet to put up the best posts on the global economy and financial markets.   As noted on here many times, I have often not laid out detail behind much of the analysis because everything on the internet is pilfered and I have seen my work show up elsewhere.  Now that everyone has had a chance to lay their cards on the table and play their hands, it’s time to call.  Some of my most important posts are scheduled for this year.) 

As it relates to this post, I want to once again pull out three far-out statements I made on here well before the revelations of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden.  I’m going to continue to beat the drums on much of my prior postings because they are very important.  These far-out statements were:  1) I would not be surprised to see extra-judicial Nuremberg-type tribunals at some point in the United States.  2) At some point there will likely be revelations about our government that will horrify the American people. And, 3) Wee could see the American soldier refuse to fight or see large desertions in the American military. 

I gave some reasons and precedence for these remarks in prior posts.  I suspect 3) from above is already in progress.   There is growing evidence the U.S. could not raise citizen support or rank and file soldier support to create any new wars.   Shooting  missiles into a country or other reasonably spontaneous military activities?   Possibly.  But, even that was wildly unpopular in Syria.  And that unpopularity actually stopped the U.S. from killing untold numbers of innocent people.   Dedicating thousands of new soldiers to a new conflict?  I am highly dubious.  More covert use of violence through the CIA and other secretive operations?  Most certainly because that may be the only tool left to foment instability unless another nation’s activities give the U.S. cover to use outright economic, financial or military violence.   Is this the reason Putin is playing recent events publicly?  In order to ensure the U.S. has no cover to attack Russia economically or financially without it being witnessed by the world?

A large number of American soldiers are now appreciating how they have been exploited and then disposed of by Washington politicians and the corporate state.   Endless horror stories abound.  Suicides, VA nightmares, unemployment, all types of physical and mental illness, disabilities, etc.   And who sees all of this?   The friends, families and communities of these returning soldiers.  U.S. policy is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of resistance to greater empire violence.

Ultimately my prior remarks noted above come down to two things.  One, empire only exists through holocaust.  Truly.  As I have linked a few times in the past, the British Empire murdered millions more people than the Nazis ever did.  And, I do mean millions more. (Although combining World War II tips the balance.  That is, if you believe British Empire and other European empires had nothing to do with covertly fomenting World War II as the U.S. Empire covertly foments violence today.)  

Other European empires were equally as brutal, if not as large as the British Empire.  Similar Asian empires throughout the ages butchered people by the millions.   The state is the source of all large scale violence in this world.  Be that through corporate domination, outright physical violence or otherwise. 

Don’t kid yourself that hasn’t happened under watch of U.S. empire.  It may not have always involved U.S. troops directly, although wars of empire aggression like Vietnam and Iraq certainly did.  And it may have been hidden from American citizen view or manipulated for our consumption, but there has always been ample insider evidence from the few who exposed this system that the CIA alone wages hundreds of violent, covert campaigns annually.  That may include starvation or other acts that may not appear to be related to state violence.   Many of those acts have been exposed for decades to be directed at Americans themselves.   That includes possible involvement in the U.S. drug trade as noted on here many times.  And, as noted on here before, there is ample evidence it was the United States that captured Nelson Mandela and had him imprisoned for life.  These are just examples of how threats to class and political power of class-based corporate capitalism, private banking and empire.   Where does the madness end?  Empire is about conquest for the purposes of stealing and plunder for the ruling class of state actors.  There is ample evidence that many dictators around the world committed great atrocities with the direct or indirect support and involvement of the United States. 

And, the second reason is, corporate capitalism has only ever existed through similar crimes against humanity.   It is corporate capitalism that is the tool through which American Empire plunders, exploits and steals from the world.   Well, and does the same to the American people.  I have to throw up in my Cheerios when I hear white males of class in the United States talk about the good ole days of corporate capitalism.  You know, the Robber Barons, Pinkerton guards murdering workers, slavery, and other examples of the free markets.

The American corporate, capitalist and political class within this nation hold values inconsistent with that of most Americans.  Frankly, of most human beings.   From what I see, the evidence points to the American people bringing down empire or empire failing from within.  Those are really in some ways, the same outcome. 

I’m a big fan of appreciating how the crowd is always wrong through the viral acceptance of dumbed-down groupthink.   Within the liberal educated class or supposed intelligentsia that only exists through state violence, and within the conservative Republican capitalist-minded class that also only exists through state violence, both have a very well-accepted belief that the American people are stupid, gullible and/or lazy. 

Sheople is such a common term anymore that it has gone mainstream.  People in this nation are far from stupid.  Ignorance is often palpable.  But that ignorance starts at the very top.  Those supporting corporate capitalism as it has always been practiced are wildly ignorant.  Those in the liberal intelligentsia who believe that somehow their rank privilege or supposed “education” or self-described brilliance are wildly ignorant.  Both of their flawed belief systems and the class rank and privilege that those belief systems afford are propped up by state violence.  And I’ll be talking a lot more about that.   Mind you, ignorance is not stupidity.  Not even close.   Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame appears to be very ignorant regarding certain beliefs.  Donald Sterling appears to be very ignorant regarding certain beliefs.  People and nations that glorify the pro-active use of force and violence as the U.S. and many of its allies do are ignorant.  Empire itself is based on ignorance, be that willful or propagandized.  And I’ll give readers a big dose of it soon enough. 

Ignorance is driven by the acceptance of belief systems.  The more our perceptions of reality and experiences are driven by beliefs, the greater the present moment is subverted, the greater the search for discovery and truth that the present moment affords is subverted, the greater the ignorance.   The more we each believe what we are told rather than learning through accepting present moment experiences, the more we become ignorant. 

The fact that American people, in record numbers, don’t believe anything their capitalist masters, the liberal intelligentsia or the government tells them, is a profoundly simple yet powerful indicator that our society’s ignorance is lifting.   And that means all of those whose positions have been afforded through state violence are in serious trouble.   This profundity is beyond political affiliation or economic class.  White collar, blue collar, black, white, man or woman.  It doesn’t matter.  People are awakening to propagandized social belief systems that are nothing more than utter bullshit.  Bullshit used to exploit people and convince them through propaganda to do the bidding of state actors.

A profoundly simple truth derived from this is that once the American people decide this system is finished, it’s finished.   It’s that simple.  Do you honestly believe the rank and file soldier is going to start killing his family and friend on behalf of the American aristocracy as many conspiracists believe?   Do you honestly believe this system can continue to rule much longer without said violence?  

As I have noted on here many times, we are in revolution as I type this.  It doesn’t necessarily mean war or even armed conflict.  But there is a violent battle occurring right now.  It is the battle to control the minds of Americans. And state violence and state secrecy are being used to wage that war against the American people.  But, the more one becomes exposed to something, the more one becomes habituated to it.  There is ample evidence the propaganda isn’t working anymore across a broad spectrum of corporate state manipulation. 

We are now seeing glimpses into reality and truth of what is behind the curtain of state secrecy.   Many people don’t believe the entire truth will ever come out.  I suspect just the opposite is going to happen.  ie. That we are going to see it all exposed at some point.   If that happens, Katy bar the door because there certainly will be tribunals in this nation.  And they will be extra-judicial because our legal system is bought and paid for and cannot be trusted to mete out justice. 

We know from examples of state violence time and again throughout history that bureaucrats love to keep records.   They had better have the shredding machines fired up in Washington if they lose control of the secrecy machine that protects their crimes against the American people and humanity.      

A view into what likely happens on a daily basis in some form or another in the world of empire.  Democracy Now! video interview and excerpts from taped conversation intimating what appears to be FBI threatening an American citizen with death.

Original Mother Jones story here.

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