Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Buying Local And Boycotts Against Mindless Consumerism Are Classified As Terrorist Threats By The Fascist State

Not terribly surprising that our government classifies anything that threatens corporate control as terrorist threat.  The perfect fascist marriage of corporations and the state.  Endless consumerism is a form of state violence.  And forcing people to continue to consume to prop up the service economy is a form of state violence

In the present moment, in the here and now, my mind is most stable.  When we worry about tomorrow or what happened yesterday, our mind has left the present moment and it is now operating in a state of fear.  This fear is the tool used by the corporate state to manipulate people into overspending and overconsuming to keep this Ponzi Scheme of class-based theft and rent-extraction going.   

Consumerism is a very primitive, dumbed-down, fear-based, ego-driven state of existence.  The natural state of being that humanity lived in for all of its existence before the advent of capitalism and the state is to only consume that which is needed for today.  The earth is abundant and if I am frugal and treat it with respect, it will continue to endow me with its riches.   

Stuffing my closet, garage, basement, landfills and now, insanely, storage facilities, with more and more f$cking junk creates a destabilized, dumbed-down, primitive state of mind.   And a meaningless existence driven by attachment to worldly possessions.  Working more than I must to actually consume that which I need to survive for the day is another myth perpetuated by our masters.   On average, our citizens should not have to work more than a few hours a day, a few times a week. 

But, not endlessly working to endlessly consume, and endlessly rape the planet of its riches makes you a terrorist.  Ahem.  Who is the real terrorist? 

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