Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eurodoom: Rising Nationalism In Europe Overwhelms Entrenched, Corrupt Political Systems.

The Financial Times article is titled populism but it is really nationalism.   Because of how the world is divided today, populism is nationalism.   People are seeking to reassert their own cultural identity, cultural values, traditions and individualism in a system of repressive conformity of unelected bureaucrats, bankers and corporations whether that is the United States, Europe or anywhere else in the world.  For most of the world that is some level of nationalism.  Of course, there are nations where arbitrary boundaries were drawn by the powers that be.

People in Europe are rejecting the faux intelligentsia of European liberalism and taking a hard turn towards individual freedoms and local self-rule.  Which, by the way, were central tenets of the original Age of Enlightenment.  That is, people were better suited to make decisions about their lives than state bureaucrats.   That is, localism.  By the way, Obama seems to be in the same vein as European liberalism.  That is, some substantial degree of self-appointed arrogance and faux intellectualism that loves telling other people how to live their lives.  That European arrogance and faux intellectualism is the foundation of socialism, communism and capitalism.   Obama misses the true teaching moment as he often wags his finger at others.  The true teaching moment is for him to recognize that people don’t want government handouts, government control and government bureaucrats running their lives.  They want liberty.   European political liberals are finding that out now in spades.

Because of the state of fear that has been created by European  state actors, sometimes these movements involve hate and violence.  People are looking to blame someone for horrendous conditions throughout Europe.   The state wants to keep people pointing the finger at each other rather than recognizing it is state actors that are the basis of Europe’s crisis.   These election results show that the state, the entrenched political class and the capitalist class are losing that propaganda battle.  

There is absolutely no way the EU as it is currently configured will survive this current cycle.   The EU was a bait and switch on the European people.  It was sold as an economic union.  Instead, it has turned into a repressive, exploitative form of economic control that suppresses human rights, liberty and self-rule.

Let’s look at one of the most overwhelming victories in Europe.  That would be the UK Independence Party made popular by Nigel Farage, who has been cited on my blog numerous times.  (By the way, the status quo has thrown everything they can at Farage.  Making unsubstantiated claim after claim to assassinate his character.  And, we now know from Glenn Greenwald’s recent revelations that the state actually plants this information to destroy its enemies.) 

The UKIP just sacked the major political parties in Britain with large wins.   On the UKIP’s web site they have a 2014 Local Manifesto.  It is no coincidence that the word local is highlighted on their web site as has been written ad nauseam on here since starting this blog.  It’s coming.  Local government,  local economics and a community-based existence are the only true forms of self-rule. 

The six UKIP priorities in this manifesto are:

  1. Local referendums
  2. Regain control over local development
  3. Prioritize services for local people
  4. Moving government closer to the people
  5. Spending our money at home
  6. Fighting crime and anti-social behavior

In some way, shape or form these points could be found in Occupy Wall Street or Tea Party manifestos.  And, frankly, manifestos of people seeking to restore power over their own lives anywhere on earth.  Illegal and undocumented immigration has become a tool for the aristocracy to exploit the working class and common people in countless nations around the globe.  In fact, it is U.S. and European foreign policy that props up thugs in third world countries while subverting human rights that creates an enormous diaspora of immigration to the U.S. and Europe in the first place. 

Most Tea Party members and Occupy sympathizers or participants have more in common with each other than they do with any class-based state actors in this nation.  Just as most rank and file U.S. military personnel have more in common with the average Iraqi than they do the political class in this nation that fomented war or the Iraqi political class.  When this bridge of common values and ideals is built, the status quo is finished.   From these results, it appears we are closer than we have ever been.

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