Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Joe Biden: U.S. Needs Constant, Unrelenting Stream Of Immigrants For The Neoliberal Economy

Isn’t this rich?  Political idiots and their endless grabbing for more power are literally the biggest problem with our economy and our society.  They are even worse than corporations because they are the enablers.  Politicians and state bureaucrats are literally, and almost without exception, some of the most incompetent people in any society.  If there ever was any American exceptionalism, it was because politicians had little power over our lives.  That reality has been completely obliterated today with corporate and political tyrannical control.  Speak of which, another poll is out showing most Americans view Obama is dishonest and untrustworthy.  Ya think?

How about some reasoned, intelligent immigration laws?  If we would embrace policies of spreading democracy rather than looting the world through capitalism, most people would rather stay with their families and communities.  As noted on here quite a few times, it is destabilizing U.S. policy around the world that creates much of this diaspora of immigration.  And on that note, I don’t support the exploitation of American or immigrant labor.  Because that is the only reason anyone would state we need more immigration for economic purposes. 

Let me make a point here.  Many Americans wrongly believe immigration is a threat to white customs, traditions and culture.   That we will soon lose our cultural identity with immigration.  So, they don’t want anyone coming to the U.S.  What culture is that?  Shopping?  The reality is everyone in this nation is losing their cultural identity because of a dumbed-down economic system that is planned and controlled at the national level.   The singularity is here.  And it is centrally planned corporate capitalism.  People must be assimilated into the Borg of conformity to stay alive.  It’s not immigration that is the source of cultural identity loss, it’s corporate capitalism and the corporate state.   We used to have community microcosms of Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, Ireland, China, Africa and the like.  They are a rarity now and  often just a shell that people visit on vacation.  This loss of our cultural identity is real.  But it’s not immigrants that are the issue.  It’s the conformity of corporate capitalism that has stripped us of our identities and our communities.   And the corporate-created propaganda of the American dream that new generations assimilate into as just another nameless face.  It is corporate capitalism that has caused ecosystem collapse not only in the natural world but in the human world.   That identity loss is global and not just in the U.S. 

Just another example of state violence perpetuated by the political and corporate class. 

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