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The True Face That Has Always Been Behind Capitalism: The Conference On Inclusive Capitalism Organized By The City Of London Banking Syndicate and Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."  -- Lord Acton, 1875

The war between the bankers and humanity.  How prescient was Lord Acton on so many accounts?  Including that most great men are bad men.   Over the years I have written that America is in both the midst of a second revolution and a second civil war.  I can’t say that it is one or the other but rather elements of both just as the original revolution and original civil war.  Both instances involved supporters of the corrupt status quo and people who wished to break free and see human civilization progress.  We are in the midst of these battles as I type this.   And just as in times past, both sides believe they are right.  How do we know which side is right?  It’s quite simple.  Truly.  Connect to the place inside of you where love and empathy reside, and listen to what comes forth.  Are your actions and thoughts truly out of love and kindness?  Or are they out of fear, anger, control and other manifestations of the ego?

These aren’t necessarily wars of bullets and death, although we certainly do see the status quo involved in both, but make no mistake, they are wars.  The corporate state has perfected the use of emotional and spiritual violence in their control mechanisms so that outright violence is often unnecessary.  Even the wars of bullets that exist today are dubious in their intents.  Are they often diversions, profit-making endeavors, attempts to tie up enemies or other various reasons.  All of humanity is at war with the corporate state, its adherents and its useful idiots that include the mainstream media, the political class, the capitalist class, the birthright aristocracy, their house slaves (generally college-educated people who support their own enslavement) etc. 

The concept of inclusive capitalism that our masters are now beginning to propagandize is part of that war.   Inclusive capitalism is a paradox of meaningless words.  It is just another play on words that has become so popular in a corporate state existence driven by propaganda and rhetoric.   The ego of predators who control this system has to feel good about itself so I am sure they actually believe they are doing humanity a service with this conference of like-minded state actors.  And that they believe they are doing a service by exploiting humanity through capitalism.  Even the poorest amongst western capitalist nations still generally has more physical trappings than anyone a century ago.  How often have you read those very words in defense of this system?  But a life of meaning and worthiness is not defined by attachment to physical excess or the latest iPhone.  It is defined through a life of emotional and spiritual empowerment, awareness and meaning.  It is defined by love, connection, community, respect, kindness and emotional worthiness or human values.  All have been obliterated by the corporate state.  And in its place we see people suffering and traumatized from unprecedented emotional stress, victimization, exploitation, illness and the sense of helplessness and unworthiness this system creates in so many.     

I have noted on here time and again, this country was not founded as a capitalist nation.  Capitalism is a class-based, state-created system of control.   Class is an affront to liberty and human freedom as are all of the other dumbed-down systems of state violence including socialism, communism and any other ism.  Class is an affront to the ideals of being an American. 

Our founders fought a war to rid themselves of the British class-based capitalist aristocracy and millions of people fled Europe to rid themselves of the endless persecution and suffering of class.  Remember, even the stain of slavery is not truly an American one.  It is a European private banking, corporation and aristocratic class-based stain.   Gentried class of landowners who extracted their wealth through land rent and slavery was a creation of the class-based, European aristocracy.  Our Civil War was about ridding ourselves of that Old World stain that the vast majority of immigrants came here to be free of.   Now this very stain exploits people in the New World, the Old World and the entire world through wage slavery as well as aristocratic, gentried land domination by corporations and capitalist elites who own nearly everything.  That includes our governments.

The king’s private banks and corporations looted the world on behalf of the British aristocracy in 1776.  The Wealth of Nations, the capitalist’s manifesto, was written during the exploitative, enslaving excesses of the British Empire.  The Wealth of Nations was literally published in the British Empire in 1776.  The same year the American colonies declared their independence from that exploitative economic system of British capitalist predators.   (Ted Kaczynski’s Unabomber Manifesto on Industrial Society and Its Future – aka modern capitalist society - is arguably a more prescient and accurate interpretation of capitalism than The Wealth of Nations,  even if they are the ravings of a mad man.  Kaczynski’s manifesto has more ratings and the same user rating on Goodreads than The Wealth of Nations has on Amazon.  Isn’t that interesting?  Especially since those who are avid readers of The Wealth of Nations are, in my estimation, more likely to be indoctrinated drones and useful idiots.  And I would estimate that anyone who read Kazcynski’s ravings likely wasn’t a serial killer looking for a similar confirmation bias of their predatory beliefs.)  

So, let’s take a look at a few of the noted attendees.  Excuse me first.  I just threw up in my mouth when reading the attendee list.  (More attendees at the event link below.)  Lady de Rothschild (wife of Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild of notorious criminal British banker fame over the last few hundred years.  And I do mean criminal.)   Prince Charles (You mean like King George in 1776?  Prince?  Lovers of liberty and human dignity will find that term an anathema.  A term interchangeable with moocher and parasite that we fought a war to rid ourselves of.), City of London Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf (the City of London is the criminal British corporation chartered by the royal family that houses a private banking syndicate not to be confused with London the actual physical city.  They are two separate entities.  This is the royal family’s corporation that looted the world in 1776 under free market capitalism principles.), Mark Carney (governor of the Bank of England that serves the criminal City of London corporation and its banking syndicate.), Christine Lagarde (The head lackey at the capitalist aristocracy’s looting facility, the IMF.), Bill Clinton (Does Bill even need an introduction?  As I have noted on here ad nauseam it is highly defendable that the Clinton/Gore administration surpassed even the Reagan administration to personally do more to destroy this nation than any other presidency in history.  And then both Clinton and Gore made nearly half a billion dollars after leaving office.  By curing cancer?  Or cashing in their crony chips for the “work” they did in office for their corporate masters?)  and a whole host of other moochers and parasites.   With the Sirs, Princes, Ladies and such, we need some minions at this conference to hold their piss buckets.  Because the aristocracy eschews work.  And to them, pissing is work for another person to do.  Which is why they have Le Garçon de Pisse or piss boys to hold their bucket.  That’s for us little people that they exploit in order to lead their lives of endless, mindless consumption and leisure.  It is the capitalist aristocracy that coined the term useless eaters to describe those they could not exploit for any surplus value.  But it is actually the predatory aristocracy itself who are the useless eaters who add absolutely no value to the human experience.

The attendee, speaker and sponsorship list to this event is telling of what truly is real about capitalism.   The attendees are the real power in the world that subjugates humanity through a class-based system of capitalist control.  That is, aristocratic, class-based state actors.  Moochers and parasites who would likely be working at McDonald’s or Tesco without their unique pathological abilities of exploiting others and stealing from humanity.  Is there any doubt who the real actors are in control of your fate and capitalism itself by reviewing the attendee list at the link below?  Does this help anyone appreciate beyond the propaganda that we fought the king and his merry band of criminal henchmen at private banks and his looting corporations in 1776?  Just as I have written on here ad nauseam.  (Much more on this in future posts.)   This is the real face behind the propaganda.  And they know this system is in trouble.  Why else would they expose themselves via this conference after hundreds of years of exploiting and victimizing humanity and the natural world?  Do you think if King George, corporations and bankers had convened a similar inclusive conference in 1776 that Americans would still be serfs to the feudal British Empire?   The violence of the state’s aristocracy  never gave a shit before.  They really don’t care about you now either.  This conference isn’t about you.  It’s about them.  And they should be worried because as noted on here many times, there is ample evidence this moment in history is the final hurrah for capitalism.   That what we are witnessing are its final days before its last collapse.  The Guardian has just recognized this very possibility and has called this conference a Trojan Horse convened by parasites.  Well, that is what capitalism is.  A parasite-host relationship of state actors exploiting humanity.

Wait a minute.  As I look at the attendee list to this conference, we are missing a key attendee.  How come Ron Paul isn’t in attendance.   Ron Paul, America’s staunch advocate for free market capitalist religion.  I seriously doubt Paul is going to be advertising this conference.  Because this conference exposes his religion for what it is.  That is, a system of exploitation created by state actors and the aristocracy (actors only granted power through state violence) to plunder humanity. 

Corporate power in this nation was severely controlled and corporate charters were typically only granted for short periods of time for specific purposes during the early years of our nation.    This is suppressed fact.  Allowing private, class-based interests to literally dominate the U.S. economy and the people in it is tyrannical and the antithesis of a free nation.  That people like Ron Paul believe what we are experiencing today isn’t capitalism but instead corporatism is really quite hilarious.  Capitalism is corporatism.  Ask the colonists of 1776.  Tell me when in history has capitalism not been corporatism?  Please.  I’ve got all day.   

If anyone wants to individually go out and do anything they want, then have at it.  You want to be a plumber, an artist, a painter, a candlestick maker.  Go for it.  You want to make a million dollars a year doing that.  Go for it.  But corporations are not democratic or republican institutions.  And they never have been.  They are hierarchical institutions of control that derive their force of existence through state violence.   If I was truly free, and I was able to live off of what the earth abundantly shared with me, do you honestly believe I would subjugate myself to corporate control as it has always existed in capitalism?  Hahaha.  The reality is minute you hire employees and incorporate, you have taken away another person’s freedom and self-determinism.  That means you have a responsibility to how those people are treated and the economic rights and freedoms they have.  They aren’t your slaves and you aren’t their master. They aren’t there for you to exploit and victimize as a modern-day plantation owner to become ungodly wealthy either.  There are obviously so many better methods of prosperity for humanity and the planet.

Many people are having a hard time finding any hope about the future.  Or hope for humanity.   They have little hope that the oppression of this system can be defeated.  No hope for our survival.  To the contrary, the disconnected ego that embraces capitalist exploitation has reached such a level of Godlessness and hardness of heart that I suspect all we have to do is sit back and watch them act out their final chapter and verse to its end result of the disconnected ego’s self-destruction.  Because I suspect that is exactly what we are witnessing.   

So….  in my mind this begs a much larger, more profound question.  Life on earth is obviously a self-correcting complex system.   The planet gets too hot and it becomes cold.  Things get too cold and it becomes hot.  Things become too wet and we see drought.   These are very simplified examples of the cyclicality of life.  This cyclicality may happen in shortness of term that is often imperceptible and in many cases may take thousands or millions of years.  But it seems apparent the earth, our solar system and the universe may use the connection of all life as a feedback system to determine life’s future and fate.   Or put another way, is the Divine life force of the universe watching itself, (touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and emotionally experiencing) and through all of life’s experiences, continuously expanding its consciousness and awareness?  (Possibly the continuous expansion of the universe is in fact the physical manifestation of its ever-expanding awareness and consciousness.) 

Could that self-correction of life somehow involve the Godlessness of the disconnected ego that is brutalizing humanity, all life and the planet?  In other words, does a great evil in the world cause all life, the solar system and the universe to correct that very dynamic and thus restore the necessary balance between positive and negative energy or, in human behavior’s terms, good and evil?   Given the times we are living through, why wouldn’t we consider such a possibility? 

If that is the case or some similar self-correcting mechanism to ensure the preservation of life and the human experience exists,  this system is headed for extinction regardless of the ego’s illusions of reality or any delusions of control it believes exists.  Or any beliefs in institutions of the ego (control) that the ego places its faith in.  Faith that humanity should instead be placing in their own divinity or their higher power.  ie. The place in their mind where the universe resides.  The place where unconditional love and timeless human values come from.  And if that is so, then one should prepare themselves for the possible extinction of all types of institutions of the ego (control) whether that is money, junk science, the state, the military-industrial complex, corporations, banks, capitalism, hierarchical institutions, etc. 

It should be no coincidence that all of those institutions of the ego have been targeted on here over the years for potential extinction this cycle.  Why?  Because the universe tells us of this possibility.   It is written in the stars.  And who made the stars?  You did.   Is this a fore-written and foretold fate humanity created for itself?  A fate all of humanity must experience to become mindful and consciously aware of what is necessary to lay the foundations for the coming Age of Aquarius?

Just sayin.  Smile 

The cycle of volatility continues.

Inclusive Capitalism Conference link here.

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