Monday, June 16, 2014

New Revelations Reveal Central Banking Criminals Have Recently Spent $29 Trillion Buying Financial Assets To Prop Up Corporate Capitalism, Private Banks, The Investors Class And The State

Central banks involved in buying equities and speculative assets is nothing new on here.  We know from public disclosure this has been going on for some time.  This caps a period of time that goes back a little less than two decades that central banks have become larger and larger speculators in financial markets and assets.  This is a very important point because the social welfare propping up corporate capitalism, private bankers, the investor class and toady politicians who do their bidding has become an enormous burden to humanity and the planet.  And as we see with this revelation of pumping $29 trillion into risky assets, generally done with some degree of secrecy or deception, the costs are even more enormous than anyone could ever imagine.   Those costs are hidden from humanity in a world where perceptions of reality are created solely through corporate state propaganda and corporate state-controlled money.  With central banks loaded to the gills with speculative asset purchase, they have recreated a dystopian reality that even Orwell never imagined.   That is, until the illusory bubble pops for those still in the system.  The vast majority of humanity already has awakened as they have been looted, plundered, victimized, robbed, ripped off and exploited by state actors who benefit from this criminal system.

Look at the suffering that we are witnessing around the planet.  Not just physical suffering but maybe even more heart-breaking is the emotional and spiritual suffering.  The level of violence we now see in the world is greater than at any time in history.  But it is a sinister violence.  No major wars.   Mostly emotional and spiritual wars on humanity.  Today’s violence is covert as evil must be to survive.  The state and class has learned how to wage war against humanity without firing a shot.  Ironically, Obama noted last week, a show of how literally delusional the ego is, that the world is less violent than it has ever been.  25% unemployment in the U.S., 50% of Americans own literally nothing, the human condition (the ego) is in the process of collapse for unprecedented numbers of people, the world is enslaved to a economic system of exploitation and violence through forced overproduction and overconsumption, wage slavery and debt slavery and this dynamic is common all around the world sans a few places.   Most people around the world have little if any true empowerment, determinism or human rights.  These and more are definitions of massive state violence.   Mr. Obama is patently wrong.  The world has never seen such broad violence courtesy of the state.

This $29 trillion dollars of Monopoly game money has no value in production, productive advancement, innovation, human expression, labor, science or anything else.   It just was magically created out of thin air and is worth no more than soiled toilet paper.  Which should be no surprise since those who created it have made a living shitting on humanity.   This points to quite a few outcomes I have been writing of on here for a long time.  The investor class is going kaput, capitalism is likely in the final phases of kaput, money itself may be headed for kaput,  private banking is likely headed for kaput, Wall Street (enabled by the Fed) will trade counterparties out of financial markets and be left batting shares back and forth between each other and other large market participants, American empire is going to fail without massive policy changes, both political parties in this nation are going kaput, nations may fall like dominos or go kaput, companies may fall like dominos or go kaput, China is headed for kaupt (China is a massive buyer of financial assets), gold will not save anyone from anything or is kaput (more likely barter will become important as people trade skills and resources they need.  It sucks to be a banker who has no skills other than debt enslavement and useless financial scheming.), the stock market may go kaput, the central banks will need a bailout after going kaput and when that last one happens, debt will be kaput or repudiated on a mass scale.  If that happens, contract law will go kaput and so will the existing force of the state and so will its ability to victimize and prey on society on behalf of state actors and class.

There certainly are a lot of people happy that assets are once again being propped up into bubble land by a massive Ponzi Scheme.  But, in actuality what this has done has allowed the perpetuation of a system of nearly unimaginable violence.   For now.  As rotten as this system has become, some degree of failure is necessary for rebirth or renewal of the human experience and the planet.   Mind you, the laws of the universe will not be denied.  The corporate state ecosystem is in collapse and regardless of all of the hand-waiving, money printing and propaganda, crisis lies ahead.

Contrarily, imagine if that $29 trillion dollars was actually spent on human development around the world.  And as a result we saw human progress towards empowerment, solutions to benefit humanity and solutions to so many ills that face our world were instead monetized.  But we see central banks corruptly and criminally abuse their privilege as money printing was used to promulgate greater violence.  Not to mention the massive fraud and conflict of interest involved in their actions.   In the process of central banking violence, these propped up state bureaucrats denied humanity their God-given rights and instead promoted class-based state actors to maintain their pathological illegitimacy used to exploit, victimize and prey upon humanity and the natural world.  Of course, as noted on here ad nauseam, that is what money is.  It is an institution of control that artificially limits the threats to the status quo’s power and keeps humanity from achieving true greatness.  Without the worry of money, humanity could marry labor capital and intellectual capital to achieve nearly unlimited greatness.

The world is run by an unprecedented degree of evil.  Unprecedented because it is literally everywhere.  That evil has gained nearly total subjugation of humanity through its total domination of the state and its institutions of hierarchical control.

So, how much really is $29 trillion?  Here’s a pictorial that will give you some appreciation of the madness this system has gone to to save itself.

Financial Times story on $29 trillion in central banking financial market purchases here.

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