Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Corporate Stranglehold Of Farmland A Risk To World Food Security

This article points out what I have been saying on here.  Modern corporations are not productive.  They are efficient.  There is an enormous difference I will be talking about in later posts.  These farms are efficient in the same way that bureaucratic Soviet Union factory farms were efficient.  But, at the same time, were very unproductive.  And now we have corporate capitalism’s same dynamic of bureaucratic corporate central planning destroying human productivity within the farming segment.  Corporations under the guise of corporate persons literally end up destroying everything they touch.   They subvert human expression, creativity and craft in the merciless drive to efficiency.  Mind you, as noted on here many years ago in a post on the Soviet collapse, the Soviet Union did not fail because of America.  It fell from within.  And a large part of that was the corporatized bureaucracy that mismanaged their food production and ultimately threatened their population with starvation.

This also indirectly points out something else that has been written on here as well.   Which is that yields are not increased by using genetically-modified foods.  That is propaganda that study after study has disproved.  (Do your own diligence.)  GMOs are about corporate state actors controlling food production and locking the world into capitalist rent-seeking profit.  This can then be used by state actors to extort and terrorize other nations who become reliant food slaves.

Factory farming, industrial farming and monoculture farming is turning the world into a parking lot.  And using massive amounts of unsafe chemicals, unsafe genetically-modified foods and petroleum products to do so.  There is a much better way.  Even if we returned to farming methods of 40 years ago, it would be a massive improvement. 

Corporations need to be completely neutered.  No more corporate personhood.  That means corporations cannot hire lawyers, cannot defend their actions, cannot own property, cannot avoid death - must be held accountable to their charter or have it revoked by democracy, etc.  And that means if there is wrongdoing in the company, its officers are personally liable rather than hiding behind thug corporate lawyers.

On a final note, here is a great article titled We Are The Soil by anti-globalist, activist and author Vandana Shiva.   She takes a unique view of dystopian farming methods and consequences that are often overlooked.

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