Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Status Quo Insider Chuck Todd Says Obama Presidency Is Over

Soon after Obama’s first election I wrote that his appeasement to political corruption, Wall Street corruption and the like would sink this presidency.   Obama didn’t create this mess in our nation but he has done nothing to fix it either.  He’s a toadie for corporate power and party hacks.  Hiring the likes of Geithner, Emanuel, Clinton, Jarrett and other status quo party goons was a self-fulfilling prophecy and gave us insight into who the real Obama really is.   And I wrote that when the presidency joined congress in a crisis of confidence, this system was finished.   Well, I can just about imagine it’s time to stick a fork in it.   The rot and incompetence is overwhelming.  This system only serves those who serve themselves.  And it makes sure to elect only those who serve themselves too.  Dare I say that nearly everything Obama has done has had unintended consequences of making every situation worse. 

Mind you, this is not necessarily indicative of Obama other than the wild arrogance he exhibits in believing he knows what is best for three hundred million Americans.  And then shoves down our throats through the use of state violence.  It is more indicative of a system that has mounded so many rules, regulation and laws on top of rules, regulations and laws, all benefiting corrupt special interests, that any attempt to fix the system with new rules, regulations and laws only makes the violence and unintended consequences felt by We The People even worse. 

No one can fix this system without unwinding it’s core Soviet-style, centrally-planned dynamics.  But that very fact means Washington must willfully transfer the power back to We The People it has stolen for itself, corporations, Wall Street, renter capitalists and the military-industrial complex. 

Who is ever going to get elected within this massively corrupt two-party monopoly that undertakes such an act?   Frankly, who wouldn’t be murdered by those evil, power-mad interests for undertaking such an act?

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