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Big L Liberalism And The State Are Experiencing Systemic Failure: Bureaucrat Hank Paulson And The Final Proof That Global Warming Is Purely Political

I don’t know how many people appreciate the profundity of lies and deceit in this moment.  But they are beyond our imagination.  Everything has been corrupted by the state.  The state, which is the definition of violence, seeks to ameliorate their violence through further acts of violence.  They call these acts of violence regulations and laws that extent beyond natural rights to defending state looters and the aristocracy that derives their wealth through the state.  The state, without which the capitalist system of violence would never exist, seeks to ameliorate capitalism’s violence through the application of greater violence.  Human rights?  Ditto.  As an example, rather than grant African Americans or even impoverished Caucasian Americans their rights to property ownership and abundant, democratic access to society’s capital, they seek to rectify these acts of violence through handouts that beat down the human spirit and conscripts humanity to the state.   The state, which enables and empowers the wild corruption and outright evil that is Wall Street, rather than banish its violence, seeks to regulate its violence for it’s own profit and power.   And, frankly, state violence is often much more sinister and covert.   The only way the state can take away your divine higher power of determinism and actualization is to convince you that power doesn’t exist.  The violence of the state is spiritual, emotional and physical.  The list of absurdities and contradictions of the state are endless.   The economic crisis around the world is completely unnecessary.  It is a manifestation of state violence in its effort to maintain control over humanity.  The failure of the state and its intent of control (violence) and subjugation of humanity will possibly be the most profound outcome of in this moment.   

The Big L liberal movement (big, centrally-planned, violent, tyrannical government that usurps natural human rights, determinism and freedoms) over the last century (both the liberal Democratic Party and the neoliberal Republican Party in the U.S. and similar establishment parties elsewhere) that defines these egregious acts has gained its legitimacy substantially by the rule of the credentialed expert or credentialed authority.  Something that has been talked about on here in many conversations of the rise of the bureaucrat and the tyrannical “credentialed versus competent” state system that subjugates humanity. 

The rise of state power, violence and exploitation over the last one hundred years is substantially reliant on this dynamic.  How else is it possible for political dunces to convince humanity to outsource their own economic & human rights and freedom in return for corporate wage slavery or paltry welfare handouts?   Humanity allowed this because we listened to the credentialed authority or experts paraded in front of us by state actors.  Those supposed experts are always telling us what to think rather than how to think.  This is the faux intelligentsia of state power that has so effectively dumbed-down humanity.   If we knew how to think, we would recognize that authority is always to be questioned.  Always to be challenged.  Always to be verified.   And we would never grant the state power over our own dominion.  For the only true authority in this world is the reasoned rule of law based on natural rights and human values.  

There is a good chance if you went to university and are an active Democratic Party member, you are responsible for perpetuating this faux intelligentsia.   Similarly, if you are a good free market corporate capitalist and active Republican, you too may be part of the faux intelligentsia.  They hide behind different masks but they rely on the same credentialed authority for their power.  Liberals often hide behind the faux intelligentsia of mainstream education and academic experts with massive conflicts of interest.  Corporate capitalists hide behind the faux intelligentsia of free markets and corporate wisdom that too is rooted in equal ignorance.  There certainly are various flavors and factions of this but my point is the mainstream viewpoints on both sides of the political coin rely on the same beat down or state violence using the rule of the credentialed expert to perpetuate their illegitimate control over humanity. 

Mind you, credentials can be bought for a nickel as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change clearly proves.   As dime-a-dozen credentialed “expert witnesses” who sell their soul to the highest bidder clearly proves.  As Wall Street’s massive collapse clearly proves.  As fanatical religious lunatics posing as spiritual guides or experts with a direct connection to a higher power clearly proves.  As the graduates of the country’s best journalism schools that defines the expert mainstream media clearly proves.  As credentialed doctors being the third leading cause of death in this nation clearly proves.  As the fact that 90+% of lobbyists and congresspersons who are credentialed lawyers clearly proves.  As a Harvard-educated, constitutional law professor turned president clearly proves.  And, on and on and on. 

Contrarily, competence can only be achieved through truth.  And, thus as the principles of science alert us, must therefore be proven.  And, thus in a world void of state violence, competence rises to the top of science, medicine, journalism, invention, art,  social reform and the like.  And do so not because of credentials but because they have proven their competence through their actions and abilities.  And they do so on behalf of serving their community and humankind.  Not by serving the predatory and violent state.

Economists, Washington think tanks, Harvard professors,  corporate CEOs. generals and admirals and the like are rolled out for public consumption with their often misleading, erroneous and manipulated charts, graphs and supposedly credentialed expert analysis.   Citing these expert authorities are generally foundational to the endless political Big Lies used by state actors to justify the endless power grabs by the state.  You know, the same Big Lies made famous by the Nazi state propagandists. 

Obama used this form of coercion when he essentially said every leading expert on healthcare supported his tyrannical, corrupt, rent-seeking corporate-state health care legislation.  And again when citing security experts to rationalize bombing the world into submission be that in Libya, attempts in Syria, Pakistan, Yemen or elsewhere.   Al Gore uses the same coercion citing credentialed academic climate experts to support the human-caused global warming meme.  George Bush used the same tactics by rolling out the national security experts in the deceits that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction.  Al Gore used the same tactics in his appearance with Ross Perot on Larry King where he debated the merits of NAFTA and patronized a now prescient Perot.    The Pentagon continually bribes retired generals and admirals to go on TV as independent, credentialed experts in support of the murderous U.S. empire’s proactive policy of all-out war against humanity.   If the generals and admirals think war, murder, torture and the like are good for us, then it must be so.  They are the credentialed experts that are used on behalf of creating a system of state-enforced authority. 

Frankly, the lies and deceits of politicians citing supposed experts to further state authority and power are nearly endless.   In some way these supposed experts all have a motive and intent beyond discovery and truth.  It’s the disconnected ego and its endless search for power, authority and control.  They are all good capitalists waiving their invisible hand of self-interest.  Something that James Madison warned us about.  That is, the tyranny of any organized factions gaining control of our government that would subvert our Constitution and freedom.   No organized factions are more sinister than political parties.  The political parties in Washington’s whorehouse actually encourage these factions or special interests through the legalized bribery of lobbying, money in politics, corporate parachutes when leaving public service, etc.    

The reality is most of these supposed experts paraded by us by state actors are more credentialed than they are competent.  For what competent expert actually wants to associate him or herself with the endless violence, corruption and criminal behavior of politicians intent on usurping human rights and determinism?  These “experts” are typically state actors or in some way propped up by the force of the state.  Thus, they are part of the bumbling, incompetent status quo bureaucracy that would literally collapse without the use of state violence.  But the one thing that binds all of them is they know who butters their bread; the state and its endless use of violence used to protect and enrich state actors and those of state-created class and privilege.

No where is this more evident than in modern, institutionalized  science itself that is often a mockery of true scientific principles.   Government and corporate grants drive the vast amount of scientific research in this nation.  Just a small conflict of interest.  Human-caused global warming….  The experts say it is so.  97% of them to be exact.   Numbers pulled out of someone’s ass.  Any time 97% of people believe something, and that is cited as supporting evidence rather than the actual science or scientific data itself, the “it” they are agreeing upon is a religion pushed by credentials rather than competent science.  Especially when the supposed scientific experts eschew scientific principles and scientific data or lie, distort and manipulate so much of the truth in order to maintain their scheme.

It really should be no surprise that Hank Paulson has just penned an op-ed in the New York Times in support of the bureaucrats trying to ram human-caused global warming and the tyrannical economic policies that will ensue down our throat.  (Now called climate change since their models haven’t accurately predicated literally anything and the scientific data or truth is that it hasn’t warmed in nearly 20 years.)  

The op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are where the anti-science, anti-humanity faux intelligentsia (including supposedly credentialed experts) in this nation go to pen useless mental masturbations that are lapped up by the True Believers. (True Believers being mindless party drones who outsource their thinking, their lives and their faith to state shysters, shylocks and credentialed experts.)  It doesn’t matter if they are free market corporate capitalists in who wish to exploit humanity or liberal idiots who want someone else to take responsibility for their lives, (the perfect circle of emotional dysfunction that creates an endless circle of those who wish to exploit and those who wish to be exploited)  they are all cut from the same cloth.   Neither can accept that their faith in a higher power of the supposed “credentialed expert” is often nothing more than complete bullshit.  The only expert in this world is truth.  And the truth is the search for truth aka science has been hijacked and twisted, manipulated and even destroyed by the state and its actors.  

Former Goldman Sachs CEO, Treasury Secretary and all-around inept, crony buffoon, Hank Paulson, On The Coming Climate Crash.   Hank couldn’t spell science if his life depended on it.  He presided over the same type of useless “scientific” models at Goldman Sachs and at Treasury that the human-caused global warming dunces are selling.   As noted on here before, every planet in the solar system has experienced substantial warming and science has documented this.  It’s of no surprise Hank doesn’t even attempt to conquer the topic of the junk science in his op-ed.  We are simply to take this viewpoint on faith.  Because he’s an expert.  An expert who knows nothing about science.

If that’s not enough, Hank is behind the big crony business fear mongering report that the U.S. is going to turn into a deadly oven in the next 100 years and we must act or face dire consequences.  I guess those being that people like Hank won’t be able to continue to prey upon humanity to maintain their overindulgences.  Something Obama has comically stated as well in his absurd statement that the U.S. temperature is going to increase by ten degrees in the next one hundred years.  Time to place the dunce hat on the dunces

More interesting is the rebuttal to Hanks’s anti-scientific bloviating titled Hank Paulson:  As Wrong About Climate Change As He Was About The Crash

The Scandal of Fiddled Global Warming Data.   Apparently, Hank and Barack just may be wrong about their fear mongering attempts at exploiting humanity.  Just the latest in a long line of lies and deceit by the same people who brought us GMO foods, state spying, a society addicted to pharma drugs, an epidemic of sickness, quantitative finance, the 2008 crisis, the military-industrial complex, endless wars and other equally credentialed horses manure. 

The inanity of the human-caused global warming crowd doesn’t even pretend it’s about science anymore.  Now that the predicted outcomes to their science have literally collapsed before our very eyes.  Remember the many asinine and dire predictions by the “experts” that were to have already come true by today?  The world and climate is actually moving in the opposite direction.  So now the pleas become more driven by fear tactics than any pseudo or junk science.   Final Proof Global Warming Purely Political (A must read)

I want to pull one of the New York Times “top picks” comments to Paulson’s ludicrous op-ed.  It is made by someone who is a self-described medical doctor.   I apologize to all of the good and decent doctors out there.  It’s obvious they don’t teach science or competence in all medical schools anymore.   This comment was “liked” 221 times.  A good enough reason why Facebook will collapse since “liking” is no different than the 97% of scientists meme attempting to turn data analysis into a popularity contest.  Here goes-

Mr. Paulson is only talking about "change in lifestyle," i.e., reduction of per capita emissions, promising though that may be.  But the Center for Biological Diversity notes: A 2009 study* of the relationship between population growth and global warming determined that the “carbon legacy” of just one child can produce 20 times more greenhouse gas than a person will save by driving a high-mileage car, recycling, using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs, etc. “ The potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle.”  *2009 Elsevier Ltd. *Reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals
Paul A. Murtaugh and Michael G. Schlax
Department of Statistics, Oregon State University, 44 Kidder Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331, USA
And an amateur's calculations:
Use 1980, when Total World CO2 Emissions were 19.38 billion metric tons (36 billion in 2013), as a goal the world might aim for : If U.S. per capita emissions, 17.27 tons in 2010, were slashed by more than half, to the 7.9 ton level of the United Kingdom; and if China (now 6.16 tons) and every other country could restrict itself to 7.9 tons; then the planet could still only "sustain" -- by keeping the world total at 19.38 billion tons -- 2.45 billion people.
Population must be reduced.
Even the "good guys," like Mr. Paulson, who are committed to doing something about this problem, have not yet brought this reality into mainstream thinking.

HAHAHAHAHA.  Good guys?  Population must be reduced?  I nearly soiled myself with amusement when I read that big pile of liberal bullshit.  The science behind this is utterly nonexistent.  None of this commenter’s remarks are science at all.  None can be proven.  None follow any type of scientific principles.  But this ivory-tower nonsensical drivel is perpetuated by credentialed academic fanatics, propped up by the state, who have proven no ability to master any scientific methods or any understanding of what science is.  Or, for that matter, have no creative ability to think beyond the end of their noses.   Were it up to these kinds of bureaucrats, we’d still be sleeping in caves.  That they are now firmly in control of humanity is the very reason why we are being beaten back into the stone ages.

Well then, let’s start with the useless eaters whose mental masturbations in the New York Times advocate such anti-scientific nonsense.   Let’s have Dr. Kevorkian whip up a nice little device for them to get rid of themselves.   I’d be all for that as a free market sorta thing.  Humanity probably wouldn’t miss people who think a lot like Hitler.  Or Darwin. 

I wish I could find the research without taxing my brain but long ago I believe it was a Dutch researcher who said that the planet could sustain a population of 140 billion people.  Obviously, it’s not 6 billion or an entire a population that can easily fit into Rhode Island or Tokyo.   And a population, by the way, which appears to possibly be peaking.   Obviously the massive exploitation, raping of the planet, overconsumption, overproduction and associated class-based, state violence of capitalism can’t deal with 140 billion people.  But, then it is the overconsuming, class-based predators and state actors who would lose their power without the exploitation of capitalism that are telling us that overpopulation is an issue.  

There appears to be a larger mass of termites on our planet than humans.   There is absolutely no reason six billion people can’t find a way to live in harmony with nature on this planet.  Termites figured it out.  I’m quite sure humanity has a chance of creating solutions at least as elegant as the termites.  That is, if we rid ourselves of state predators and mental midgets espousing junk science as credentialed experts.   

It’s time to stick a fork in this pig.  Humanity is now firmly aware of how much lying, manipulating and deceiving is behind the human-caused global warming scam.    Very few are even listening anymore.  No one is listening to much of anything Washington says anymore.  That’s good.  That means a growing number of people want to take back their power from state actors who have stolen it from them.  When the people take back their power and determinism, the state’s violent control over their lives will collapse.

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